Paul Oakenfold: The Bourne Sessions Interview

Paul Oakenfold is as well-known a name in the dance music scene as it gets. He's been a prominent force in the evolution of club culture, and has won critical acclaim as a DJ, remixer and composer, his music heard in dance halls across the world and in videogames like the FIFA series and GoldenEye: Rogue Agent. GameSpy sat down with the English musician to talk about his work on High Moon Studios' The Bourne Conspiracy, the games industry, and even soccer.

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Breakfast3884d ago

Paul Oakenfold is garbage. He hasnt released any good music in a long while. He has one good remix of his old Southern Sun track but thats it. Enough of EDM, what the hell is he doing in games? He's like whore, goes where the money goes.

Harry1903884d ago

remember him from Amplitude,he had some pretty
nice stuff put in think that he was
once considered as a top 'musician' and now you all
criticize him,how sad.

Breakfast3884d ago

My main quibble with the guy, is that he turned his head to what got him famous, respectable EDM.

Skerj3884d ago

Hah the king of those crappy trance nation compilations is here. They should have gotten DJ Shadow or Tricky or something. They could have created an aural atmosphere in the game, I have no idea wtf Paul's going to do.

Skerj3884d ago

Ready Steady Go and. ..I'm drawing blanks. Oh I suppose Hypnotized, but it was a remix.

Breakfast3884d ago

Southern Sun (2008 Mix) has a very good club sound...i like that one alot.