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Naughty Dog on The Last of Us Clickers: “We Needed a Chainsaw Guy From Resident Evil 4″

"If you’ve been reading our weekly Ask PSLSes frequently, you may have noticed that Resident Evil 4 is the game I’ve replayed the most, with it also being my favorite video game of all time." - PSLS (Naughty Dog, PS3)

dbjj12088  +   421d ago
I can see why people might say the zombies weren't really necessary to TLoU but I liked fighting them and they broke up the human-human combat.
avangerironman  +   420d ago
Naughty Dog said they are not zombies :)
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pyramidshead  +   420d ago
^This, they're humans who have become infected with a parasite like fungus that grow out through their brain and eyes. ouch.

AND it's a real thing! Cordyceps!
TripC50  +   420d ago
Pokemon had this idea first.

Paras and Parasect. check it out.
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TrendyGamers  +   421d ago
The Last of Us has joined RE4 as one of my fav games of all time.
Transporter47  +   420d ago
Same here, love both of those games, can't say i like one more then the other because they were made in different times.
Cam977  +   420d ago
It's this generation's Resident Evil 2 or 4 - whichever one you preferred.
zep  +   420d ago
i dont like RE 4 its the reason why the RE games now sucks its the reasons for the changes RE5&6 has the same gameplay of it tried to copy it but failed and RE4 is not scary its not survial horror at all
Yodagamer  +   420d ago
Modern Resident evil games don't suck because of re4 they suck because they tried to attack a new audience afterwards. If they had stuck closer to re4's formula it would have been better. Although I think if they went with a game closer to resident evil revelation's ship segments from now on they'd be better off.
KwietStorm  +   420d ago
I always found it ironic how people praise the hell out of RE4, but hated 5 and 6, when 4 basically laid the ground work for what the franchise is today. If I had never played Resident Evil, then 4 would have been awesome, but after you get out of the village area early in the game, it loses all tension and claustrophobic atmosphere for me. It's sad how Capcom basically birthed the genre and then walked away from it own their own merits.
mgszelda1  +   420d ago
It is sort of a bitter sweet irony. But RE4 brought new life in the series only to be snuffed out by Capcom itself with uninspired sequels.
I find it kind of funny too b/c to me RE was always that game that reminded u, that u were playing a game. Classic Boss battle esque fights and lots of puzzles.
TLOU did it very different. It came together on all ends. It makes every encounter different each time u go through. I mean yea they dont really have the old school boss fights, but honestly I think it would have ruined the feel of the game.
Pittoo  +   420d ago
RE4 was better imo
imo = In my opinion.
My opinion = Not your opinion dumb asses. x3
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HammadTheBeast  +   420d ago
Your opinion. Which people disagree with. Hence the disagrees.

Pittoo  +   420d ago
Well I never asked for others opinions,I was simply stating my own.I don't care about disagrees by the way,I know how this site works.
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Pintheshadows  +   420d ago
And no one asked for yours Pittoo.
MidnytRain  +   420d ago

That doesn't mean they're not going to give it to you! Lol, this is a comment section after all.
KwietStorm  +   420d ago
Soooooo what was the point again..?
j-blaze  +   420d ago
TLoU is overrated and RE4 is better...that's his point
Salooh  +   420d ago
I don't get you people , why fight ?. Both are great games , why compare and fight xP . I'm enjoying all type of games while you fight which one is better...
Pittoo  +   420d ago
Read my comment dude.I never said one was bad or good,I just gave my honest opinion and the butthurts got more butthurt.
Picnic  +   420d ago
Clickers really are a scary enemy- they're like Silent Hill nurses crossed with RE chainsaw guy.
cell989  +   420d ago
I love clickers, very well designed
Conzul  +   420d ago
I wish the game had more Bloaters. Those beasts were tough dude.
monkey602  +   420d ago
I was dreading the bloaters on my survival run but they are actually easy to defeat. Fire and constant movement and they will never harm you
Sevir  +   420d ago
On the Bloaters i used Molotov cocktails and the flamethrower
Though, that first encounter scared me shitless.

Bloaters acommpanied with clickers are the worst! That one room in the college campus in Utah! Killed me 6 times.

The Last of Us is just incredible! It totally has no equal this year. And stands even higher as This Generations most single defining game.
r21  +   420d ago
Like in life, fire is the answer to most evil things.
MikeyDucati1  +   420d ago
I didn't like how the game cheated at some instances though. If you snuck up on a clicker at a certain angle, moving real slow, there was still a high probable chance he will turn around and see you. If you snuck up on him, directly behind him at the same pace, he wouldn't notice you were there. I noticed that with the game. It wanted me to actually not cheat the clicker. But didn't mind the clicker cheating me of course. Still fun game to play...
TheDivine  +   420d ago
I loved re4 to death, one of my all time favorites. I bought it day one with all the money I had at the time. I also love TLoU but its not on re4's level IMO. It's beautiful, amazing graphics and cinematic gameplay, but it just doesn't click for some reason. It's intense but the gameplay isn't really fun just like uncharted. Both had great graphics, great characters, with a good story/cinematic feel but the shooting and main gameplay is boing. I'm 12 hours in TLoU and haven't touched it in over a week. I just am not interested. I think all the glitches, freezes, and shit I put up with at launch might have soured my experience and ruined whatever hype I had. It's a good game but just isn't much fun to play.
e-p-ayeaH  +   420d ago
Last of Us is a good game but a little overrated in my opinion i enjoyed the story but gameplay wise i dont see anything trully outstanding.

Last of Us needs an open world map and add more weapons at your disposal if it really wants to be more than just an experience but more as an actual game with gameplay depth.
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