State of Decay will not receive co-op multiplayer update

EDGE: "Undead Labs has announced that its sleeper open-world zombie RPG will not be receiving an update including a multiplayer co-op mode, as was originally intended."

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majiebeast1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

Dont promise stuff if you cant make it happen. Also think Microsoft has a hand in this decision they arent well known for giving consumers bang for their bucks.

UnHoly_One1936d ago

You can't seriously believe what you just wrote.

majiebeast1936d ago

When was the last time Microsoft gave away free dlc or any content for their games?

HK61936d ago

Crackdown DLC had a free version that included a portion of the paid content. Forge Island for Halo 4 was free. Cold Storage in Halo 3 was free. Both Fable and Forza have had free DLC.

UnHoly_One1935d ago

Maj who is talking about giving away free DLC?

You are talking about MS somehow forcing a company into NOT adding a co-op mode, just because MS doesn't want people to get value for their money.

And you don't think that sounds a little insane? lol

What reason would they possibly have to NOT want co-op added? At the very least, it would potentially sell more copies of the game, thus making them more money...

maniacmayhem1936d ago

Yes, everything that has to do with anything is MS's fault.

Hufandpuf1936d ago

I can agree that it may have been MS's decision to not include co op. Because honestly, having mutliplayer would be a HUGE selling point for the next game. so I can see why MS would delay multiplayer until State of Decay 2.


the fact that you got 5 agrees so far is more amazing than your non fact based comment. they should just offically change this site to a sony owned site.

majiebeast1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

When ms fanboys cant come up with a response they break out omg n4g sony website. Its getting old by now, come up with something else or come up with a decent response.

matrixman921936d ago

technically they never promised sucks they wont add it..but its not like they said we would get it exactly

HK61936d ago

Undead Labs and Microsoft never promised that it would happen. They said they wanted to, and it was at the top of the list if they were allowed to do it, but they never definitively said they were going to do it. If they would have done it, they wouldn't have been able to work on anything but the co-op for nine months ( ). That means there would have been no updates, and no other DLC for nine months until co-op was done.

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Lubu1936d ago

I hate unkept promises. Just like Awesomenauts on PS3. In the character selection screen, it still says that more characters are coming soon.

Transporter471936d ago

Well that's fuking lame....

maniacmayhem1936d ago

That is very disappointing. I was really hoping for some co-op for this game.

I guess we'll have to wait for the MMO to come out.

MassOnesumis1936d ago

I thought originally Class 3 (State of Decay) was supposed to test the waters. Then they would proceed to make Class4 the Multiplayer version.

matrixman921936d ago

they originally said that...then Undead Labs said they "wish" to add some form of co-op to SoD, people for some reason took this as a definitive answer that there would definitely be co-op added for some reason

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