This Gaming Headset Shoots Electricity Into Your Brain. Seriously.

CCC says: "Anytime someone wants to fire electricity into your brain for entertainment purposes, you should probably be a little suspicious. And a company called Focus Labs has created just such a device."

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CaptainYesterday1992d ago

Sounds like a shocking good time!

JoshEngen1992d ago

Oh man. Worst joke on the internet.

CaptainYesterday1992d ago

I know... I had to get it in before everyone else starting doing lame jokes ;P

PurpHerbison1992d ago

Worst joke? It was rather tasteful..

Majin-vegeta1992d ago

You might say it was shockingly expensive.

PrimeGrime1992d ago

Look for videos of a game called Son of Nor. They used this device for in game mind control.

Ugh all that makeup on that girl scares me.