Gears of War Judgment the Start of a New Trilogy

A developer might have just let slip the existence of two new games in the violent franchise.

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AngelicIceDiamond1696d ago

More Gears was expected but this soon? And a spinoff featuring Baird is questionable to allot of fans as well.

Whatever happens I just hope the franchise doesn't get ruined.

nick3091696d ago

Heres hoping epic will do it themselves this time, or let kojima or some other great story writer do the story.

CalamityCB1695d ago

Holy Crap, someone at Epic needs to let Kojima go wild with the Gears of War franchise, I want to see it go in a new direction.

jimbobwahey1695d ago

People Can Fly only did the singleplayer for Gears Judgment, which was actually really enjoyable.

The godawful multiplayer though? That was made my Epic themselves, so it's not on PCF's head that the game was as busted as it is.

I'd be surprised if we saw a new Gears game after how bad Judgment flopped, to be honest, especially since the community has had enough of Epic's nonsense now and have abandoned the franchise.

MazzingerZ1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

Don't count Epic, let alon behind GOW games, but any games in general

GOW is just a franchise MSFT relies on but like Halo, those that added the special effort to provide something new in every new interation of the franchise they created (Epic & Bungie) are now gone.

Nowadays those games just follow the COD-formula...people don't talk anymore about the story but rather what the MP will offer which says it all

Sykoticz1695d ago

To Be honest i have started to really dislike gears Gears 1had everything,Gears 2 Story was ok but the ruined Multiplayer,Gears 3 was ok all around and then Judgment well i havent seen the community break up so quick.

Ragthorn1695d ago

I fully agree with you on that statement, Gears 1 was the best of them all. Gears 1 had more of a horror theme to it then the rest of them (I remember my first Berserker encounter lol). In Gears 2 the multiplayer was ok UNTIL a sudden bug happened and I LOST ALL MY PROGRESS, never touched the damn game after that. Then Gears 3 came along, and it was decent with all modes, and I stopped there, cuz I started to transition to playing Playstation 3 more.

AngelicIceDiamond1695d ago

Yeah, people can't blame MS with Gears near annual releases. It's Epic that's completely milking it on there own. MS even wanted a break from it. But then again, they didn't state it was the main franchise or the spinoff.

Well I guess we know now.

CRAIG6671695d ago

I liked Gears 2 campaign best and the online side of gears 3, judgement was really good fun(over run and survival in particular) but I don't think I need more of that, not for a long while anyway...

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No_Limit1695d ago

It wouldn't surprise me one bit if a new Gears game shows up at Gamescom at the MS press conference running on Unreal4. People May Fly, when given ample time, can make some good games like Bulletstorm. I think having PCF continue making Gears games and have the main studio at Epic work on a new IPs could be a great way to go.

Big Gears fan myself, so the more the merrier but they should take their time and release it in 2015 instead of 2014 to spread out the release a bit.

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The story is too old to be commented.