8 implausible things you can only get away with in a stealth game

GamesRadar - "Who killed this man?" "Must have been the wind"

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Relientk771987d ago

Dishonored, using Blink to teleport

don't care its awesome, great game

MooseWI1987d ago

These have ruined a few parts in games for me. The Last of Us was very good, that was my only little gripe. Other wise I give it a 10/10!

Timesplitter141987d ago

A true stealth game would be impossible

Mikeyy1987d ago

I always wondered this when playing the old splinter cell games. Why do these guards just stand in pitch black hallways where I can walk in front of them without being detected. What is there purpose? Why don't they have flashlights or something?

Master-H1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

:'( i want a new Tenchu game god damit ! or at least a port to the ps3 of Tenchu Z , at least. freakin Fromsoft should sell the rights if they don't plan on using em.

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