GTA 5 uncovered: a grand tour of Rockstar's city of dreams | OXM UK

OXM UK: "Jonty slips behind the wheel of Rockstar's biggest open world yet."

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brodychet1906d ago

o_o who knows how good this game will be.

I can already see the hundreds of reviews with near-perfect scores :P

Homegamer1906d ago

Then several hundred more saying its garbage for hits

llMurcielagoll1905d ago

GTA IV back in the day scored a few 10/10 reviews. I won't be surprised to see GTA V scoring a few 10/10s too.

SIRHC131906d ago

First thing i'm doing with this game is going on a drive. Go where the road takes me.

Sketchy_Galore1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

The only thing that worries me about this game is that it might look as messy as GTA4. It seems they have completely taken on board most of the criticisms people had about 4 but the one thing that always put me off 4 was how grainy and messy it looked.

I have no idea about tech stuff so I don't know if it was a lack of anti-aliasing or what but even though the world was incredibly detailed and amazingly atmospheric it just felt really messy. I remember one reviewer described looking around in GTA4 as being like, 'looking through a haze of cooking oil droplets' or something and I always felt that way. I played the game on the ps3 and 360 and it looked like this on both for me.

I just hope it looks as clean and crisp as Red dead redemption, even if the detail of the world doesn't allow them to make the characters as detailed.

claud31906d ago

this game will be pure GTA...

Psychotica1905d ago

It's taking forever for September to get here...

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