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Can the Call of Duty Franchise Survive the New Generation?

Without a doubt this current generation of gaming has been dominated by the Call of Duty franchise despite numerous other shooters coming out strong but failing to outsell this juggernaut of a game. With a new installment coming out every year, Call of Duty has become just like a sport game where people will buy the new one every year, despite not much being changed. But with this new generation, shooters seem to be more popular than ever, and they are getting much bigger than a normal Call of Duty multiplayer game with games like Battlefield 4 and Titanfall pushing the normal multiplayer experience to its limits, and new games like Destiny and The Division bringing more depth to the common shooter, can Call of Duty survive? (Next-Gen, PS4, Xbox One)

Speed-Racer  +   658d ago
Of course it can. Silly people will always buy it and fund EA to produce even more garbage and pass it of as a groundbreaking game. I don't hate the idea of COD but I don't appreciate them rehashing old content. Still waiting to see what Ghosts has to offer.

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thekhurg  +   658d ago
Activision, not EA...
Speed-Racer  +   658d ago
Thanks. Momentary slip.
PSVita  +   658d ago
I think it's all down hill for COD. I'm waiting for BATTLEFRONT!
Starbucks_Fan  +   658d ago
I think it will still sell on 360/PS3, not next gen.
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PigPen  +   658d ago
For you it's all downhill, but not for me. I still waiting for a confirmation of a Wii U release and I'm in. I won't skip, i'll run.
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KillrateOmega  +   658d ago
Can the Call of Duty Franchise Survive the New Generation?
Probably. It might die off toward the end, but the chances of it surviving are better than the chances of it dying.
brandonw00  +   658d ago
Yes, and I imagine it will be a major reason people will buy a next-gen console.
doctorstrange  +   658d ago
Foolsjoker  +   658d ago
The question is, can we survive another CoD generation?
UNGR  +   658d ago
Hardcore gamers are the first adopters. Call of Duty will do fine with current gen sales, next gen it's going to get blown out of the water. Current gen, it's fine, on next gen consoles it's done.
Benjammin25  +   658d ago
I hope not. Kidding. I don't really give a shit to be honest. I don't have to play it if I don't want. As long as it doesn't affect other developers who feel they need to make their games the exact same as the COD series in order to maximise profit.
Kryptix  +   658d ago
With new competition like Titanfall for example, I believe Ghosts will be the last "popular" Call of Duty. After that it will start dying because next gen will be a new clean slate for developers to show their potential. Of course, it will always still exist but it definitely will be overshadowed with better games now that the new architecture is very easy to develop for. Developers will be able to tap into a lot of power from the start and you know Call of Duty is known to use the same engine. Either they're going to have to step their game up with every Call of Duty, learn what innovation and creativity is or others will bring out similar but better games. There was Battlefield this gen but next gen you'll know there will be much more trying to take the throne.
xActionBasturdx  +   658d ago
Well me personally I dont think it will die out but it will become less of a powerhouse in the fps genre. My reasoning and I don't care who likes it or not is simply Battlefield 4.

Battlefield will finally be able to deliver the pc experience next gen. It has better graphics, which was supposed to be a trade off for cod since its running at 60fps. But then again Battlefield 4 is now running at 60fps which was the only thing that made cod a preferred choice. Also the player count is at 64 players on battlefield 4. Not sure what the count is on cod ghosts but hopefully for their sake is close to what battlefield and even titanfall have to offer.

Another thing is destuctibility in bf4 is amazing and really all i seen on cod ghost was rolling logs. I was a huge fan on the cod series but i think they are on the decline starting next gen
PigPen  +   658d ago
But I don't care about that, I want Call Of Duty: Ghosts.
trenso1  +   658d ago
why? Honestly Battlefield on paper just sounds better then COD in every way and going of of past games in terms of quality battlefield still wins. So why do you want Ghosts?
Magnus  +   658d ago
It will survive change some of the mechanics and the story and you have COD. Its no different than Halo moving to XboxOne and Killzone moving to PS4.
younglj01  +   658d ago
thb idk but it might lose sales at the end of next-gen unless they do an full reboot with an truly new engine.Because its ashame that CoD have made billions of billions dollars and still using the original IW engine that have only been modified.

WIth that being saying it showing the gaming genius of the original IW members could create an engine to last this long.
mkotechno  +   658d ago
Well, I hope so, I want not all the COD kidz ruining my Battlefield 4/5 experience.
Adolph Fitler  +   658d ago
It could & it should, as I am 1st to denounce all the me too war based shooters that are littering the console market more & more.....but, COD is at the top of it's game, & whilst not doing anything new or groundbreaking since it's 1st entry in the MW (new engine) series of games, even with yearly releases between IW & Treyarch, the series has still exuded quality & stayed at the top of the game, even with pressure from EA with MOH, as well as all the other attempts to steal there thunder, nobody could topple the COD series....
So, with my PS4 & numerous exclusives, I will also more than likely take home COD:G's & BF4, the 2 top dogs for there respective genre.

So, COD will survive.
What I hope gets killed off is the dlc Activision keep ripping us off with.
But I guess if morons keep buying.
fsfsxii  +   658d ago
We want less shooters next gen, thats all we got from this gen, shooters every year, hell, at least 5 shooting games come every year
Monkeysmarts  +   658d ago
I just want them to stop releasing one every single year. Increase the quality, decrease the frequency. I don't wish failure on any game or developer, though. To hope that it bombs just because you're not into it is pretty idiotic.

I think COD will maintain a strong presence for the foreseeable future. Several of my friends who are getting a PS4 have only preordered Ghosts for it. I tell them they should pick up Battlefield 4 as well and play with me, but they honestly think COD is the only game worth their time. A lot of people feel that way. A lot of people are sick of it too though and I can definitely see Battlefield 4 capitalizing with an epic multiplayer component.

I'm also in their ear about Destiny.

I generally dislike the over saturation of first person shooters, though.
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PigPen  +   658d ago
I buy games for me that I like to play. I don't buy games just to be with the in crowd cause that's more like buying it for y'all. Call Of Duty: Ghost it will be if it actually comes to the Wii U.
Shoul  +   658d ago
Can't say I've touched a COD game since 4. I don't feel as if I am missing anything.
gazgriff2k12  +   658d ago
GHOSTS might be a fitting name

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