New Drive Club gameplay

CVG's video team has captured new gameplay footage of the PS4 launch game Drive Club.

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Edito1990d ago

It's just me or it seemed like they changed the player? Cause the one that played in the begin was terrible lol but in the mid of gameplay it just changed lol... Good Btw.

mafiahajeri1990d ago

Yeah lol they told him to GTFO. The game looks great love the sense of speed and the draw distance is beautiful.

Side note: oh no you can post pictures using the cam just like burnout were going to get a lot of pictures of... Ermm ... You know what I mean...

Fil1011990d ago

Yep you'll always get alot of dicks playin no matter what game you play lol.

Reverent1990d ago

When gaming online, you're always gunna get a few dicks and assholes. The easiest thing to do is just give them the finger and turn the other cheek.

BiggCMan1990d ago

Is it just me, or did anyone else think this game would be more on the realistic/simulations type driving like Gran Turismo? I hadn't really seen any gameplay until yesterday and today, and now I've noticed that the game is not so much a simulation like I thought.

It plays sort of like Forza, where it's half and half, so it's easy to learn and have fun. This is not a bad thing, I just thought for some reason that it was gonna be more like Gran Turismo's driving physics that are very realistic.

Those graphics are absolutely gorgeous by the way, truly, TRULY impressive. Unlike Gran Turismo, the backgrounds are also as impressive as the car models. This game looks to be a real treat as a launch title, can't wait for it.

PS4's launch is honestly the greatest I've ever seen, with Killzone, Knack, and Driveclub headlining it, and on the side you have Watch Dogs, Black Flag, and other HUGE third party titles. Amazing start to next-gen.

DARK WITNESS1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

From what I have seen and heard about the game it's kind of close to PGRish which is sort of half sim, half arcade.

I don't see it as a bad thing at all. We already have the GT's and Forzas, there also feels like there is a lot of need for speed/burnout type races but none that really bridge the gap the way pgr did. it's about time we got something on that level.

thats the reason this is one of the games I am most looking forward to.

PGR had some good open city space so it's easy to see how it could evolve into something like this.

BiggCMan1990d ago

Exactly! Look at all the people downing my comment just cuz I said the word Forza -_- The immaturity, I swear. All i'm saying is that it's not realistic or simulation like I originally THOUGHT it would be. I didn't say anything negative, damn. It's not false by saying it's similar to Forza, or even PGR like you said. People are so sensitive.

sarcastoid1990d ago

I don't think it's because you mentioned forza, it's probably because they've said from day one this isn't simulation. I still don't agree with the downvotes you're getting but that may be where they're coming from.

GameCents1990d ago

People just prefer not to listen to an uneducated an inexperienced person on the subject of Forza Motorsport.
It has been said a bunch of times that Forza Motorsport has a host of different settings, including all assists of to simulate real driving. People like you like to ignore this and use its accessibility against the series even though it is actually a great thing.

Forza can be half-arcade half-sim, but it can also be full sim depending on the player's preference. How hard is that to grasp?

abzdine1990d ago

Forza is more on the Arcade side of the simulation (if i can put it like that), DriveClub is a pure arcade game only made to have fun with, not think for hours how to tune the cars.

Aceman181990d ago

from day one they said they weren't going to be like Gran Turismo. i will get this game because it looks fun to me.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1990d ago

First guy i seen that didn't run into that wall...

LOL_WUT1990d ago

The lighting looks soo good definitely looking forward to this game ;)

RM-TatoTiburon1990d ago

looks good, nothing special. I like the photo option and the lighting

BiggCMan1990d ago

It's off camera for one. The texture of the car models and the lighting are just incredible. If that is nothing special to you, then most games must have bad graphics to you.

Belking1990d ago

It looks good but not as good as Forza 5 at this point.

HammadTheBeast1990d ago

Then again, what's shown is pre-alpha.

Belking1990d ago

Sorry dude but that is not pre-alpha.

HammadTheBeast1990d ago

According to the developers what was shown was 35% complete...

TXIDarkAvenger1990d ago

Implying the full game will look better than Forza 4.

Belking1990d ago

That still doesn't mean pre alpha. Now way they are showing pre-alpha for footage of a titles that launches in 4 months.

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The story is too old to be commented.