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Submitted by Rashid Sayed 949d ago | news

"PS4 and Xbox One Will Set the Standard in Graphical Quality For Next Few Years" - Enlighten Creator

Much has been made of the graphical capabilities of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, especially when compared to PCs. It has been generally accepted that there is still a gap between what the next generation of gaming consoles can do, and what PCs are currently capable. (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

KillrateOmega  +   949d ago
Reads Title...
Release the PC gamers and their hardware specification discussions!
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Shadonic  +   949d ago
Its funny because its true though.
RGDubz  +   949d ago
Yeah but you can have the best CPU, GPU and everything else on the market but it's all meaningless if developers don't take advantage of it.

My boy has top of the line everything on his PC topped off with 32 GB's of RAM, but I've never seen a game fully utilise his hardware or even heard of a game that uses 16GB's RAM nevermind 32 GB of RAM, in fact I don't remember a game that uses more then 6GB's of RAM myself.

It really all depends on the developers in the end.
Shadonic  +   949d ago
KillrateOmega  +   949d ago
Very true.

The power of optimization.
Tundra  +   949d ago
People mostly buy better GPUs for better performance and slightly upgraded visuals.

Top of the line CPUs and 32GB are for either nonsensical bragging rights or you're heavy into RAMdisk, virtual machines or you actually work (Photoshop, 3dsMax, Unity, etc.) on your PC.

Games nowadays only 2~3GB of ram and those are the really graphics intensive ones.
manageri   949d ago | Spam
hellvaguy  +   949d ago
"My boy has top of the line everything on his PC topped off with 32 GB's of RAM, but I've never seen a game fully utilise his hardware"

It's very common pc building knowledge, nothing is using over 4gb maybe 6gb-ish if u are tacking on some mods. So he wasted money buying 32gb. That's a buyer beware stupidity issue there.
Autodidactdystopia  +   949d ago
I gotz 16gb

I can confirm nothing atm uses over 5-6

I "work" on the pc where 16gb is useful and I still run out of ram all the time.

Is a bird in the hand worth two in the bush?

I don't know. ;)
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RGDubz  +   949d ago
@ manageri

we're not talking current-gen consoles for 1 & 2, like I already stated no games have taken full avantage of the hardware he has keywords being full & advantage, also you saying RAM having nothing to with gaming is a very under educated opinion/statement to make.

@ both manageri & hellvaguy

It's called being future proof, the games of today might only use 4 to 6 GB's of RAM but future games of generations to come will use much more as gaming evolves.
Belking  +   949d ago
You're right about the RAM. I try to tell people that the consoles won't be using no more than 4 gigs of that for years. They may not ever use all that's available because they don't really need it.
Thomper  +   949d ago
Here we go... Grab the popcorn
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KwietStorm  +   949d ago
Reads title...

Immediately goes off topic and indiscriminately trolls those whom he hopes to detains trolls from!

KillrateOmega  +   949d ago
Party pooper...
awi5951  +   949d ago
Yeah because the whole title is stupid as crap. When their are low to mid grahpics cards have higher specs now. I find it funny because 200 dollar video cards have just as good or better spec than the ps4 current specs. So this fall when the new cards realease most gaming pcs will have far better gpus in them than the consoles. Because all of high end cards right now will become the mid end cards.
wishingW3L  +   949d ago
misleading tittle as always...

Enlighten Creator: "GPUs in the new consoles are not as powerful as the most expensive desktop GPUs, but that was also the case at the last transition. It is something of a myth that consoles at launch are usually ahead of the top-end PCs."

"What the consoles always are at launch is the best power per dollar ratio, but if you want more power you have always had the option of going for a really expensive PC."
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Rashid Sayed  +   949d ago
You did not even read the whole article. You are just quoting a part of the article.
awi5951  +   949d ago
They arent as powerful as the mid end cards either. You can buy a card with more power than the ps4 card for 200 bucks on ebay they sale brand new ones all the time for that price. Do yourself a favor and buy 2 GPU's for about 150 each in the fall and it will have x4 the power of any console gpu out then.
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awi5951  +   948d ago
No you dont i dont have a really expensive pc at all mine cost like 600 bucks at the most. The cpu,gpu, powersource cost the most after that the rest doesnt really matter. And when PC guys upgrade their,motherboard is usally still good,ram, case, operrating system. The thing i upgrade the most is the gpu and some of them last 3 years or more and to tell the truth there is usually only one game that can push my hardware then to make me upgrade. So i really dont even have to upgrade graphics cards every 3 years at all. The only game that came out in the last 3 years to push cards was BF3 everything else still ran on ultra with my old cards.
Pandamobile  +   949d ago
And this is exactly what PC gamers have been waiting for. Consoles, especially early in the life cycle are the standard platforms for game development. They are the base platforms - the lowest common denominator. When the base platform is hardware from nearly a decade ago, that stymies progress and innovation. Finally, those base platforms will move into the modern age with the Xbox One and PS4, and innovation and progress will begin to happen again.
hellvaguy  +   949d ago
That plus both next gen controllers will play nicely on the pc. But not so sure if the pc version of Kinect or the touch pad portion of the ps4 controller will see very much pc love.
awi5951  +   949d ago
Yeah controllers on a pc are bad its too laggy. I have a 8000 dpi mouse. When i tried to put in a controller for my brother in law to play it was so slow at aiming he was getting so owned lol. Mouse will always better than controllers for aiming because a lazer mouse has no dead zone in the aiming. So there is a noticeable lag in aiming from a controller when trying to game on pc with no auto aim. Also it takes too long to line up a head shot with a controller with now auto aim on pc. Because your crosshairs dont auto lock onto someones head. Controllers have to spray at you on pc with auto aim off its too slow to line up the perfect head shot.
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hellvaguy  +   949d ago
Huh? Maybe your pc is old. Ps3 and xbox 360 controllers play perfectly. never heard of anyone having lag with them. I think that's a outdated hardware issue your having not the controllers.
awi5951  +   949d ago

Shut up console noob lol. I have dual 7850 2GB in my pc go back to your console and shut your mouth you dont know what you are talking about. I have a razor mouse and a 8000 dps mouse i have just for shooters. Just shut up console noob your embarrassing yourself.

Controllers suck on pc the only people who use controllers on pc games are retards.
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Masterdon   948d ago | Spam
greenlantern2814  +   949d ago
really cant wait to see what the devs can do now and see what we get years from now not just year 1 but who will push not just graphics but game play and innovations in ai and new ways to play multiplayer and co op
bobacdigital  +   949d ago
I am wondering what more can be done that Devs havnt been able to do on PC? At this point we will be seeing higher textures, higher resolution, more AA and AS, and more detail across the board.... My question is how is this any different than what PC is doing already? If all we are seeing is better textures and a resolution bump is that enough to drive next gen?

I am really hoping they make more interesting games rather than just moving the graphic settings from medium to high.I love good graphics as much as the next person.. I am just worried we are just going to see more third person, first person, and open world shooters from this point forward since the hardware is better..
sorane  +   949d ago
People will say anything to pump up these new systems. It's not hard to see that truth though. I'm sure I'll get plenty of downvotes from the delusional fanbase though :) Fact: PC has better graphics. You pay for what you get. If you're so insecure that your platform can't be the #1 in graphics then buy a PC period.
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bobacdigital  +   949d ago
Pretty much every single multiplat console game has looked better on the "non-optimized" PC platform.. I think people sometimes confuse the how much power you can get out of optimizing console hardware. Putting race gas in a Honda isnt magically going to make it outperform a Porsche.

Consoles may be the standard for graphical quality moving forward, but they also have been the bottleneck of what can be achieved.
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Somebody  +   949d ago
Next gen consoles are touted to set the standard in graphical quality and yet they need to copy a lot of stuff from the PC in order to do so.
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   949d ago
I'm gonna make a bold statement but our of Sony and Microsoft I can almost guarantee Sony will be the one leading on graphics of history repeats its self.

I only need to mention that Sony first party studios do a great job pushing the hardware.

Multiplatform may look similar, but like I said if history repeats itself then Sony will come out on top graphically. Especially with first party studios like quantic dream, GG and especially naughty dog.

You can't sit there without lying and tell me there is one single console game that looks better than last of us. And that's on ps3 hardware I can't wait to see what ND does with ps4.
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hellvaguy  +   949d ago
PC I can guarantee is already 2 years ahead today of the ps4 (let alone 5-6 months when it releases).

If your going to blindly follow a company like that, at least go with more subject topics. Things like the exclusives and price. Or that they love your more than your mother did.

That much I can respect.
C-Thunder  +   949d ago
To be fair, I don't think he was addressing the PC in the comparison he was making.
Concertoine  +   949d ago
history repeats itself? the xbox was miles ahead of the ps2 graphically (the gamecube was more powerful too), that's why it got pc ports like thief and doom 3 and half life 2 that the ps2 couldnt run. the ps1 was less powerful than the n64. the ps3 is the odd one out, given that being number one in terms of graphics wasn't the case with the first 2 consoles.
marchinggamer  +   949d ago
The new consoles graphics can barely beat graphics from 3 generations of cards ago soon to be 4 generations ago with new cards out now
Eldyraen  +   949d ago
That's not really the point though.

Typically as new consoles launch they are almost always the "standard" for a time at least. It doesn't mean they will look the best though but it (especially exclusives) are a good judge of what to expect for a time before developers see the "need" to truly step up (in part I believe to get ready for the next generation but also as new advances are made). Naturally some developers will keep things growing steadily but those aren't necessarily the "standard" devs anyways.

Looking at this past generation is a good indicator as early on we had very similar games around launch, a few "gems" early on (original Crysis by far best example of graphics, physics, scale, etc for years) but other than a few "minor" texture increases/etc and standard AA/resolution/etc most games were not "worth" the extra cash in some ways that the PC we owned allowed for. A few games shown brighter however due to the differences but was a few years still that most multiplatform devs really started truly supporting PC versions enough to warrant not considering them minor ports.

I'm expecting it not to be so slow to advance this gen though as PC has reemerged somewhat more this "gen" to prove we are still as viable a market as ever as long as we are treated fairly. Plus more and more HQ in engine cutscenes means they have higher quality assets that aren't actually "playable" on consoles but are fine for higher end pc settings.

Still, unless the devs actually push it we will never know what is technically possible on PC either. We get a lot of great options but many games leave a lot of room for resolution and AA increases still. The higher the bottom line climbs with consoles the faster we get to see our PC reach its full potential.

Both platforms are great though and next gen looks to have surpassed my expectations to be honest.
EXVirtual  +   949d ago
Yeah, but the whole graphical power thing won't start until about 2-3 years.
EXVirtual  +   949d ago
Not bashing, just how it is. The real leap will be shown later on. I'm buying a PS4 and Wii U.
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Angeljuice  +   949d ago
Oh dear lord, have pity on the pc morons who state the same things over and over again, not understanding that everyone already knows that a top end pc is better graphically than a next gen console. Nobody disputes this but still they come, "everyone is an idiot for not wanting to play games on a pc blah blah blah."

Maybe people prefer gaming on consoles for their own reasons. One of those reasons may be that they don't have to put up with the annoying idiots that game on PCs.

Maybe, just maybe, some people prefer to play on consoles, not through ignorance, but through choice. I know, it's hard to believe right?

John Carmack was quoted as saying that the new consoles will, through optimisation, be twice as powerful as a P.C. with the same specs. Others have said more, but let's just stick with that for arguments sake.

Conclusion: if your PC is twice as powerful as a next gen console, it will perform on par with it. If it is more than twice as powerful, it will outperform it.

Cant we just settle on that and stop trolling and repeating ourselves?
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givemeshelter  +   949d ago
These articles... They approve anything on this site these days...
The type of graphics these new consoles are capable of have been seen on the PC years ago...anyways... Carry on
overlord23  +   949d ago
Well I hope the single player on these new games is more than 4 to 8 hours like some rip off games.
Also I hope some new games will come out instead of just another sequel.
Watchdogs could be one but will have to play it to make up my mind.
C-Thunder  +   949d ago
PC gamers should be thankful that every 5-8 years a standardized platform(s) is released that sells 10s of millions of units. This allows developers to push the boundaries of those consoles and raises the minimum accepted performance level of current pcs. Can you imagine how far behind we might be lagging in performance if consoles didn't exist?
RGDubz  +   949d ago
Also if console gaming never existed we don't know if PC's would even be used for gaming since the gaming part began on consoles.

PC gamers should indeed be thankful.
Pandamobile  +   949d ago
And where exactly would consoles be without the hand-me-down PC components that make up 95% of a console.
RGDubz  +   948d ago
@ pandamobile

Really because the very first console (magnavox) had no CPU same with PONG, the so called 1 game "console" before that.

Without consoles, computers would probably still be oversized calculators with nothing to hand down.

Love how I get disagrees for posting facts, consoles were the first to the gaming scene #deal with it.

@ cunnilumpkin

You do know The Saboteur on PS3 goes well beyong 16x MSAA right? That's something even the best PC's have yet to do.. hence why you stopped at 16x. :)

@ the disagrees

Go ahead & disagree with since you can't argue your point (you probably have no bubbles anyways lol) but in the end facts are facts no matter how much you want to disagree.
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sorane  +   948d ago
You're getting disagree because you have no idea what you're talking about. The very first game was a PC game in 1962....So much for them turning into calculators without consoles....
sourav93  +   949d ago
If you read the article, it isn't as "flamebaity" as the title makes it sound. Good read, in fact.
superterabyte  +   949d ago
What PC fanboys fail to grasp is that their PC's of today will not be able to run the games towards the twilight years of PS4 just like a PC from 2006 would not be able to run the last of us at any sort of playable frame rate unless it cost around £5000 at the time.

Not that they could even get the chance play the last of us, uncharted, killzone, gran turismo, red dead redemption etc.

Pc fanboys may be willing to pay hundreds or thousands of pounds to play far cry or Crysis at ultra settings but I'm not. I would rather play the best exclusives IMO =/ and at a very reasonable price. £300 to be able to play all the top AAA games for the next ten years swell as top exclusives! Makes gaming Pc's seem a bit over the top IMO
Concertoine  +   949d ago
"your pc can't run a game that'll come out in 7 years!"
what you fail to grasp is that in 7 years, i CAN run a game i couldnt run 7 years ago.
and pc gaming is no where near that expensive either xD
superterabyte  +   949d ago
No I can guarantee games that come out in 7+ years pc's below £1000 will not be able to run.

BTW if you're going to reply make your reply's coherent
Concertoine  +   949d ago
what i'm saying is most pc gamers upgrade their build within 7 years. the reason your point is completely invalid is that i didn't NEED to run last of us 7 years ago. but now? i can run games that look much better than the last of us.
superterabyte  +   948d ago
yes but those upgrades cost money. Whereas I pay £325 for a console which will last 10 years playing top games which was my whole point which you should have realised if you were't a retard.
sorane  +   948d ago
You'll spend way more than me over 10 years playing your console super. I mean 10 years of online payment alone. Add in extra controllers, games that cost ALOT more and you can have fun on your expensive little machine.....
Indo  +   949d ago
And the cloud lol.
TheDivine  +   949d ago
It's not all about power though. You can have the best PC and it will shit on everything but really most games are made for a standard and then your just upping certain features. Think of something like Metro 2034, looks amazig maxed out but theres not much past that. Now that the standard is raised we will see better games. When the 360 launched Gears was mind blowing. Sure you could max out Half Life 2, Doom 3 or whatever else at the time but the new engine and new tools along with the new standard raised everyone's game. Few devs make games for high end hardware your just running the same ps3 console games with a higher frame rate and better effects. Now we will see devs make better base games for PC guys to max. They will certainly look better if you have a beastly rig but with console optimization and new hardware new console games will look better than current gen games maxed. New hardware is beneficial for everyone.
Victorvondoom8  +   949d ago
Ps4 will close the gap between Pc and console.........No longer will pc look better or play better.
sorane  +   949d ago
I actually think this dude I'm replying to believes what he's saying :)
Victorvondoom8  +   949d ago
Get over it......Pc no longer top.Its been so long.
Victorvondoom8  +   949d ago
Ps4 will close the gap between Pc and console.........No longer will pc look better or play better.
cunnilumpkin  +   949d ago
pc's will play every multiplat game ps4 and xbox1 get at much, MUCH higher graphical settings than ps4 or xbox1 ever will

its just a fact

1080p is the BEST you can hope for on ps4/xbox1
many games on those platforms will be less than that
1200p, 1440p, 1600p will all be on pc
4x, 6x, 8x, 16x anti aliasing will be EXCLSUIVE to pc
way better draw distance
cheaper games

pc is always better if you have the hardware
Psychotica  +   948d ago
That's why I will have both a PS4 and PC..

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