Killer is Dead Shows More Sexy and Cute Lingerie, Jessica Nigri Playing the Gigolo

The fact that Killer is Dead stresses a lot on sexy themes is well known now, and yesterday we learned that Grasshopper Manufacture took a step further, by letting the player gift different kinds of lingerie to his girls in order to “customize” their undressed look.

Today Kadokawa games actually shown some more of those lingerie options and a video starring popular cosplayer Jessica Nigri as she plays one of the game’s Gigolo missions.

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CrossingEden1873d ago

i starting to think that this is gonna be another case of deadpool, they have showed minimal gameplay but keep advertising sex to appeal to the lonely single gamer guy, if they cut this element completely we could get much more fluid gameplay and animations, which imo is pretty underhanded

Abriael1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

That is, as usual, false. They have shown a ton of gameplay.

Maybe they should just make the game they want instead of "cutting elements" just because CrossingEden doesn't care about them.

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fsfsxii1872d ago

Go back to your "DUDE BRO" games that have nothing but mindless killing

CrossingEden1872d ago

you know what! i prefer mindless killing over virtual borderline hentai cleavage, excuse me for liking substance instead of style right? excuse me for wanting good original female protagonists that i care about instead of just walking tits right

fsfsxii1872d ago

You sure do have problems if you take everything seriously.
Well guess what, the original female protaganit was brought by a japanese developer.

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wishingW3L1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

dat cleavage is ridiculous. XD

Abriael1872d ago

Name's Natalia. She's one of the ladies the protagonist of the game can seduce.

Venox20081872d ago

jessica nigri, a cosplay queen

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The story is too old to be commented.