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Xbox One Vs. PlayStation 4: What Does The Public Think?

In this video feature, Game Informer's Ben Reeves wanders the streets of Minneapolis to get an idea of what people are saying about the new console war. (PS4, Xbox One)

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mikeslemonade  +   539d ago
People need to get a life. They don't know what they're missing. I try lots of different hobbies but I always come back to games.
MariaHelFutura  +   539d ago
I love that everyone is now taking the "can't we all just get along" approach, since E3. Pre E3 this place wasn't like that.

It's adorable.
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ironwolf  +   539d ago
"get a life" and start gaming? Really? Wow.
dedicatedtogamers  +   539d ago
"People need to get a life"

The same was said to the pack of hyenas who (rightfully) made fun of the PS3. People said "just let the PS3 do its thing and quit crying about it" but the hate and doom and gloom continued for years.

Why should Microsoft get off the hook after just a few weeks, especially after attempting to do something - arguably - 100 times worse than anything Sony did with the PS3?
shoddy  +   539d ago
My life is gaming
karl  +   539d ago
hahahha ROFL "get a life and start gaming"

.. i will defenitely say that to some friends..
YNWA96  +   539d ago
I spoke to this guy who worked at game, he told me people are talking about PS4 and XBOX1. Reliable source....
MikeMyers  +   539d ago
"Why should Microsoft get off the hook after just a few weeks, especially after attempting to do something - arguably - 100 times worse than anything Sony did with the PS3?"

You've already said repeatedly that you won't be getting an Xbox One. How is that allowing MS off the hook? Your answer is simple, don;t support them and move on but for whatever reason you want to be right in the middle causing conflict with anyone who doesn't have issues with the Xbox One. For whatever reason you can't move on.

The problems with the PS3 affected all PS3 owners. Games got delayed, multiplat games were at times inferior. The price was high. People getting an Xbox One will have to pay for Kinect and the price will be $499. Other than that what is there to worry about? Sony has now put multiplayer behind a paywall on the PS4. So what's left that you can't move on from? They listened, they dropped the always online and DRM for disc games and you're still not getting one. Common sense would be to focus your attention on something you do want to support, such as the PS4.

I'm not sure why so many members choose to cause conflict and want attention instead of just staying in topics they are interested in and products they like. Why has N4G turned into a trolls paradise or a fanboys paradise for some members?
dedicatedtogamers  +   539d ago
But but but MariaHelFutura! Didn't you hear, you IDIOT?

People like us, the stupid forum warriors, don't matter! No one out in public even knows what PS4 and Xbox One are, and so when the holiday comes they'll see a new Xbox and they'll buy it no questions asked, duh!

How dumb can you be? Haven't you heard of brand loyalty? People will buy the Xbox in droves and they won't have any clue about Microsoft's worsening reputation.

/friendly trolling
Koyes  +   539d ago
Made me chuckle. We are always the day one buyers, IMO, the most important customer base.
Tyre  +   539d ago
@dedicatedtogamers well said, i also like your 1st comment. What MS tried to do was the most disrespectful & flatout sarcastic towards the industry & the gaming community. The 90 degree turn (it wasn't a 180 because Kinect is still mandatory...also why remove the family sharing as some kind of punishment?) is not a sign of good intentions, there was simply no other option for them after the backlash. Why are there people here believing otherwise? Microsoft showed their true intentions and misguided vision. Damage has been done. I still feel their creeping. The few still defending MS and even flatout sympathising with them do not give a $h^t about gaming or suffer from a Stockholm Syndrome.
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Manic2014  +   539d ago
The Poll's the article's referring to are result of before the MS 180 though the article was published couple of day's ago. So considering the changes the PS4 will still have a edge but yeah well the result for the xbox one would be higher though would be probably lower than the PS4.

Still Can't Wait To Get Both.
MysticStrummer  +   539d ago
Actually there have been polls since MS's policy flip flop and PS4 still wins handily, even if both consoles were the same price.

EDIT - Here's a highly technical video on why GDDR5 is better than DDR3. It's actually not highly technical but it is from AMD themselves, who provided tech for both PS4 and One.

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Eddie20101  +   539d ago
Not true, a couple of those polls were recent.

Microsoft's change on DRM was more than a week ago.
Manic2014  +   539d ago
Yeah i have seen the poll's since the 180 and well the difference is not as big as what the was shown before, Sony wins with 65% and X1 with 35% So yes Sony does win heavily.

Actually not all the polls had started after the x1 reveal but hass been kept online since the recent one's i have seen have improved on the Xbox one side from 15% to 38% but Sony still has the majority. I remember voting a week after the MS unveil and Sony crushed xbox one by 89%, Though since the Poll's were kept online the votes have changed and given x1 22% and PS4 78% still a huge difference, but its better a brand new poll is conducted.
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n4rc  +   539d ago
Stop looking at online polls as proof of anything..

Any kid can click a button.. Unless you got the 400-500 in your hand ready to buy one, your opinion means squat
HugoDrax  +   539d ago
You want to know why polls are irrelevant? Me being a gamer, who has day 1 PS4 & XB1 consoles pre ordered hasn't participated in a single poll hahaha. People act as if polls account for every consumer who intends on purchasing Microsofts & Sony's console. Well it definitely doesn't.

The only people who seem to give a damn about who's winning this invisible WAR are fanboys and the media sources. This so called war reminds me of EAST COAST vs WEST COAST hiphop war, that was fabricated by who? The media. The publications and gaming sites are laughing straight to the bank, because fanboys can't help themselves. They see a biased article, with a negative title regarding the opposing brands (sony&MS) and have to make a comment.

When it's all said and done, both consoles will sell.
lawgone  +   539d ago
Wow, I'm shocked! MariaHelFutura (with his/her Sony CEO pic as an avatar) is saying how the PS4 is better. No one wants to hear from you. You are so biased you contribute absolutely nothing. You only like Sony...we get it already. Get a life and stop spamming this place.

And who cares about polls pre-launch? They mean nothing. You've probably voted on every single one because you seem to have time for that stuff.
DragonKnight  +   539d ago
You're an Xbox One fan right?
bsquwhere  +   539d ago
U sit there and criticize her/him and tell them to stop spamming? Who the hell are u to tell another person what to do. Five comments later u bash PS fanboys. A real gamer doesn't distinguish one fanboy from another. Their just fanboys. Stop being bitter and go play some games if your so hardcore.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   539d ago
"who cares about polls pre-launch" obviously M$ does,,.. or the wouldn't send in camilion trolls to every site... like they are now.
kenshiro100  +   539d ago
Bitter, bitter tears.
redwin  +   538d ago
I have always said that I rather pay more to keep a good few exclusive gamers at Xbox Live than many undesirables . So I agree, PS4 is needed in more ways than one.
ironwolf  +   539d ago
Poll REAL people, not "gamers".
dedicatedtogamers  +   539d ago
Gamers are fake people? Gamers don't buy consoles?
Muffins1223  +   538d ago
Wow hats amazing...but one of the polls said the playstation camera was better than the kinect 2 camera....just no lol
Majin-vegeta  +   539d ago
@2:48-2:51 thats what she said xD.

xReDeMpTiOnx  +   539d ago
Ps4 pre release is winning in almost every category, every poll and anything dealing with the consoles, but yet Xbox fanboys will still deny it and continue to fight it lol.
malokevi  +   539d ago
I'm an Xbox fan... I have no intention of fighting anything.

What's there to fight about? I'm getting an Xbox One and a PS4 and I'm going to love them both.

Sounds like the only people who actually care are those of you who keep repeating "PS4 is winning" "Xbox One is winning"... blah blah blah.

Nobody is "winning". These consoles aren't even close to release. You can claim to have some perceived "victory" for you... but in the end it just makes you sound desperate and lame.

If you're really a fan of videogames you will realize that we are all about to have a huge victory. Who cares if MS/Sony make marginally more money than one another? Most of the must-have titles are multiplat, anyways.
lawgone  +   539d ago
What it all comes down to...
It's funny/sad how there is a need for some people to feel they picked the "winning" video game console when anyone with any sense knows that having two well-made, competing consoles is better for the end user. This gen, PS fanboys have taken to calling themselves "hardcore gamers", yet what true gamer wishes for a video game system to fail? Combine that with the fact that many of these "death to MS" cultists don't seem to realize they are rooting against the system created in their own country and it is even more baffling. I suppose the need to feel a part of something (especially when it's missing from your outside life) trumps logic.
DragonKnight  +   539d ago
Of the above 2 comments, do any of you watch/play sports?
malokevi  +   539d ago
I snowboard wakeboard and play hockey. Why, are you implying that you're somehow tougher than us because you like to pick sides?

Get over yourself.
MikeMyers  +   539d ago
"Of the above 2 comments, do any of you watch/play sports?"

What does that have to do with this topic? We know you hate the Xbox brand but not everyone does. In fact some people may actually like both the PS4 and Xbox One. I know to some that is unfathomable because for whatever reason a few folks out there think you can only like one and have to hate the other.
Nocando  +   539d ago
No one at any point has said "the Xbox is winning".
DragonKnight  +   539d ago
@malokevi: The reason I asked about sports is because it's funny to hear people talk (complain) about people who pick sides when it comes to consoles and yet guaranteed there are more ravenous sports fanboys here. Irony of ironies.

Someone is a little touchy aren't they?
MikeMyers  +   539d ago
"The reason I asked about sports is because it's funny to hear people talk (complain) about people who pick sides when it comes to consoles and yet guaranteed there are more ravenous sports fanboys here. Irony of ironies."

Odd analogy considering sports teams don't consist of 90% of the same roster as another team and consoles don't really have dozens of teams where fans root for their hometown heroes. We have what, one American and two Japanese players? Wow, what a league that is. Go team!

Back in the day you had young people picking Sega or Nintendo because back then as a kid your family could usually only afford one of the two. Are you trying to tell me grown adults are still doing this?
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TheDivine  +   539d ago
I'm not a fanboy (I hope) I love all consoles, PC, ipad, handhelds exc. but I have to say I like the xbone more feature wise and game wise. I hated the drm and refused to get one due to it but with that gone il buy one down the road. I love the new Kinect and the fact that its standard. What I love about the ps4 is that its a hundred cheaper, more powerful, and I already own a ps3/vita with ps plus. That's why I preordered the ps4 instead. I hate that the ps eye is separate yet needed for the playroom and I hate that Sony added pay to play online. Overall I like both though and will own both eventually.

I also hate both for lack of bc on disk games and arcade games. I have hundreds of dollars in arcade games that won't transfer over. Even the WiiU has full wii bc and wii ware bc. I really love the WiiU for that along with miiverse. Miiverse is really badass and I love the tablet controller. It's a def buy once X and Fire Emblem x SMT release. Also Bayonetta 2, Wonderful 101, Zelda, Metroid exc. Its a wonderful system although I wish Nin threw in twice the ram and top of the line fast ram. Otherwise its a cool console and I like how it has free online and the tv media hub features like the xbone does. All three have pros and cons.
ApolloTheBoss  +   539d ago
Alright that's it. Game over, M$. Even the casuals prefer the PS4. Sony might as well change the name to the PlayStation Boss.
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superbhoy  +   539d ago
lol everyone still thinks xbox has drm!
Transporter47  +   539d ago
It does when you first purchase it, you need internet, then you patch then it doesn't, then wait until they patch it in again then its back ;) lol
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Raptura  +   539d ago
Actually, you know what the day one patch is for? The difference in the manufacturing process. Some consoles will be made months before others and they'll all be released at the same time. They need to updated each console to the latest firmware. There will also be a one time activation. It's not the remove the DRM features. It's kind of how the Wii U had a day one update, most likely for the same reason.
kneon  +   539d ago
That's the problem with making a bad first impression, you don't get a second chance at it and it will take years to undo the damage.
ramo216  +   539d ago
You are absolutely right. For me, it was the rrod. I don't see how anyone, as a competent person, can purchase something with a 1 in 3 failure rate, and be happy with it. That is insane.
If people want to game on the microsoft brand, idc. As long as my friends don't go Microsoft this time around, I'll be happy. Because I refuse to buy ANYTHING with a %33 failure rate. Let alone argue that it is superior.
What a joke...
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   539d ago
Filthy casuals.
creeping judas  +   539d ago
Get your damn dirty hands off my controller, you filthy casual!!
majiebeast  +   539d ago
"Girl games need more killing"

You heard it devs barbies dream house Hotline Miami edition.

Frankly dont even know what girl games are.

Best part when he was talking to the 2 hipsters.

"What do you think of Egypt?"

Heisenburger  +   539d ago
I.... REALLY want to play Barbie's dream house of terror.
GiggMan  +   539d ago
Lol. That was funny and eye opening. No one really cares at this point but us.
PimpDaddy  +   539d ago
Depends on who were asking. I think most videogame websites and the quote "hardcore" gamers on the internet prefer the PS4 right now. But that is such a small percentage of the overall consumer base that both the PS4 and XB1 will sell to over the next 10 years.

I plan to get all 3 consoles this coming up generation just like I did last generation. If someone were to poll me right this moment then I will admit I want an XB1 first. I just prefer the XBox controller, XBL, and I like XBox exclusives better.

I'm not saying I think XB1 is better than the PS4 or WiiU. To me the best console is the one that I get the most value in. So everyone should approach this generation with the mindset that they want to find the console/consoles experience that best suits their needs and provides them the best value!!!
Software_Lover  +   539d ago
No one on this site it seems, with the exception of you and I, think that the consoles can co-exist, and will co-exist until the next generation. It's sad.

The ps4 will outsell the XBone. That is a fact. But they both will sell well and have great games. That is also a fact.
Lvl_up_gamer  +   539d ago
Anyone calling the Xbox one "Xbone" come across as immature children who can't be taken seriously.
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KwietStorm  +   539d ago
Please man, this site may be very much pointed in one direction, but nobody is saying they can't co-exist. It's obvious the Xbox One is desired by some people, not me, but anyone saying it won't sell is just deluded.
G20WLY  +   539d ago
I do find these polls interesting, but in the end both will sell enough to keep devs and gamers happy - and that's what matters.

^Lvl, what?! How is 'XBone' offensive? It's just an abbreviation, no harm in it - it's just like PS4. You can say PSFour and nobody will care either.

It's not like someone just called you an 'XBoner', is it? :/
Patrick  +   539d ago
Lvl_up_gamer is absolutely right. We should not be calling the Xbone the Xbone. Its quite derogatory and the Xbone deserves better. It could sound as if your saying only (X)bone headed people would even consider buying the Xbone. Oh dear, Ive gone and called MS's Xbone the Xbone... oh.. I just did it again didnt I.. I called it the Xbone.. Dang... It just sort of slips of your tongue X B O N E. ... just sounds natural. Well, as natural as calling your third xbox the first one...which, is what they did with the Xbone... great, there I go again. lol Lighten up.
#9.1.4 (Edited 539d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report
HugoDrax  +   539d ago
I'm a user of this site, and I think both consoles can coexist. Being that I own a PS3, X360, and Wii U. I have both day one consoles pre ordered. I also prefer the XB1 exclusives at launch, as of now I have Forza, DR3, and a extra controller pre ordered for my XB1. I have an extra controller for my PS4 and Infamous pre ordered. Although, I was informed a couple days ago that it's not a launch title :-(, so now I have to decide what I'll play on my PS4 at launch that's exclusive.
etownone  +   539d ago
Still getting Xbox One Day One.
claudionmc  +   539d ago
I went to your profile because of your personality.
SynestheticRoar  +   539d ago
That video was strange the people in it look lost, and clueless. lol. They still think X-box has drm. The majority pick PS4 Sony has to be happy about that.
lawgone  +   539d ago
I'll agree it was an odd report. They found people that have no interest in gaming whatsoever and they're saying they heard the PS is better. Yet the PS is supposed to be for "hardcore gamers." This just shows it's all still up in the air. My prediction, and that's all it is...MS wins North America again, Sony leads worldwide. Seemed to work well for both of them last time so I don't see why it couldn't this time.
kneon  +   539d ago
Lost and clueless, so your typical consumer then.
RM-TatoTiburon  +   539d ago
as expexcted nobody cares about it or hardly know about the new consoles
CRAIG667  +   539d ago
buying both, they both have great exclusives,nuff said.
edonus  +   539d ago
Their was some unbalance in this test.
1) They should not have shown the Ps4 with the camera since it is a peripheral and not part of the system.

2) The way they set up the kinect like it could be hacked or spying on them.... There is no relevance to that because kinect has never been hacked you can turn it off and there is no history of consoles being hacked directly. The most you get is the companies data bases get hacked no one that I know has ever directly went in to some one else's console and did anything like steal a game or file or picture or anything so that whole angle is corrupt.

Anyway... I say when the commercial and store demos start the ONE is going to easily roast the Ps4. You can the people who get their info from the Internet because they are usually wrong.
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CRAIG667  +   539d ago
I don't know if Microsoft will "roast" PS4 but it WILL do miles better than all the fanboys on this site think, One thing Microsoft do is big budget advertising like no one else, when we get to October you'll barely be able to look at a single piece of media without having X1 campaigns greeting you...
That's what's going to make the biggest impact in the the casual market-FACT.
kneon  +   539d ago
They will have to spend a lot of money to undo all the negative press they are getting, and it's even coming from mainstream media, not just tech and gaming sites.
CRAIG667  +   539d ago
In-case you hadn't noticed, mainstream media is the most self respect lacking, fickle industry in the world, Of-course "any bad press" will be forgotten,it's no different than RROD, sure it cost them well over a billion but they put it right and the mainstream media doesn't even remember it happened in the first place.
Parapraxis  +   539d ago
"You can the people who get their info from the Internet because they are usually wrong."
Says the guy..on the internet.
edonus  +   539d ago
If you want to know what sex feels like do you talk to porn star or a nun?

I am on the Internet a lot and I see all the BS.

If I was to give my advice to anyone I would say don't listen to anyone or thing that come from the Internet including me..... Just go to the stores and demo the consoles when come out and make up your own mind.
evenstar  +   539d ago
WTH is a 'girl game'? ugh...
g4me_he4d  +   539d ago
"Xbox 4" lol.
lawgone  +   539d ago
She will go to Best Buy asking for that for her boyfriend too. Guaranteed lol.
Funantic1  +   539d ago
I'll get both systems knowing this could be the last generation of home consoles to sell in a big way. Japan has already lost interest in game consoles and eventually the majority of people will go to portable gaming. EA said the next tablets will have PS3 graphics and controllers are being developed. Way more people have a smartphone compared to game consoles. Statistics even show a decline in game consoles and rise in mobile gaming due to cheaper games. Mobile games have improved drastically and once controllers are made mobile games will hurt the console business. Enjoy the last 10 years of gaming as we know it.
isa_scout  +   539d ago
I understand your arguement, but disagree wholeheartedly. Casual gamers(like the millions on smartphones) aren't interested in big triple A games or controllers for their tablets. They're interested in pocket sized games that can be played for 10-15 minutes at a time. I'm not saying that hardcore gamers don't play tablet games(I do), but we always have some time of gaming machine at home. Be it xbox,ps3, or PC. The only market I see tablet games dipping into is the portable market. The 3DS and Vita will suffer for the next serveral years until Sony and Nintendo just give up, but home consoles will always be there. Just my opinion of course I could be wrong, but I don't see a 30 year industry with billions in revenue just fading away. Not over the next ten years anyway.
I'd also like to add that the reason for console decline is because this generation has lasted for an unusually long period of time. In fact it hurt the industry. Many developers and publishers said they couldn't wait for the next-generation to arrive because it would give the industry a boost.
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Relientk77  +   539d ago
@ 3:44

describing the PS4

"It looks like the future"

KwietStorm  +   539d ago
That made me laugh when she said that, and then silence.
My_Outer_Heaven  +   539d ago
That was terrible.. looks like they went to a place that has hardly any gamers like a park lol
lawgone  +   539d ago
Haha, too funny.
SpinalRemains138  +   539d ago
Dude, was that Don Mattrick in the backround, rummaging through the dumpster for cans?
KwietStorm  +   539d ago
That guy looks like a pug.
cunnilumpkin  +   539d ago
lol...that was funny and insightful

no one really cares at this point except hardcore

most people don't even know what an xbox one or ps4 are, nor do they care

until there are HUGE signs everywhere and kiosks to try the games at target and best buy, no one is paying any attention

and lol @ the guy going out to a park on a beautiful sunny day to ask questions about games, theres no gamers there, you need to go into dingy basements and apartments to find our kind, huddled up in a corner somewhere playing games till our eyes bleed

lol, parks, there ain't no gamers there!
Parapraxis  +   539d ago
The WiiU one was kinda painful to watch

LOL_WUT  +   538d ago
That was painful ;)
Dlacy13g  +   539d ago
This video is great...its a reality check to anyone in the gaming industry. We are not as big as we think we are...and we as an industry need to do way better at communicating.
redcar121  +   539d ago
this was good till he said kinect is always watching kinect can be switched off ms does not want to be sued for spying their not stupid
gano  +   539d ago
The xbone ain't doing squat.
I'm not one of those well buy both.
If you got money to jag, and can well...
But for people who don't waste, m$ is out.
Nothing is wanted from them, drm or not they smell foul.
CuddlyREDRUM  +   539d ago
When you have the Internet, you really don't have to wander the streets.
NeoRatt  +   538d ago
Yeah, because everything on the internet is fully objective, accurate, and the source of truth...

CuddlyREDRUM  +   538d ago
Compared to asking strangers on the streets?
NTF1  +   539d ago
I'm having the hardest time choosing between these two consoles! I need help!
Jeebus  +   539d ago
Of course no one knew anything about games. They were all OUTSIDE. o_O
Braid  +   538d ago
Why would I care about what the average joe thinks of the next-gen consoles, anyway? Should their comments affect my decision?

I know there are lots of people who get a specific brand of console and become a total fan of it only due to the fact that their friends have one as well, and that they can play together online but still, even those people don't care about what the men in the street who're not necessarily gamers think about their console of choice.

I only care about how good the games look before buying a console, and if the manufacturer will support the console with great games throughout its life cycle. If I'm contended with what I'm getting, what's there to say about it? My money, my preferences, my time to make use of.

Common men could think that my favorite console is a piece of trash, for all I care.
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