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Nintendo is making another huge mistake - not marketing The Wonderful 101

Fans of Nintendo buy a Nintendo console, whether it is a 3DS or the Wii U to play many of the high-quality exclusive games they offer. However, throughout some time now, Nintendo has loudly rested on its established intellectual properties (IPs). (Industry, The Wonderful 101, Wii U)

Joegrine20  +   949d ago
That Kamiya Troll LOLOLOL.
guitarded77  +   948d ago
You talking about this series of tweets (see link)? If so, how is he trolling?
PigPen  +   949d ago
That's a exclusive but not a 1st party game. Is that really Nintendo job? Nintendo should though since they're paying for it.
Joegrine20  +   949d ago
Kamiya is trolling. see for yourself
Qrphe  +   949d ago
Wonderful Platinum confirmed to be arch-villain nemesis of the game
gamer42  +   949d ago
If they don't want platinum regret making their games for the Wii U, they better make sure they get solid sales for both Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2.
Kevlar009  +   949d ago
Isn't Nintendo the one putting up a lot of money for both games (since they wouldn't have been made without Nintendo's help)? The idea behind them being esxclusive is only Nintendo wanted to risk producing them (it's not like someone would turn down a free opportunity to publish a game), Nintendo knows they can't wait for people to take notice (I mean look at the launch of the WiiU)

Hopefully when they're done talking about Pikmin 3 they'll move onto some other games
grassyknoll  +   949d ago
Nintendo are publishing, so it is there obligation.
live2play  +   949d ago
Anti Nintendo trolls just exaggerate everything
vita SMASHES wiiu
sales CRASH

all to try to make something more than it is. Its kinda cute

Nintendo always markets their games when they are less than a month to go before release. Pikmin 3 comes out next month, and we haven't seen any marketing push yet
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_QQ_  +   949d ago
Kamiya always trolls... but i guess Nintendo Haters like to take every opportunity they can to hate.
Luke_fon_Fabre  +   949d ago
There are two main reasons I'm getting a Wii U. One, They've announced a new smash bros and there's no way I'm not buying a new smash bros game. Two, due to the predictability of Nintendo and the sales numbers of Animal Crossing Jump Out/New Leaf, they're guaranteed to make an Animal Crossing for Wii U which I'd buy immediately. Oh, Wonderful 101 is another great reason.
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Myst  +   949d ago
Well another title that will have to be given by word of mouth again. /sigh/ Why do some companies do this?
tehpees3  +   949d ago
There is a Nintendo Direct being dedicated to the game.
greenlantern2814  +   948d ago
which is the problem most of/ if not all the people watching nintendo direct are already nintendo fans. they need to market the system better and the games for it and not just on nintendo direct.
TheMrMalro  +   948d ago
They already know its lost to GTA 5 ;)
Realplaya  +   948d ago
Were going to get wonderful wednesday hopefully we see an onslaught of tv,internet and magazine ads.
Theyellowflash30  +   948d ago
This is a stupid article. we're still months away from release and Nintendo still has to launch Pikmin 3. Nintendo has Wonderful Wednesday's on Facebook, featured it on their YouTube and E3 Direct. It's part of the 10% discount program for select Wii U titles at launch. Plus Nintendo could still do a commercial for the game you know...around the time the game launches.

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