20 Weirdest Video Game Weapons

A list that pays homage to those weapons that aren't the most powerful, shiny or fear inducing, but aim to bring a smile to your world-weary lips. Here's to the chaos-loving implements of designers bored of making things that go bang.

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Fireseed1963d ago

This list only makes it more apparent how much we need a new Armed & Dangerous, and Turok (A good one... not the BS remake)

xReDeMpTiOnx1963d ago

What about the dolls from mgs4 that allowed you to make people like puppets lol.

Or the old Japanese rifle from mgs4 that shot out tornadoes and made supplies rain from heaven

Jyndal1963d ago

The Sonic gloves in the first Phantasy Star Online.
Took duping to get them (an exclusive event item)but it was awesome dukeing it out with giant, white, Sonic gloves.

Tewi-Inaba1963d ago

You go for PSO and you say sonic glove?
How about the Dual Machine Gun Maracas

ExCest1963d ago

The God Eater Swords! They eat things!