Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 - New Screenshots Released

DSOGaming writes: "Konami has released a new set of screenshots for PES 2014, showcasing how Italy looks on this new soccer title that is powered by the FOX Engine."

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ssj271984d ago

why does this looks better than FIFA on the xbox one? lol
this is a PS3 game, Imagine their next year PS4 game? wow! amazing.

no_more_trolling1984d ago

this has to be the stupidest comment ive seen today

dreamoner1984d ago

Well, Fifa was/is the better game with it's gameplay,atmosphere etc. on current gen but it never had better visual quality than PES on the current gen. It wouldnt be a surprise if PES14's visuals would be comparable with fifa on next gen consoles.

to compare gameplay; we have to at least play some demos of these games.

ssj271984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

it's a opinion, mine .. why you have to troll my comment?
life is beautiful and you should enjoy it! smile like I do :)

next gen fifa has a current gen looking like graphics,
look at this, it's a shame that a current gen game can still hold up and even look more realistic some how, and yes the nextgen fifa does have sharper edges but that because of been showed in a 10 times more powerful console than the current gen consoles.

fifa14 next gen looks lifeless compared to current gen pes and that is a fact. and let's not even talk about gameplay, previews have a clear winer PES14.

ecstaticpunk1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Aren't those screen from the current-gen version? And didn't they say the footage they showed at E3 was pre-alpha?

On topic this does look really good for a game for current consoles I'm just hoping they've improved the animations.

ssj271984d ago

fifa14 has only show their nexgen gameplay and PES14 only has current gen gameplay.. and the difference is minimal and some areas next gen fifa14 does look more polish and some others pes14 look better.
they bout show early demos like they always do and the visuals usually never change, the gameplay does improve or change.

RedDevils1984d ago

meh PES always look good, but the gameplay has been shit ever since the Ps3/360 started

doi1984d ago

How bout the Team Licenses?