CVG- Preview: In-depth with the DualShock 4

CVG has been getting all touchy-feely with the PS4's new DualShock 4 controller since Sony turned up to E3 in June with a load of playable games.

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tha_meat_beater1720d ago

the new sony controller was certainly a shock, but the xbone and its controller has the potential to be da "bomb"!BOOM!

iGAM3R-VIII1719d ago (Edited 1719d ago )

agreed, and idk why you have disagrees because it is LITERALLY the bomb... ;)

doi1719d ago

few innovations is not the bomb prolly the Bum!

mkotechno1719d ago

Yea, da BOOM that will explode the Microsoft stock market value to near zero... Now that Windows 8 is a failure and Office is being replaced all over the world by LibreOffice... if they also fails with the XBO this could be the beginning of the end of Microsoft.

doctorstrange1719d ago

I can't wait to feel it myself

Heisenburger1719d ago

That's what sh....

Me too. Lol

Foolsjoker1719d ago

I've touched it, and yes, it was amazing.

PositiveEmotions1719d ago

Idk if this on topic related but.

I FINALLY ORDERED MY PS4 im so happy!!!!

EXVirtual1718d ago

Can't wait to get it in my hands.