First Impressions: Could the PS4 Controller Be Gaming's Greatest Ever Input Device?

Push Square: "It’s been almost 16 years since the PlayStation’s primary input device last demanded real scrutiny. The introduction of the DualShock in late 1997 ushered a new standard for video game control that hasn’t changed a whole lot over the past decade and a half. Sure, the peripheral has been host to a handful of tweaks over the years, scooping up accelerometers and spongy triggers along the way, but many of its changes have been iterative rather than evolutionary.

"However, the DualShock 4, the brand new controller bundled with the PlayStation 4, represents the classic design’s greatest progression since its very inception. And yet, beneath its impressive list of improvements remains a device that’s still reminiscent of its predecessor from yesteryear. But could Sony’s latest peripheral be the greatest input device ever conceived? The jury’s still out, but the signs are certainly reassuring."

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Septic1988d ago

Looking forward getting a hold of the controller. The improvements have been made in all the right places plus those extra innovations will be something to behold.

The DS3 left a lot to be desired for me personally but from what I've read and heard, the DS4 is a marvel to hold.

Let's see.

jujubee881988d ago

The d-pad on VITA totally rocks.

TechnicianTed1988d ago

The d-pad's alright, but the thumb sticks are crap.

Denethor_II1988d ago

analogue thumbs stick are awesome.

TechnicianTed1988d ago

I suppose they are for hamsters with a gaming habit.

abzdine1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

for me the best d-pad ever was on Sega saturn on the small controllers because it was so good for fighting games and Saturn had a lot of them.

it was kinda hard to get used to PSone Dpad but it came over time and now i think it's the best one for fighting games.

@TechnicianTed : are you serious?? they are tiny and lovely! could have been better if they were concave but i'm happy i have 2 sticks on Vita

DualShock 4 is another story and Sony improved their controller like i never thought it was possible. Definitely going to be the best input devices ever made with all the amazing features built-in. PS4 is a beast

TechnicianTed1988d ago


If I've got a choice between playing my ps4 with a ds4 or a Vita I will take the ds4 every time, I'd take the ds3 every time as well.

My experience of the Vita thumb sticks tell me they are okay for playing games on the go, in a fashion. But I'd never choose to play my ps4 games with them except for the remote play options.

It might hurt some peoples feelings, but I personally think the Vita thumb sticks are shockingly bad, they are so small they are next to useless but they come with the Vita so you have to live with them. If you like them, then I have to wonder what you are comparing them to.

Yeah, I hate the Vita thumb sticks. I despise them tbh.

blennerville1987d ago

The DS4's buttons are all digital - only the triggures are analog.

How do People feel about this ???????

Septic1987d ago


I don't think it really matters tbh. I didn't notice that many games utilising it in the first place.

blennerville1987d ago


what about games that did use them though - wont they not work on gaikai ??

i like playing GTA with the Classic PS2 controls but i guess i can get over it as long as i can still use R1 to shoot.

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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1988d ago

I do like thats its bigger tho as my hands completley cover the DS3 but still loved ds3 dont get me wrong.

warewolfSS1988d ago

Yeah deff. I can't wait for infamous. Hopefully it's better than the last one.

G20WLY1987d ago

Yeah, true - the last one was awesome, as was the 'Festival of Blood' dlc, so if Second Son is better we're in for a massive treat! ;)

InTheZoneAC1987d ago

I haven't come close to beating infamous 2, but I can say infamous 1 was a great game. 2 seems to be good also.

MikeMyers1987d ago

Don't really like the PS3 controller all that much, the sticks just feel way too loose and the triggers weren't that great. The d-pad and buttons were very good. This new controller seems to be a lot better.

showtimefolks1987d ago

many developers have praised the ps4 controller and many have even said its the best controller they have ever held so can't wait to try it in my hands

BTW i had no problem with ps3's controller

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kingxtreme811988d ago

" melts into your hands like ice cream into the grooves of warm Belgian waffles."

I just finished breakfast an hour ago and I'm already hungry again.

kenmid1988d ago

nope, my vote goes to the mouse.

Wni01988d ago

yeah i never lose immersion in a fps when alls i can do is strafe left right back and forward...

Vladplaya1988d ago

*facepalm* Every tried to press more than one key at a time?

1988d ago
KwietStorm1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

You can make an argument about precision, but what you just said makes absolutely no sense. Do you play with one hand or what?

YNWA961988d ago

Unless it is huge, I am sure he using one hand. The other one is on standby for the boss fight at the end.

Khronikos1988d ago

Yeah people who play FPS with keyboards and think they are cool equals dudes from 90s and Quake losers. I own a GTX 770 and I don't have any inclination whatsoever to use a Keyboard on any game at all. I go so far as to use a mouse/Half controller on games like Titan Quest even.

The keyboard is wildly NOT IMMERSIVE. This controller looks like pure sex. So you PC only queen babies can get the fack out. Sorry, I use my keyboard to type not to get immersed in a videogame.

Cueil1987d ago

I can push 16 keys in at the same time and all be registered on my mechanical keyboard... wtf can you do with your controller?

1987d ago
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HiddenDragon1988d ago

nope, my vote goes to the DualShock 4

SpecialK1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

I tried using a mouse but if I have the option I always go for a controller.

Maybe its just what I'm used to, but its just irritating having to make my hands do gymnastics in order to do certain things.

With a controller every button is in easy reach and its comfortable.

Though that's FPS games and racers ect, obvious with games like RTS and some other genres its a keyboard and mouse no contest.

KillrateOmega1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Well, if you're a PS guy, then, yes, I imagine that it would be the 'greatest ever input device'.

Ultimately, we'll have to wait until we can get our hands on it, but at the very least, it's looking to be a significant improvement over the DS3.

" melts into your hands like ice cream into the grooves of warm Belgian waffles."


Cueil1987d ago

pushsquare... I wonder if they are bias?

KillrateOmega1987d ago

LOL! I didn't even notice that XD

Yeah, I guess there would be a bit of bias here.

GiggMan1988d ago

" melts into your hands like ice cream into the grooves of warm Belgian waffles."

I don't know if that made me horny or hungry...