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Submitted by StinkiWan 948d ago | opinion piece

Is Xbox One the Next GameCube?

Pre-orders so far are skewed heavily toward first-party titles, much like the GameCube. Will the system fail because of it? (Xbox One)

MariaHelFutura  +   948d ago
More like the Dreamcast, but w/o the groundbreaking exclusive software.
StinkiWan  +   948d ago
Why Dreamcast over the GameCube? Interesting thought, but why do you draw the distinction?
theWB27  +   948d ago
Cause Maria is one of the biggest Sony fans on this site. So comparing to the Dreamcast lets Maria feel like Sony is going to crush the X1 so bad it's going to be Micro's last system.

When any logical person knows out of the big three..Micro would be last to HAVE to bail out of the console business if things didn't go quite so well.

Ps4 will outsell the X1 because it sells better in other countries. But where Xbox sells well, it will do so this gen also.
no_more_trolling  +   948d ago
you call Maria a fan?
dedicatedtogamers  +   948d ago
I'd compare it to the Saturn, not the Dreamcast. Dreamcast was a "hail mary" pass for SEGA. Saturn was a console that SEGA got arrogant about and assumed everyone would want it despite the flaws and despite the higher price.
majiebeast  +   948d ago
Dreamcast is remembered fondly. Its more like the 3DO.
Thomper  +   948d ago

I long for those Sega days again......

Gotta get my jap DC out of storage...
LaChance  +   948d ago
What is the PS4's groundbreaking exclusive software ?

Oh yeah sorry I forgot. Knack of course !
majiebeast  +   948d ago
Whats the groundbreaking xbone exclusive software? Ryse! Press nothing to awesome.
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from the beach  +   948d ago
abzdine  +   948d ago
Forza and Ryse, tell me about groundbreaking exclusives at launch!!
Clarence  +   948d ago
Yeah and Titanfall is a groundbreaking exclusive oh wait it's not a exclusive it's on the PC.
Waller  +   948d ago
LaChance and majiebeast
PS4's software will be Gaikai.

Xbox One's software will be its instant nature.

Software does not necessarily mean games.
nick309  +   948d ago
X1 will sell just as good as ps4, alot of millions . Dont believe me?wait and see.
mcstorm  +   948d ago
I agree. I remember being on this site when sony showed off the psv and everyone was saying it would walk all over the 3ds. Look how that turned out.

No one knows what will and will not sell well until they are out and just because one starts off slow dose not mean it won't sell well later on in its gen. Look at the ps3 for that.

IM not expecting both console to come flying out the gates as there are still big name games for both consoles and the ps3 has gt6 on the way to.

For me the start of this gen is about the Xbox one and Wiiu as they offer me more gamea that I want over the ps4 but I will pick a ps4 up later on in the gen.
abzdine  +   948d ago
i have to disagree with you my friend, nothing can be compared to Dreamcast!!
And i cant compare it with GC either cause i actually bought a GC and X1 will never make it to my house!!

I dont know why people go too far to compare X1 with different devices from different manufacturers...

As thing are right now, Xbox One for me is a repetition of the first Xbox, no more no less! Looks kinda the same as well..
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TheDivine  +   948d ago
I'd say its more like the ps3. Sony was arrogant and launched with a high price, focus on media, and thought everyone would take their shit. Ms tried to force online alienating most the market, is higher than the ps4, but it does have a good launch lineup which the ps3 lacked so its not in as bad of a position especially now that they reneged on the online drm and blocking used games. It's going to be a fun gen for all 3 consoles if you ask me.
Myst-Vearn  +   948d ago
I loved the GameCube
I don't think X1 will be nearly as awesome .
Fireseed  +   948d ago
Well it is introducing a lot of technology that people are scared of and don't fully understand. So under that guise the adoption rate would be pretty low. But they have brought it under the monicker of the new Xbox which has very high amount of fandom in the US.
from the beach  +   948d ago
The first party launch stuff is great so obviously people are snapping it up.

I've got Ryse preordered but I'll probably get Watch Dogs soon after.
MariaHelFutura  +   948d ago
I find fascinating that people are so into Dead Rising, Crytek games and Insomniac games.

- So many have disagreed w/ me for saying Dead Rising was an amazing game, now it's a system seller.

- Crytek games get put down constantly for their lack of depth, Heavy Rain for QTEs, and now Cryteks QTE game is a system seller.

- Insomniac has been dissed forever on here and now that their last 4 games (R2, R3, All 4 1 and Fuse) haven't been very good, Sunset Overdrive is the going to be the best.
from the beach  +   948d ago
Oh, absolutely.
theWB27  +   948d ago

-So many people disagreed with you about Dead Rising and now it's a system seller. Or it could the people in your bubble didn't agree with you. Step outside of that bubble and you'll Dead Rising is pretty adored by alot of people. No one is saying it's a system seller but it is a good exclusive.

-Crytek gets put down for no depth. It's already been debunked by SO MANY people that the button prompts aren't mandatory. It was sped up for the debut of the game. No one said it's a system seller.but it looks like a good exclusive.

-Insomniac is getting dissed? Or are people disappointed cause they know they're better than what those games were? Sunset Overdrive sounds promising is what I usually hear.

I find it so fascinating how someone can be so loyal to a brand who doesn't know who you are. I will say this...get over it. The X1 isn't as bad as you want to think it is.
nick309  +   948d ago
Ever played dead rising 1? Yea 2 wasnt as good but 1&3 have the same feel.. I was at e3 and it was a good game. So what if its not coming to ps4. Im glad theres still exclusivity from third party publishers. Sony dont really get third party exclusives, just console exclusive indies... Both ms &sony will succeed regardless of console prices. Alot of people enjoy motion gaming, alot of people hate it, but it still sells. Its really like comparing coca cola &pepsi, one will like this one will like that, and one might like both & itll still sell.
PFFT  +   948d ago
I have no idea why people still use the QTE's in RYSE as an excuse to put it down. Even after its already been confirmed that as you said its not mandatory. Ahh but you see since its not Sony news they dont take the time to make a little research on the matter. As for Dead Rising 3 its gonna be amazing. They are just butthurt cause it wont see a release on their system of choice. No more no less.
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NihonjinChick  +   948d ago
You might as well compare it to the original Xbox. The GameCube sold almost as much as that.

I said this before, anything that wasn't a PS2 sold poorly that gen.
gaelic_laoch  +   948d ago
The XBone is the next Ouya!
creatchee  +   948d ago
This is the article and the author summed up: Microsoft first party games are doing really well in preorders. However, since "Microsoft is Doomed" sells better than positive articles and/or doesn't suit my personal agenda, I'm going to say that good first-party software sales are a bad thing.

And before anyone tells me to read the article to see that he meant in terms of performance VS third party games, I did - twice. I had to make sure that I actually read something as asinine as I thought I had.

First party games are my (and many other people's) primary reason to buy a console. To spin the good performance of said titles as anything other than good news is stretching at best, and ill-willed at worst.
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Thomper  +   948d ago
At last, a grown-up
JBSleek  +   948d ago
It will be perfectly fine. It will sell tons of millions and go on to be a good device.
cyberninja  +   948d ago
More like saturn or 3do.
Thomper  +   948d ago
Saturn was a fracking awesome 2d powerhouse!! Radiant Silvergun anyone???
EffectO  +   948d ago
Preorder sales garbage should be banned.
RM-TatoTiburon  +   948d ago
i remember this articles in 2006 with PS3, everybody were "just wait an see"

and once again we just have to wait an see....but i don0t think the xbox one will fail like gc or dc
s8anicslayer  +   948d ago
So says the guy with the Mastercheif avatar...lmao! I wonder what gave it away?
gnothe1  +   948d ago
I see how this works...negative Xbox one articles generate the most hits on N4G...this explains why most positive MS articles are failed when negative blogs an opinion articles are approved. .they can count on their rabbid PlayStation fans to flood those articles just to help sprew their with that being said... from a business stand point...N4G I UNDERSTAND. ...
BlackRiderRazil  +   948d ago
I don't even... The logic here is absent. The GameCube ended up pretty much having nothing BUT first part titles because third party publishers didn't want to pay out for the lesser returns. MS has strong first party launch titles... and then the same exact third party titles as Sony, i.e Watch_Dogs, the Division, AC4, Need for Speed Rivals, Call of Duty Ghosts, etc.

So... the first party games for a brand new system are doing well number wise, must mean the system is fucked? Time to hand in that journalist card and go find another job. What a crock.
badvlad  +   948d ago
more like gizmondo
mydyingparadiselost  +   948d ago
It would have to be the most powerful console of its gen, so no.
oscarcat59  +   948d ago
Microsoft has far deeper pockets than sony, stronger first party games(my opinion)built for apps with windows kernel, Kinect which offers new ways of gaming(reading of heart beat and facial expressions for a poker game as an example)on line service which most agree is the best,(it was designed by a company that builds server support for billion dollar companies vs a failing game streaming company which sony bought)very fast multitasking, Skype and the tv functions to name a few. The more I think of it I will buy the xbox one first. The ps4 second for I belief it is just a more powerful ps3. And sony does have some very interesting games coming out and I will not miss those. Will xbox one fail I do not think so and neither will ps4. Both will do very will. By the way I think that journalist needs to ponder more before he writes a story.
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Minute Man 721  +   948d ago
Only the fanboys are excited for X1
oscarcat59  +   948d ago
Only idiots make those comments. Don't give a crap. Then just don't buy it so simple see?

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