Super Smash Brothers Breakdown – Sora

Super Smash Brothers Breakdown is a new series here on GVN where we cover everything Super Smash Brothers for Wii U and 3DS. Here you’ll find character,item, and stage analysis videos as well as wish lists videos for characters we’d like to see in the game. Occasionally we’ll have guest from the rest of the GVN staff on the show or even people from other websites or Youtube channels!

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stragomccloud1985d ago

I think having Sora would just add insult to injury considering that KHIII is currently not in development for Wii U.

Dj7FairyTail1985d ago

yet they took Nintendo Fans money off of KH3D for Xbox One development shame

stragomccloud1984d ago

Agreed. I don't know why people disagreed. A lot of the money made off of the Kingdom Hearts franchise comes from Nintendo handhelds.

Dj7FairyTail1984d ago

of course the sony fans disagree. Like why would KH 1 and 2 money still exist after a decade. Like come on Sony fans use your brains.

NickleDime5101984d ago

i think Dj7FairyTail got disagrees because he used bad grammar and was confusing not because they are sony fans. This is why stragomccloud did not get any disagrees. Like come on use your brains. ;)

NihonjinChick1985d ago

It would make sense if he was on the 3DS version though. KH has a history on Nintendo handhelds.

Rusty5151984d ago

I don't mean to diss megaman, but if they were gonna have a character as big as sora in there, don't you think they would have shown sora first instead of megaman to make the hype even bigger?

Kalowest1984d ago

Nope, I think the hype for a new megaman and KH3 are almost the same!

Thirty3Three1984d ago

HK has the biggest history on PlayStation though...

NihonjinChick1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Actually, it's about the same.

It's actually really close.

5 KH games on Sony hardware and 4 on Nintendo hardware.

KH has been getting Nintendo handheld exclusives since like 2004.

trenso11984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Well its
KH BBS psp
KH:ReMix HD 1.5 PS3

KH: 358/2 days DS
KH:Coded Ds

So really its more like 3 on sony consoles and 4 on nintendo, because ReCom is just CoM remade for PS2 and ReMix is older games just made in HD. But the main and most important games are on sony, KH1,2 and BBS(which might as well be KH0 since the story was that important to the overall story line). While nintendo got all of the side stories which led into the main canon story games, except DDD i feel that game had a strong part in the story in how it ties and leads directly into KH3. While Coded was a complete and utter side story that doesnt even need to be played to understand that story in full.

Thirty3Three1984d ago

KH was BORN on PlayStation though- is what I mean. It's a PlayStation Classic.

I'm not talking about how many titles were released, but if you were to ask anyone, "What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear "Kingdom Hearts" and "Console"?", they'd reply, "PlayStation". It originated on the PS, and it's its home.

AdvanceWarsSgt1984d ago

FF was birthed on Nintendo consoles, does that mean FF characters deserve to be represented more in SSB than PASBR?

thezeldadoth1984d ago

keeping Sonic and Snake, with Mega Man is already badass. If they got one more awesome 3rd party character it would be really nice, but i'm happy with what they've got so far as long as sonic and snake are still there.

-Gespenst-1984d ago

Hmmm, I can't see a KH character featuring in a mascot brawler. There were none in Playstation Allstars, I doubt we'll see one in SSB. The series is too spread across multiple platforms to really feature in an exclusive like this.

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