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Submitted by johnnoarms 947d ago | article

Miyamoto: Fresh Experiences Make A New Game, Not New Characters

Nintendo focusing on new experiences rather than characters. (3DS, Nintendo, Wii, Wii U)

bullymangLer  +   948d ago
but the sony and microsoft fanboy-trolls, what do they have left to say bad about Nintendo now ?

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sorry the last of us owns. How can u tell that story with kratos?? It would make noo sense. Or beyond or ni no kuni? lol


Ypu want mario in a watch dogs world?? Mario skyrim?

"Fresh Experiences Make A New Game, Not New Characters"

yes master...

This coming from a man who created so many characters lol He should have just put mario in everything then.

Dress mario in green and call him zelda lol
Put him in pink and call him kurby.

Make all SMB characters mario with different armor.
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Ritsujun  +   947d ago
MYMT's a joke.
bullymangLer  +   947d ago
(shut up and take my pennies) u no have breakfast today huh /:

(etzeiX) most mario games? like which ones and why? ha haaa faiL

(hollabox) The Last of Us is a generic piece of goLd that anybody could have thought of. the gameplay is nothing NEW, the artstyle is generic, it gots guns, etc etc . . faiL

(Dragon Knight) you: Are you serious? You think that a new character, with a new personality, new motivations, and new ways of dealing with things isn't a new experience?

me: we are deaLing with video games = gameplay

so your response just drowned in its own spit ):

goombas everywhere!! smash smashh!!
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_QQ_  +   947d ago
you can ell the last of us's story with any realistic character...The last of us tells a good story but for example its no Bio shock infinite,which creates its own world,its own themes, it is an amazing criticism of the time period it portrays.what is Last of Us? the story is well told like a blockbuster,but isn't as deep as everyone tries to claim.
Imalwaysright  +   947d ago
Blockbusters have good stories? I guess we learn things everyday. Uncharted is definetely like a blockbuster but TLoU? No no no.

Also l would take a story that deals with the most basic and at the same time most complex human emotions like love when taken to extreme situations, that makes you reflect on what you would for someone you love than an "amazing criticism of a time period" but that is just me. What can I say? Raw human emotions are more interesting to me than time periods because I can relate with those same emotions.. TLoU story isn't deep? Couldn't disagree more and I don't think I have to say why.
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_QQ_  +   947d ago
The last of Us does have a good story, and the presentation of the story is even better.Infinite also has a relationship between 2 characters but it goes much deeper than just the bond between 2 characters, it isn't just telling the story of 2 people in a cookie cutter setting,it is telling you the story of Columbia as well.
Realplaya  +   947d ago
I think you missed the point but then I'm not surprised.
badz149  +   947d ago
there was a game called SMB, and then you milk it into New SMB DS, New SMB Wii, New SMB 2 and then New SMB U and now more rehashing of old games...from SMB 3D Land now to SMB 3D World!

yeah...fresh experience indeed! /s

stragomccloud  +   947d ago
Dude. You need to grow up. does the person to whom you are responding.
dedicatedtogamers  +   947d ago
But Nintendo isn't making fresh experiences, that's the thing.

An integral part of any "experience" is content, and Nintendo is recycling their content horribly. Mario games are the worst offenders.

Back in the day, Mario went to Sarasaland and had his very OWN world (called Mario Land) with pyramids and submarines and space worlds and Halloween castles and even a giant Mario robot.

Mario visited Dinosaur Land in Super Mario World, but after that? For the last 20+ years? It has been the exact same content. It's Peach's Castle and Mushroom Kingdom.

Why can't Nintendo expand the Mario mythos any more?
AWBrawler  +   947d ago
right cos all the paper marios and mario and luigi games never leave the mushroom kingdom huh? And galaxy didn't place in space at all, and sunshine surely didn't go to an all new location called delfino. no sir. not at all /sarcasm.

you people try too hard lol
CrimsonStar  +   947d ago
If it aint broke don't fix it . And imo Mario Zelda, Donkey Kong, etc. Is not close to being broke .
adorie  +   947d ago
Wow. You've got it bad.
madpuppy  +   947d ago
Hey, if you like all your games to be regurgitated unicorn puke, where the most mature theme rivals a Disney channel saturday afternoon cartoon, knock yourself out. but, don't pull that Nintendo is all about gameplay and everyone else are hacks. Just like Nintendo itself, it's boring, untrue and repetitious.
dafegamer  +   947d ago
*facepalm* I can imagine playing LBP, while seeing the face of Kratos, its just awkward
chrispseuphoria  +   948d ago
When I've played games in the same world and characters, I get fed up of them and move on to something else.
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bullymangLer  +   947d ago
no exampLes? ):
Etseix  +   947d ago
most mario games for sure.
LOL_WUT  +   947d ago
@Etseix Damn good examples well said ;)
just-joe  +   947d ago
Call of Duty
PopRocks359  +   947d ago
Seems like a pretty shallow excuse for writing a game off. I most certainly wasn't sick of Jak when I played Jak X.
try playin in Jak's world for 30 years and see if u get tired.
PopRocks359  +   947d ago
As long as the universe does things to stay fresh and likeable (unlike say, DmC or Resident Evil 6) then I'd be fine with that.

Games are fun because they're designed and often written to be fun, not because they are or are not too old. If they make God of War 6, I'm sure more than enough fans will have an awesome time with that too.

@phantom disagrees

Any actual retorts? I really cannot understand why the basic concept of a game being fun to play, regardless of what the name on the box is, suddenly stopped being enough for gamers.

Hey, whatever. More fun for me I suppose.
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N4g_null  +   947d ago
This my whole problem with the movie gamers. They don't play games they want stories. They don't want the chalkeng or enjoy displaying skill. The only reason cod sticks is because it has no competition game play wise and no one cares for its story.

Story and art where always extra. The game play was endless or skill based. Now story and art are trying to be the main focus in an interactive media and that is flawed if it uses the ridgid method of the story teller. Which means the quick time evens are always the same or barely branching.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   947d ago
If your referring to any Nintendo game such as Mario, you must suck if you get fed up.
KillrateOmega  +   948d ago
New characters themselves can be fresh experiences.
bullymangLer  +   947d ago
exampLe please (:
hollabox  +   947d ago
I just finished The Last of Us, let me tell you The Last of Us is the best new IP I've played since Mass Effect 1. Naught Dog took advantage of new characters, mixed multiple genres to craft an touching, scary, and thrilling experience. I think I just played the Game of the Year, this game was like reading a good book you just can't put down.

So yeah new games can bring an welcoming change even late in the console life cycle. Miyamoto please take note from Naughty Dog, you can have success with new games, you just have to take the necessary risk and make sure its done right. Your audience can only rescue a princess so many times before they say enough of this crap.
Dgander  +   947d ago
LOL its hilarious you get so much disagrees for asking for examples that they cant list. Nothing new on this site just the usual Sony fanboyism.
N4g_null  +   947d ago
Holla you paid $60 to see a movie congratulations now ask your self how you feel about it in your 27th play Thur? If you are bored and it feels like a DVD you keep having to restart then you are bored of this game. Gameplay means you can play almost every day because it is a game. Poker, chess, sports are great games centered around playing and possible new experiences not a planned ending you are forced to watch.
hollabox  +   947d ago
$60 movie my A$$, you play for hours on end than watch a 5-10 minute cut scene. Heck I'm a grown man, I would rather pay $60 for a game that has movie quality dialog with professional actors and movie quality cinematic production, and not the usually "Its me Mario" Nintendo yelps and gibberish.

Come on man, you have been trolling for a company who just realized HD consoles requires bigger development teams to get more out of it. HD has been around since the late 90s and Nintendo just released their first HD console less than a year ago, lame. Do you know how bad it sucked playing my Game Cube using S-Video on an 47 inch HDTV at that time? Or listening to Game Cube using Pro Logic through my Samsung receiver a that time?

I would rather pay $60 for an mature title that is age appropriate rather than buying Disney games/kids, Blues Clues audience games. Enjoy another game where the blonde princess gets kidnap again but this time the protagonist is wearing a green suite, or this time its cell shaded, or this time Donkey Kong grand child is helping.

Grow up hater! Stop your Nintentrolling and get with the times. Let me guess you have Pikmin 3 to play next month right? A game that only sold 980,000 units for 1&2 combined on the Wii's 100 million user platform right? A game every fanboy talks about on their rebuttal, a game according to sales you guys don't even like. Heck you guys probably are not getting any more licensed sports games from 2k games and EA, lame again.

Enjoy what you enjoy! I have God of War to buy this afternoon, along with an army of mature titles to buy this fall.
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hollabox  +   946d ago
Kid pu$$y! go suck on your mama tit and go watch Disney channels. I blocked you because you ain't saying crap, oh I got one game that flopped, hahaha! It's the bloodies game of all time(debatable, play GOD3) that no one played hahaha, but I can't name another game, WTF?
I'm sitting here thinking this dude is an complete idiot, why do I respond to this madness?

Seriously what else is there to say? I have over 50 games I can name that has better stories, mature, more immersive, heck even HD graphics, age appropriate for grown ups that you can't get on your console. Some of the games like COD series are downgrades to every other platform. Only 2 games I can think of that was not an downgrade, 1 Need for Speed, but took several more months to develop and flopped with only 30,000 sold. Assassins Creed is another flop may have looked better as well.

So yeah you have nothing for me, nor do I feel like wasting my time with another Nintentard. Expect Nintendo to pull a Sega and release another console in 3 years, they are already shifting focus to get more games out and develop new franchises.
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hollabox  +   946d ago
Just a little icing on the cake since you care some much about Madworld and dared me to find a more mature, bloodier game than Madworld on my platforms. Here's a list of top 25 bloodiest games of all time. God of War 3, Madworld 19. As you would say hahahahahahahahahaha!
DragonKnight  +   947d ago
I was just going to say that.

@bullymangLer: Are you serious? You think that a new character, with a new personality, new motivations, and new ways of dealing with things isn't a new experience? Because that's what your question implies.
PopRocks359  +   947d ago
In all honesty, can that really be justified as a totally experience though? We live in an age where it's pretty challenging to create a totally original concept, more so to execute it.

Don't get me wrong, The Last of Us is a pretty good example of this; it has new characters and a new world to explore. But it's still riding on the concept of a post-apocalyptic zombie outbreak, something that's definitely been done before (not to mention the dynamic between Joel and Ellie is not entirely unique to its story).

I'm just saying, new characters CAN provide something a little new, but I don't think making a new Mario game with a different character changes all that much. Braid applied new gameplay elements to its formula (such as keys and time control) not just a new universe. That was effective in its design and made it more appealing.
KillrateOmega  +   947d ago
I wasn't even going to bother answering that type of question from bullymangLer, but, yeah, that was pretty much the exact reasoning behind what I said.

Particularly so in a very character-driven stories where you become invested, not in the background events, but in the personalities.
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Mr_Nuts  +   947d ago
Poprocks - New characters end up bringing in a new setting, theme, gameplay mechanics

Take Ubisoft for example on one hand you have Rayman on the other you have Prince of Persia...can you honestly tell me that you could easily add all those gameplay mechanics brought into the Prince of Persia, especially the very cool rewind effect and apply them to a new Rayman game. They just wouldn't be able to do that and if they actually did it wouldn't be as good as the Prince of Persia games they could of made instead.

New characters need to happen and Nintendo needs to realise this, with people thinking like everythings fine and dandy Nintendo will never reach for newer things, that's why they only got into HD gaming this gen. At the end of the day your only pushing them back while everyone else continues going forward, one day they are going to be stuck so far in the past that a future console could end up dead.
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Etseix  +   947d ago
new characters CAN provide something a little new, but I don't think making a new Mario game with a different character changes all that much""

a new "MARIO GAME" with "DIFFERENT CHARACTER" changes all that much.

Wait, wait, wait, are you saying, that you would actually remove mario, from a mario game?
or you meant something else? That's like removing Samus, from a Metroid game, or Link, from Zelda o__O

Character themselves are new experiences, some may not be "wow " characters like Ellie, Joel from TLOU or most MGS cast, but are you really going to compare Mario <- character to other games? i've seen more personality came from one Patapon than i've ever seen from him haha
Imalwaysright  +   947d ago
Ellie alone is reason enough to play TLoU!! Imo she is the best character of this gen.
Morgue  +   947d ago
New characters new experience.

Look what Mattrick brought to MS and the X1. That was certainly an experience and who knows what fresh experience Julie Larson-Green will bring.
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PygmelionHunter  +   947d ago
Then I take it that Call of Duty is a fresh experience because it introduces new characters every year?

Not trying to be aggressive but, what a dumb comment... Now, if only you had said that both new characters AND a different setting help make a game refreshing, I'd be inclined to agree with you.
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KillrateOmega  +   947d ago
"Then I take it that Call of Duty is a fresh experience because it introduces new characters every year?"

Now you're just stretching my point and being ridiculous.

So you're saying that new characters and all that they bring to the table (new personalities, perspectives, appearances, motives, methods, histories, etc.), would NOT be considered fresh experiences?
That they HAVE to be coupled with a new setting?
Even if the story is a very character-driven experience in which all other factors and phenomena play second-fiddle?

Sorry, but I think THAT is dumb.
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jcnba28  +   948d ago
This argument will never end. People don't seem to realize that Sony and Nintendo work in two totally different ways. Sony likes to create new IPs while Nintendo likes to expand on their existing franchises. This is how they both make money. Neither way is right or wrong it's just business.
bullymangLer  +   947d ago
Nintendo always has new ip's

wiiU with 101 new ip's = wonderful 101 (:

And introducing another new exclusive ip > bayonetta and more on the way . . < .. .
2pacalypsenow  +   947d ago
Bayonetta is not a new IP its a sequel of a new ip that just ripped of GOW and Devil may cry
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syne49  +   947d ago
Yeah GoW definitely ripped off Bayonetta. Even though the guy who created Devil May Cry created Bayonetta. Which if you can remember that far back Devil May Cry came first. God of War and Bayonetta are both stellar series. If you actually knew anything about them you would know they barely play in anyway similar. People are quick to call a series of games a rip off without knowing its actual roots. Word of advice don't you end up looking silly.
aPerson  +   947d ago

Re-read the comment above yours. He didn't say Bayonetta came before God of War.
Dj7FairyTail  +   947d ago
Uh Bayonetta is the spiritual successor to DMC. Same Director. Talk shit you dont know.
PopRocks359  +   947d ago

THANK YOU. Bubble up. They're both effective ways to bring new experiences (and reintroduce old ones) to the market.
TekoIie  +   947d ago
I think more people should actually read the article and understand what hes saying. I personally agree with what Miyamoto's saying:

"He went on to talk about how Pikmin became a new IP when it was developed for the GameCube. The first thing Nintendo did was create a new style of gameplay and then looked for a new character to make it work. The current characters such as Mario, Link, Samus and Donkey Kong could not fill the role and so Olimar and the Pikmin were born."

This I like the sound of! :)

Experience/Substance > Visual's/In-game Skin's
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sarcastoid  +   947d ago
Problem is it usually takes new IPs to bring about new experiences.
MysticStrummer  +   947d ago
How about some characters that don't make me feel like I'm stuck in a children's program?

Watch from 5:41 - 5:57

That about sums up how people feel about Nintendo's gaming philosophy.
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TekoIie  +   947d ago
Aaah your more into the "America's in trouble and... GUNS" story hmm?

You can fault Ninty for using their IP's over and over again but Im sure that many of our 360/PS3 libraries have a large amount of shooters or games which use
"shooter-esque" mechanics.

To which I ask: Whats the difference?
MysticStrummer  +   947d ago
"Aaah your more into the "America's in trouble and... GUNS" story hmm?"

I don't think I said that at all, but just in case I actually gave that impression, no.

I agree with you about shooters, and their typical plots/settings/characters.

The answer to your question is: Not much really, but it is possible to like one set of repeated characteristics more than the other.

I don't mind a cartoonish look at all, but I do like my cartoons to have at least a few adult jokes and references mixed in, sort of like how the old Loony Tunes cartoons used to do it.
theWB27  +   947d ago
Nintendo- success comes from their tried and true franchises.

Sony- creates a ton of new IP's and games games games

Microsoft- a few staple exclusives- 3rd party- focus on uniting the living room.

I just don't understand why gamers can't accept that we have 3 very distinct companies that are successful with their way of doing things. Why do they want them to all be the same so much?
MidnytRain  +   947d ago
"Why do they want them to all be the same so much?"

It's got nothing to do with what the other companies are doing. The quote from the article still doesn't explain why they don't create new IPs, but only justifies why they reuse existing ones. Not quite the same thing. A relevant question: Is there an issue with creating a new character? Besides being unable to use the popularity of an existing character for attention and profit?
theWB27  +   947d ago
The only answer I could come up with to your relevant question is: they've become Nintendo off of those same tried and true characters. Major success up until just a gen ago and continuing on with their handheld.

So...why change if that's who you are and you're just as successful as the others who do it differently?
MidnytRain  +   947d ago
That's all well and good for them, but to many gamers, that's called "milking." And Nintendo's gonna have to accept that label if this is the route they're sticking with.
truechainz  +   947d ago
Just to play devil's advocate I'm gonna turn the argument on the other side. Does Sony strive for new experiences with new IP's because they have a very hard time creating a software brand that can stand the test of time especially in the realm of platformers (Crash and Spyro)? Did Sony realize that gamers only call Nintendo's use of Mario as "milking" only because in reality gamers are incredibly fickle? Did they realize they could draw from past media forms like movies for inspiration on the very similar characters to appear in their games, but then slap a "new IP" label on it knowing the attention and profit would grow from those fickle gamers?

I am glad to be a gamer and agree with theWB27 that gamers should embrace that Nintendo and Sony take different approaches rather then question why one doesn't do some of the things the other does. Yes you can say Nintendo doesn't make many new characters. You can also say Sony keeps making new characters because they can't make a game with enough genuine fun and replay value to warrant wanting to expand on it for years to come. Either way it is all for profit so calling Nintendo out for that is pointless. It is part of being a business.
TekoIie  +   947d ago

Truly wish I could bubble you up for Well said and Intelligence.

You sir deserve a years supply of cookies!
MidnytRain  +   947d ago

That's all true. I suppose I'm the type of guy that prefers Sony's way. Just don't get why people want Nintendo's way I guess. Though, while none of Sony's franchises last as long as Nintendo's, I'm happy to see stand out IPs from Sony's that are representative of the generation. People will remember games like Uncharted and Gears from this generation, and maybe something else from the next coming one. That's the way I like to see things. A lot of people do. I'd encourage Nintendo to create their own "IP of the generation."
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2pacalypsenow  +   947d ago
And mario/Kart/Smash Bros has been almost the same since the beginning ,Fresh experiences ?
paulcek  +   947d ago
Nintendo never said they make new gameplay experiences for every franchise. ;) Besides, I like my smash bros and Mario Kart the way they are. Though the Mario franchise could change a bit. i bet new characters with the mario gameplay would still feel more refreshing than mario with new gameplay. Even just a spinoff game with Toad would be pretty cool.
Dj7FairyTail  +   947d ago
So 4 Smash Bros is a problem but 10+ Tekken, Street Fighter, Deas or Alive or just about franchises that get installments every two years is not.

Mario Kart DD isnt Mario Kart Wii or 7.

The ignorance in your post.
#8.2 (Edited 947d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
2pacalypsenow  +   947d ago
Theres more than those games on Ps/Xbox unlike Wii the most popular are just mario games. No one buy wii or Wii u to play non Mario/Zelda etc.. games
Dj7FairyTail  +   947d ago
I beg difer.
I have Okami, Sonic Colors, Arc Rise Fantasia, Tales of Symphonia 2, Goldeneye 007, Rayman Origins, Zack and Wiki, Muramasa, Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 and others and many Wii Gamers or TRUE GAMERS who owns and gamed on Wii for yyears knows.
2pacalypsenow  +   947d ago
right so wii gamers are the only REAl GAMERS now gotcha :-)
BosSSyndrome  +   947d ago
CrimsonStar  +   947d ago
U complain about 4 smash bros but I bet you don't complain about the 7 GoW games
HurstDarkStar  +   947d ago
you know not what you speak of -_- Look up smash brothers forums to actually get a glimps what you call the "same "
Concertoine  +   947d ago
The problem being
When you think of something so radical and different it's impossible to apply to an existing series. like the tech demo for mario 128 became pikmin, and that shows that you can throw mario into just about anything, really.
take the 3D land subseries for example. it's mario, clearly. but if you slapped a different art style, new characters and atmosphere into essentially the same gameplay, and you have a new IP. that's a good thing. new ip's breed new fans, and more nostalgia when a sequel comes. the pikmin series is pretty niche, but i know the 3rd one's been a long wait for fans, and they'll love to play a series they haven't seen in 9 years. when a new f zero or star fox game comes, people will be excited! why? we haven't seen them in forever!
#9 (Edited 947d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ylwzx3  +   947d ago
All these words he speaks but where is his evidence?
BosSSyndrome  +   947d ago
Compare Dante's Inferno to Kid Icarus Uprising. DI = new character, but a gow clone and not a new experience. KIU = old character, new experience.
Concertoine  +   947d ago
that's actually a pretty spot on comparison. or how the prime games used an old character with a very different experience. gave samus more depth and charisma than she ever had, without even saying a word.
but there are examples on the opposite side of things too.
teemo  +   947d ago
why you need a new character when the fans will buy it no matter how many times you release? and look at COD... you don't need a "character" at all lol~

moo... moo... ...
fsfsxii  +   947d ago
Says the guy that milked Mario to death, geez, don't say anything and do the exact opposite, it makes you a hyprocite
HurstDarkStar  +   947d ago
I thought milking was making the same game with little to no changes? Im pretty sure when I tried out mario kart double dash it wasn't the same as mario galaxy really. Familiar faces do not mean familiar experience to most
fsfsxii  +   947d ago
I loved Mario galaxy, but still, he milked mario.
Pretty much after mario galaxy i quit playing mario
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Dj7FairyTail  +   947d ago
He only produce the 3D Mario and help with others. Other Nintendo devs choose to work Mario. Intelligent System, Camelot Soft, Next Level Games, Alpha Dream and more.
TongkatAli  +   947d ago
Only a few milked games I like, but if I dont like a milked franchise and If I voice it and you don't like it, get over it child. Also Nintendo fanboys why do we even have new games for existing genres if shooters are all the same exp and fighters and racing are all the same exp etc, etc.

It's crazy how some of you believe the retarded shit you people post, my god. New characters and a new narrative don't count, but Mario jumping not on the ground, but on planets is so original and fresh. The plumber is still collecting shit like in all his games.


X looks sick, that looks very fresh to me not Mario jumping or Luigi swap in a game.
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PopRocks359  +   947d ago
Best way to get your point across: be outwardly and initially insulting as well as condescending.

Ever think about why you lost two of your bubbles?
TongkatAli  +   947d ago
Idc about my bubbles and don't walk on egg shells. People have different opinions, but some trying to say Last Of Us isn't fresh is retarded and the ones who are saying that praise Mario spin offs. If it quacks it's a duck.
HOLLYWOODLAND   947d ago | Spam
Adolph Fitler  +   947d ago
But there not even giving new experiences..... I mean, they gave us a bloody rushed 2D Mario, that was ripped straight from the 3DS version, & now even that supposed proper 3D Mario they showed at E3 this year, looks like a rehash of the pseudo 3D 3DS game as well.

I mean, I was hoping for something that was akin to Mario64, instead of this watered down, handheld-on-a-console crap.
Mario 3D on Wii-U was THE GAME I was hanging for to accompany Zombi-U, & New Super Mario Bros U, but now I doubt I'll even bother with the game, not to mention the fact, instead of getting a new Zelda game, anytime soon, instead they are just doing a HD re-release of an old game.

Nothing Nintendo does is new anymore.....ever since N64, Nintendo have been going downhill fast.
MegaSackman  +   947d ago
Sorry Miyamoto, but your company doesn't make experiences, they just make good games. Journey it's an experience. The Last of Us it's an experience, Bioshock/Infinite, Heavy Rain, The Walking Dead, Limbo, The Swapper, Metro, Alan Wake, and a long list of games you probably don't know because you are too arrogant to try them.
Thepcz  +   947d ago
nintendo used to be innovative, now they're just lazy
pkb79  +   947d ago
Finding the boomerang with Link in one of the first 3 dungeons will be a fresh experience I'm sure.
linkenski  +   946d ago
I think it's frustrating to see how Nintendo keeps holding on to this idea. It's partially true what Miyamoto says, I'll give him that, but I really think Nintendo would've fared better right now had they introduced us to a new concept with new characters. I never actually liked Mario games because of the characters, that's true, but in a franchise like Zelda, I really think Characters are half of the experience.

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