See Pikmin 3 in action in this new gameplay trailer

It’s been a few months since we’ve seen a new Wii U game worth getting excited about, but Pikmin 3, dropping Jul 13 in Japan, July 26 in Europe and August 4 in North America, is almost here. And get whet your appetite for it a bit, we’ve got a 30-second teaser full of gameplay clips inside. Spoiler: it’s pretty.

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Prime_281601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

The autumn/fall area at 0:15 looks so good! I want this now!

ifritAlkhemyst1601d ago

If only the Wii U had more interesting games to go along with this gem.

live2play1601d ago

U mean like w101? Dkc tropical freeze? 3Dland? Mk8 ssb? Bayo 2? Prject x

ifritAlkhemyst1601d ago

DKC Tropical Freeze yes.

Project X, maybe.

The rest, no.

Kevlar0091601d ago

Look out for Wonderful 101. It's underhyped with good previews

ifritAlkhemyst1601d ago

That means a lot coming from you. Truly.

greatcrusader441601d ago

Don't have a wiiu yet (waiting Til more games come out ,possibly a price drop if those two align) and will def pick this game up when I do, first two pikmin were unique experiences for me and I can use a breath of fresh air from all action games out right now.

Kevlar0091601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

If they introduced an enticing bundle or increased the internal memory I'd buy one now.

Or a red WiiU, that would be awesome.

Realplaya1601d ago

You got the money just buy one. Trust me Nintendos real first HD game will be Pikmen 3 there are more games coming quickly.

CaptainN1600d ago

People need to stop waiting to buy the console....the reason developers are not making games is because of the small install base.....gamers should be buying the system in order to increase the amount of games that will be created for the platform.Stop waiting for a price cut thats not happening anytime soon!

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