Gran Turismo 6 - New screenshots released

Fans of the SCEA-published car racing video game series Gran Turismo are being treated by a large selection of images and screenshots from the franchise's next title.

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eyeDEVOUR1689d ago

Nissan endorsement much? just like gt5 with all the Nissan love

Riderz13371688d ago

Can you blame them? That GTR is so sexy.

FighterJoe1688d ago

Because most of those "new" pictures are from GT Academy. Which is a Nissan run/sponsored thing.

Larry L1688d ago

Not only are the pics from GT Academy (brought to you by NISSAN......go figure), but Polyphony Digital and Kaz himself has a long list of partnerships with NISSAN for various things from PD/Sony sponsorings and events, to PD designing the actual digital dashes and consoles for NISSAN's cars, to full racing teams based soley around the partnership between the two companies. PD/Sony and NISSAN really are tied at the hip. So it makes sense that NISSAN's cars tend to be on display front and center in the latest GT games.

YNWA961688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

First picture, lots of cloud... Sure this is not forza? GT would never look this good....

Here comes fanboy attacks.... Can you people take a joke.... Stop googling to find some response.... Search anal.... Might find yourselves....

achmetha1688d ago

i searched anal.

i did not find myself.

HammadTheBeast1688d ago

Sorry Forza doesn't do weather.

I love how you come in here, troll, then play the victim card with that last line "can't you take a joke".

YNWA961688d ago

Chill hammad... I have always loved GT... Especially the first.... Games never used music like that till GT.... Hearing manic street preachers just elevated the game to heaven.... I will have both systems on launch day, wife not know yet but ahhh well.... As for the games, Forza to me has really gone from strength to strength, whereas i think gt has gone a bit stale, but maybe thats because they raised the bar so high....

Achmetha, did not really expect ya to search, but curiously, what did you find?

Y_51501688d ago

I wasn't impressed by the demo. I just seem to think it feels a lot like GT5.

SoapShoes1688d ago

A lot of people seem to say this but what you're forgetting is GT5 had the most realistic physics outside of hardcore PC sims and GT6 has noticeably better physics that put it ahead of GT5.

Also it's a weak argument, you could say that about any racing franchise that has had a sequel this gen and about ANY game really.

JAMurida1688d ago

I wasn't that impressed either, really did feel like GT5, which isn't a bad thing. I'll probably wait and see what they do with the PS4 version of the game and get it then.

Me-Time1688d ago

The physics won't change dramatically with "this version of the game". It'll be the same thing with more features.

FinalFantasyFan1688d ago

It's the same garbage that was gt5. Oh well, there's always Forza 4...

VitaOwner1688d ago

Have fun racing the 5 cars Forza has to drive for the best racing sim on the market!

M-M1688d ago

"It's the same garbage that was gt5"

GT5 isn't garbage.

Hicken1688d ago

I find it hard to believe you've played either one.

Probably because you haven't.

SoapShoes1688d ago

GT5 wasn't garbage and the physics are noticeably improved upon first try. Says a lot since GT5 already had better physics than Forza 4.

HammadTheBeast1688d ago

You mean the game which can't do dynamic weather even on Xbox One and still doesn't have more than 300 card?

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EverydayGuy1688d ago

Those of you who are playing GT6 demo with a gamepad are playing it wrong. Of course you will not notice the difference in physics or handling with a gamepad, with a proper wheel it is night and day, the physics for GT6 rivals those of GTR 2 and rFactor.

WeAreLegion1688d ago

Agreed. With a wheel, you can definitely tell the difference. I love what they've done with the new engine.

Hicken1688d ago

I don't have the space for a wheel.. right now. But I can tell the difference. Even driving the Leaf it was noticeable, and far more evident in the 370.

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