How Zynga snared Xbox boss Don Mattrick as its CEO

GamesBeat's Dean Takahashi writes the inside story on how Zynga hired Microsoft's Don Mattrick.

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Tolkoto1693d ago

Still seems so strange to me.

JeffGrubb1693d ago

Bing is a constant in Mattrick's life.

darkronin2291693d ago

So it seems like Mattrick wasn't pushed out after all.

kewlkat0071693d ago

Don Mattrick actually did pretty well for himself jumping ship before Ms's re-organization. Looking at Zynga's package, maybe he didn't want to take on more while being paid less.

Now, all he has to do is prop up Zynga and wait till someone buy them..more money will come to him.

People forget, it's very rare a hardcore gamer with a business degree and plenty of achievements/trophies that is selected to be a head spokesperson for the console business.

"Reggie Fils-Anime" turned around Pizza Hut and a lot of other business that operate in totally different markets before coming to Nintendo. Very good Marketing and Sales gurus with some other high qualifications can get these jobs.

A lot of times, you have to align yourself with the companies message/vision and be able to present that while having some input but not all input.

OrangePowerz1693d ago

Maybe we can get now finally rid of the cancer that is Zynga.

latincooker2141693d ago

i know 2 Xbot that going to miss him so much No Limit and FAKE ninja :( will be ooooook you guys. your uncle Don will miss you to.

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