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Gran Turismo 6: What We'd Like to See

With GT6 round the corner, The Gaming Review chalk up their wishlist of what they'd like to see in Polyphony Digital's upcoming racer. (Gran Turismo 6, PS3)

BigDan80  +   573d ago
Love the idea of online tournaments, you could set up your own Top Gear type events!
FinalFantasyFan  +   572d ago
Seriously, does anyone care about gt anymore after gt5? Let's trade color cards, yay.
fsfsxii  +   572d ago
Yeah, some people do, don't generalize just because you don't
Hicken  +   572d ago
If you don't care- made evident by your many comments stating thus- then why the hell do you keep popping in to say you don't care?

Just go on about your business, and stop trolling.
WeAreLegion  +   572d ago
You don't like Gran Turismo. You never have and never will. Stop commenting or the three bubbles you have now will be a distant dream in the near future.
Koyes  +   572d ago
Gran Turismo is Sony's highest selling exclusive. Trust me, people care
PoisonedMonkey  +   572d ago
Yeah I'm not sure a racing game is defined by the colour of the cars. As the article states some flexibility would be nice, but I'm pretty sure everyone would agree that it's the feel of the driving that makes GT so satisfying.

But y'know, you carry on painting things. That's ok.
Lighter9  +   572d ago
I'm not into cars AT ALL, nor do I know much about them... But after I saw the GT5 trailer... I suddenly wanted to play it. Everytime I get a new car, I have to hear it start up. aaahhhhh Plus, I got the XL version brand new for $20. Can't beat that. :)
WarThunder  +   572d ago
No Livery Editor.... I don't care about Livery Editor and most GT fans don't. Thats why they will not make it....
sprinterboy  +   572d ago
Great article

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