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Final Fantasy is Dead - There Will Never Be a Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Ever since Square Enix first started to strut it's stuff graphically with Final Fantasy 10, fans have called out for a remake of Final Fantasy 7. The epic game, arguably the most popular in the Final Fantasy series, has been exploited with movies and spin-offs. Developers have even teased fans with a remade cutscene to show off the capabilities for the PS3. It is things like this that had previously kept hope alive. However, with statements from Square Enix over the past few years, hope has been officially crushed for a remake of Final Fantasy 7 or any other of their games. (Culture)

nick309  +   873d ago
Remaking a ps1 game from scratch is way more harder and expensive than ps2 hd remasters, heck at least ff x& x 2 are getting reworked, and kh .. Cant wait
Need4Game  +   873d ago
Get FF7 steam version sold 20 million copies and Secure a Remake !
manageri   873d ago | Spam
Heartnet  +   872d ago

Not every1 here condones piracy :)
Spinal  +   872d ago
I'm just waiting for the iOS version then I will finally play FF7. I was more of an Ocarina of Time kind of guy and it still remains to be one of my fav RPGs of all time.
rainslacker  +   872d ago
I personally still have the game on disc, and I brought the PSN version a while back to play on Vita. I could play the disc version in an emulator and while probably not technically legal, it's not really piracy of the game.

I'm very much a retro gamer, so the need for prettier graphics was never high on my list. I still prefer FF8/9.
bart2278  +   872d ago
Remaking a ps1 game from scratch to be a ps4 game is like...making a ps4 game. It is no harder than making any other game
calis  +   872d ago
Rynocirator  +   872d ago
Voice acting costs for all dialog (which remember there is quite a bit), actually rewriting some of the story because of the plot holes (something there's quite a bit of, which people don't realize), rewriting an engine that will support turn based (Luminous engine will be the graphics engine, not the gameplay engine and will most likely support action combat over turned based at first so if they even keep turn based they will have to rewrite a lot), the fact that it will be so different from the original that people will hate it and it might not sell after people review it, and the fact that the only thing they can do is copy and paste number values. The cost adds up man. Besides 5 and 6 deserve a remake before 7 does. Even if just a ds remake.
bart2278  +   872d ago
Here's my mentality: Square cannot fuck up anymore than they already have. Yes it is going to cost a lot of money to remake 7 and to me that is fine they have had enough time to get feedback on how they should remake the game. I do agree about 6 needing a remake. It deserves one more than any other remake Square is working on right now.
iamtehpwn  +   873d ago
*watches Final Fantasy XV trailer again*
I don't know, it looks plenty alive to me.
JackVagina  +   872d ago
WTF? Why all the disagrees? :(
kalkano  +   873d ago
FF7 is FAR from rare. It sold about 10 million copies. Of course, it's rare NEW. Every PS1 game is rare NEW.
kalkano  +   871d ago
...How do people disagree with that statement? Gotta love disagreeing with facts...
ghostrider32  +   873d ago
Yep without Hinorobu, Final Fantasy is nothing.
Gameatholon  +   873d ago
He's very talented, I will give you that, but he's just one man.
segamon  +   872d ago
one man who can make a world of difference.
wishingW3L  +   872d ago
he was mostly a producer after FFV but he did much more than that. He helped in writing the stories and directing the games too. If he didn't like something then that was out of the question, the Team had to remove it.

And the best thing of all. He hated Toriyama. Not really hated him but he often rejected his ideas. Because the truth is that Toriyama is a mediocre developer infatuated with waifus.
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filipakos  +   872d ago
without nomura you mean
young7yang  +   873d ago
I am sick of hearing about how great final fantasy 7 is. I personally never finished the game. I was side tracked with Panzer dragoon saga. Final fantasy 7 is the most over rated game in the franchise. VI, IX, X, XII and even XIII-2 are far better games. with VI and XIII taking the cake.
fsfsxii  +   873d ago
XIII-2?? O_O
demonsoul  +   873d ago
Name me some Protagonists and Villains more badass and made major impact more than Cloud,Sepiroth,Zack,TIfa,Aeirt h,Genesis, Angeal and Company and we will talk :)
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@Demonsoul: You forgot Red XIII but i agree 100 percent. I know you said "and company" but come on. Red deserves to be name dropped:)
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filipakos  +   872d ago
ff10 has some interesting protagonists cant say the same for the villains too
Firan  +   872d ago
Nothing is better than Zack. Cloud was cool in FFVII but got ruined in later appearances.

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Rynocirator  +   872d ago
Final Fantasy VI, Locke, Terra, Sabin, Edgar, Cyan, Gau, Setzer, Kefka, Shadow they all have more depth than any character in ff7, fact! Final Fantasy 7 is overrated. I think every character is not even 2D. They are all so boring and lifeless. Crisis Core is much better than 7.
Pozzle  +   873d ago
You sound young.
N4GDgAPc  +   873d ago
I think its funny when someone doesn't like the game they almost always say "the most over rated game". Yes you hated the game but how can it be over rated if its one of the top best games from many fans out there? That doesn't sound over rated to me. I hate halo but I can recognize how many people love the game. I know its not over rated because I know I'm just the minority. Just like you.
filipakos  +   872d ago
I didnt like ff7 so much too but i fucking loved ff7 crisis core.I played it after 7 so it was a whole fucked up experience knowing he dies and sephiroth turns bad and also cloud the useless bastard that woke up in the end of the game
Blastoise  +   872d ago
Nah, it was awesome for it's time. And still holds up well today gameplay and storywise.

XIII and XIII-2 don't even come slightly close, at all.

There's a reason it's considered the best JRPG of all time by a lot of people you know. Nobody is ever going to say that about XIII lol
AsunaYuukiTheFlash  +   872d ago
You lost your credibility the moment you mention FF XIII-2 is better than Final Fantasy VII. /smh
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ianblake  +   872d ago
Frodosmugins  +   873d ago
funny how FF fans are all split up in opinions on what FF should be the best!
Dunno if this is a good or a bad thing!
Hicken  +   873d ago
It's a good thing. That means the games are unique enough that the group can't unanimously decide on which is the best.

Personally, I'm not that fond of VII, but other FF fans swear by it.
CrossingEden  +   873d ago
dude, the final fantasy fanbase is up there with the sonic the hedgehog fanbases in terms of WORST fanbases ever
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   872d ago
The Final Fantasy fanbase has me very confused.
I thought we all wanted a classic Final Fantasy like the old games but I've been seeing that a lot of people (on forums) seem to love the new games (FFXIII and it's sequels) which I just can't understand.
wishingW3L  +   872d ago
many are tired of hating (like me) so you only see the lovers that mostly started playing FF with FFX when they were 12. But you compare the sales:

FF13 = 7 millions
FF13-2 = 2 millions

and you see that the franchise really isn't that popular, and is actually only the minority who like FF13 and FF13-2. =/

I like what I'm seeing from FFXV though, even if it's an action game, I know they will somehow make it a bit strategic (is not like the old games were that deep either when it came to battles system). But I'm expecting Nomura to deliver on all his promises of having a world-map, airships, tons of exploration, towns, etc.
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Firan  +   872d ago
It's most likely nostalgia of their first FF game. Like how I played FFIV first and to day I still love it.

Most FF games are just too good and overall different for me to pick a favorite.

I also have no need for remakes.
demonsoul  +   873d ago
We still have a chance! Make Final Fantasy 15 sold 11 million copies and it will surpass FF 7's 10 million ;) There will Always be Chances even with the slightest.
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CLOUD1983  +   873d ago
It seems u forget that FFXV will be multi-platform when FFVII sold all these copies in just one console, the PS1, the success of FFVII can't be repeated the only way for SE to surpass those numbers is to remake FFVII, that's it only the remake can sell more.
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Summons75  +   872d ago
Ff7 wasn't a ps1 exclusive.... It was released on PC originally too. 9,10,12 are the only actual exclusives as far as I know.
CrossingEden  +   872d ago
SE wanted the XIII series to sell 10 million copies over all, 13 and 13-2 have sold over 9.7 million copies in combined sales, meaning for the series to be successful SE only needs to 13-3 to sell 300,000 copies, and besides the words of otakus who don't bother looking up anything about japan half the time, (case and point your comment), this is the mot popular sub series of FF in japan right now with lightning being the favorite character, so this series is guaranteed for success
CLOUD1983  +   872d ago
@Summons75 FFVII released on PC 1 & a half year later after released for consoles & did u really think that PC sales was so gr8? 95% of sales r from PS1 no brain.

Btw I know how much of an FFVII-hater u r why r u always lurking in every FFVII article & try to convince every1 of how overrated FFVII is & how FFVI is so much better & all those millions of ppl who buy it/love it & have it as their most favorite game of all time r wrong?

If u love so much FFVI good for u why u feel the urge to belittle FFVII at every chance? do u really think that by doing that the love of all those ppl for FFVII will stop & FFVII will stop being the most popular & well loved FF ever?

I advice u to stop the trolling else your bubbles will go back to how it was before the reset.
CrossingEden  +   873d ago
13-3 only needs to sell 300,000 copies to surpass final fantasy 7's sales
CLOUD1983  +   873d ago
I don't get for what the fck r u talking about but FFXIII-3 is not even out yet, & there is no way for it to sell more than 10 million copies SE must be happy if they succeed to sell 2 at the best.
kalkano  +   871d ago
That'll be a miracle, considering so many turn-based fans are abandoning the series. It seems to be about a 3rd of the fan base that prefers turn-based. Some of them will still buy XV, but SE will lose a good chunk of sales. Of course, they'll also gain some new fans. I don't think it will make it worthwhile, though.
kydrice  +   873d ago
I once wished hard for a remake but with Square's recent track record, I now pray they stay the hell away from it.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   873d ago
I think FFVII is a bit overrated I personally want VI remade. BUT Id rather have NEW Final Fantasy games over remakes any day.
ufo8mycat  +   873d ago
People need to stop comparing all other, including future FF games to FF7. FF7 was a masterpiece (obviously the best FF in the series). There will never be another FF that reaches the same plateau as FF7. There have however been FF games that have been extremely good such as FF6.

As far as a FF7 remake, I'm not sure if I would really want that. I have already played FF7 multiple times. A FF7 remake is essentially the same exact game, just better graphics, so really I am playing the same game again.

Though a FF7 remake will 100% gurantee HUGE sales.
CLOUD1983  +   873d ago
If at some time SE decide to remake FFVII they must keep the characters out of combat at the same chibi style else they r gonna destroy all the awkward moments (Cloud dress as a woman, RED XIII on a sailor suit, Don Corneo naughty pose at Honey Bee & many-many more..) they can improve ofc the graphics of the environment & they can even make the characters to look as good as they want inside combat but out of combat they must not look realistic if they don't want to ruin the game, they can give their best to make graphics inside combat amazing with all new duzzling effects for skills/spellls/summons etc & also create all new videos & replace the MIDI sounds with symphonic-quality ones & that will be more than enough to please the fans.
rainslacker  +   872d ago
FF7 art style did have it's charm...but come on, who wouldn't want to see an Advent Children style cloud wearing a dress? hmmm...maybe you considering your avatar...but yeah, they'd have to take care with how they present it. Many of the things you mentioned would just look almost satirical with the higher quality visuals. I would think somewhere between FF7 and advent children would be OK, but realistically knowing SE, it would be AC style or nothing...not really a bad thing for Tifa's cowgirl skin.:)
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CLOUD1983  +   872d ago
I say what I believe is the best for the remake if they ever decide to do one, those of u who ask for crazy AC-like graphics haven't even thought the consequence to the game, it will not be FFVII anymore it will be something else, if those moments I mention & countless others ruined because of super realistic graphics then be sure that a lot of fans wont be happy about it & this will dmg SE for good & create even more haters than what they have right now.
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imahustla19  +   872d ago
dont count FF7 out just yet. after all they are remaking ffx & x-2 for the vita so when this article says remakes of these games will never happen they are clearly wrong.Depending how FFx & x-2 do on vita i wouldn't be surprised to see a vita remake of FF7.
carlingtat  +   872d ago
It should be left the way it is. That way it will always be remembered as a classic. A remake has the potential to ruin it and taint its legendary status.
wishingW3L  +   872d ago
the author of this piece and me, we think alike. ;)

FF9 and below were really huge games with intriguing stories but starting with FFX the games became smaller and more linear and its stories simpler and simpler.
spartanlemur  +   872d ago
They really ought to remake something below X, as going back to their roots might once again set them along the right path.
My personal preference is a remake of IX, but I'd be happy with any of the earlier games too.

Besides, it's not as if it would be "just a remake". The younger gamers are not as familiar with FF as those of us in at least our 20's due to the poor quality of recent releases, and if Square Enix want to capture a new generation of devoted fans, it'll need to bring back the same magic which captured us, and the tried and tested way of doing that is through a remake of at least one of their successful older games.
They might also gain a new sense of purpose if a remake goes well, and bring back some successful elements from old games into future new releases.
I'm certainly hoping that XVI is delayed by a few years to make way for a big budget AAA total remake of one of the older games, with new content, a slightly different story (something all good remakes must have to keep those of us who've played the original interested) and even more depth.

I mean, if Square Enix don't do a remake, they'll just end up bankrupt in a few years, at which time you can be almost certain whomever purchases the rights to Final Fantasy will definitely do a remake. Almost like how Disney revived Star Wars after acquiring it. Too much money in a IV-IX remake for a savvy businessman to turn down; hopefully it'll be faithful when it is made!

I don't buy the whole "graphical limitations argument". Look at Skyrim, the Witcher 3 and other great modern RPG's and ask yourself if that level of quality with a little creativity won't allow for remakes.
#15 (Edited 872d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
kalkano  +   871d ago
"I don't buy the whole "graphical limitations argument". Look at Skyrim, the Witcher 3 and other great modern RPG's and ask yourself if that level of quality with a little creativity won't allow for remakes. "

All they have to do, is still use an overworld. <-- Boom. That just eliminated YEARS of work.
spartanlemur  +   871d ago
That would certainly be an easy way to do it, and they could even try a unique art-style to make the overworld fit the overall theme of the game. An overworld with high-res textures would be great.
They can even look to Rome: Total War 2 for inspiration of how to make a view of the world attractive while not making it cartoony.

And then it's just a case of making the individual environments, which are definitely no more complex than those seen in other AAA games.

But it really comes down to a matter of pride I think. We'll get a remake at some point, but *when* of course is a mystery.

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