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Code of Princess is a game of Agatsuma Entertainment that both could be described as RPG or as beat'em up. Your fantasy environments are colorful and more than 50 characters with plenty of game modes promise a game full of content. The main mode is the story mode, in which you can only control four characters, Solange, Ali, Zozo and Allegro. The remaining 46 characters can be controlled mode and free play bonus quest.

In free play mode can repeat parts of the story mode with any character and mode bonus quest has additional scenarios that give us money, experience and equipment occasionally. Whenever a character evolves can distribute experience points as if it were an RPG. Although the concept is a little different, it is easy to compare Code of Princess with some games. Could easily describe Code of Princess as a union of Double Dragon with RPG elements.

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PopRocks3591959d ago

Ah, I remember this. Decent action-RPG game. Definitely a solid experience for anyone who is a fan of the Tales of series' combat system.

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