Xbox One, It’s Not Over Yet

The Xbox One is already off to an abysmal start. However, it's in the same position Sony's now-beloved PS3 was in several years ago. Is it possible for the Xbox One to someday climb out of its hole, and show people its one heck of a console?

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David88Corn1961d ago

Part of the Xbox 360's massive success was owing to Microsoft's ability to keep adding new features/applications/producti vity to it. Will be interesting to see if Xbox One/PS4 have a similar life span - can they regain new life after the initial launch.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31961d ago

Now that the 24hr check-in has been removed, I have no problems with the XB1 and am actually more interested in it. That being because minus the specs, details and features are aplenty along with more, imo, interesting exclusives.

DeFFeR1961d ago

I'm interested as well, but that price point is not great. I don't care about Kinect inclusion, and I know it's 'required' to run the system, but if it's what's driving the price $100 higher than PS, it's going to keep me from buying one until a great sale, or at least some exclusives that make it too hard to hold off.

Gaming1011960d ago

lol the 24 hr check is nothing compared to not being able to lend your friends games without them being on your friend's list for 30 days, the used game policy was ludicrous and it's not exactly clear which elements are being kept and which are being thrown out. I get it that the 24 hr check is gone, and that locking your system out is gone, but what about selling games/lending/borrowing games? What about the focus on Kinect and the casual market that hardcore fans couldn't care less about?
Msoft has bigger problems than what anyone is letting on.

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yesmynameissumo1961d ago

They're really underestimating how much of a cluster having to set the console up WITH an Internet connection will be.

MestreRothN4G1961d ago

That one time activation might refer to actual games. Look the original statement again.

n4rc1961d ago

Your reading too much into it.. Chill! Lol

It means the obvious... You need to connect to the internet once to download the update that enables the reversal stuff..

yesmynameissumo1961d ago

It applies to the console. And there are plenty of people who game and don't have the net. Having to setup your console online, to be able to play offline, when you don't have Internet is going to affect sales. Well, returns actually.

vallencer1961d ago

Xbox one was going to continue the trend of adding new features and applications but now the biggest features they had trying to move the industry forward are now gone. I hope they come back to be honest because i was looking forward to what microsoft had planned but now all im getting is a glorified 360. So instead of moving forward we are at the exact same spot we were 7 years ago. It's a shame honestly.

Hexer10211961d ago

Totally agree. MS has always been changing the game. Achievements and party chat are some of the biggest things to effect games, and guess who used it on consoles first? MS is really good about thinking ahead, and I have 100% faith in them to do it again next gen. Can't wait to see.

GrandTheftZamboni1960d ago

Achievements are just improved skillshots.

mediate-this1960d ago

I honestly think the x1 and ps4 will have a longer life span due to better specs, just more available ram, finely tuned programming as the gen goes on.

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dedicatedtogamers1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

"it's in the same position Sony's now-beloved PS3 was in several years ago"

No it isn't, not by any LSD-inspired leap of the imagination. It's in a far worse situation.

PS3 was the third in line after two of history's highest-selling consoles. Sony had a ton of goodwill with its fanbase (it only hit the fan @ E3 2006 when Sony announced $599, you'll work more hours to afford it, Giant Enemy Crab, etc). Believe it or not, but most magazines and sites were still singing the PS3's praises up until launch. It wasn't until about 3-6 months after launch that the vitriol began (kicked off by the now-infamous EGM magazine cover: )

Sorry, but the Xbox brand does not have that sort of heritage or goodwill, not that brand loyalty means much nowadays (look at the Wii-U). The X1 is getting widespread hate BEFORE launch. That's pretty significant. Not to mention Sony was in a fantastic place, financially. Xbox, on the other hand, is a bleeding brand that has lost Microsoft money since Day One, and the only guy who did anything to change that (Mattrick) just left the company. And now Microsoft is restructuring, which will probably turn the Xbox gaming division into the Xbox "Media" divsion, make gaming even less of a priority.

I know it's attractive to revise history and say "Xbox One is in the same boat as PS3, and look how THAT turned out! Everything will be fine, guys!" but the PS3 had to fight and struggle and persevere for YEARS before it clawed out of the hole it dug.

Will Microsoft demonstrate the same dedication to gaming? Well, what has their behavior been over the last three years? What did the Xbox One console reveal focus on? Microsoft failed to "tough it out" even when the times were good, closing many veteran game studios in the process. You think when times are tough that Microsoft will snap their suspenders and devote the next several years to winning back the hardcore gamer?

Septic1961d ago

"Will Microsoft demonstrate the same dedication to gaming? Well, what has their behavior been over the last three years? What did the Xbox One console reveal focus on?"

Why have you missed out E3? What did E3 focus on? Tell me, whose E3 focused more on games? Sony or Microsoft's?

You're right that the Xbox brand does not have the same heritage as Sony's. But all the flak it is receiving is probably a good thing because it will force MS to focus on games.

I know, a company shouldn't really have to be reminded or forced to cater for its core market, but actually, this is exactly what happened to the PS3 in the Kutaragi era of "we never said it [the PS3] is a gaming device...its a multimedia device etc [paraphrasing here].

MS' games library looks really impressive. However, whether or not it maintains its commitment remains to be seen. But it is facing enormous pressure as a result of the terrible PR and the mistakes its made. So I remain confident that it will continue to deliver in terms of gaming content because, well, it cannot afford to do so otherwise.

Everything else is in place, the £1 billion commitment to IP's, more commitment than EVER before in MS history as far as gaming ip's are concerned and now its in the defensive. Which really, for core games, is actually a good thing.

X1, its not over yet. Why? Because the real game hasn't even started.

yesmynameissumo1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

"Why have you missed out E3? What did E3 focus on? Tell me, whose E3 focused more on games? Sony or Microsoft's?"


But purely from a "games I want to play" perspective. Also, seeing how Titanfall played makes me look forward to the PS4 release. Even if it is COD: Mechs.

"So I remain confident that it will continue to deliver in terms of gaming content because, well, it cannot afford to do so otherwise."

They revealed the console as a set-top box. Games aren't a priority.

dedicatedtogamers1961d ago

This article said that Xbox One's bad start is the same as what happened with PS3, and then goes on to imply that Microsoft will be just fine and dandy because, hey!, the PS3 ended up being okay, too.

It's a false equivalence.

If Microsoft fights for their fans and goes to battle for their marketshare like they did with the Xbox and the early years of the Xbox 360, then I'm 100%, whole-heartedly, unequivocally in support of that, in spite of my personal reservations regarding Microsoft as a company (MS and me go waaaaay back. OG MS-DOS gamer here)

But Microsoft is not showing me that commitment. The $1 billion for games is no different than 5 billion transistors in the Xbox One hardware. It's a number. It doesn't mean quality. It doesn't mean commitment.

Death1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Xbox a bleeding brand since day 1? The original Xbox lost money. The Xbox 360 has been profitable for quite some time. If you added up all the pluses and minuses since day one, then yes the brand overall lost about 3 billion. This is not how companies work and any losses were written off years ago. For comparsion sake, the Playstation brand has lost almost twice as much since the start. Once again though, any losses were written off each fiscal year against the companies gains. The only key difference is Microsoft as a whole hasn't lost money fiscally like Sony had for 4 years straight.

As for Sony and their many first party studios, realistically they have been costing Sony money for years. We also see very little output for the massive amount of studios they aquired. Yeah, Sony has the ability to crank out games, but not many actually buy them. Their core exclusives barely offset Microsoft exclusives combined with their third parties. It's just another way to do business. Microsoft wants third parties to carry more weight than Sony.

Death1961d ago


Look at your first link, they have made a profit in the gaming division for 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012. That is a profit for quite some time. The losses prior to 2008 are not carried forward in business, they are written off against profit by the entire company fiscally. Some call that investing. The forbes link you provided is an opinion piece and not very well researched since it contradicts the info from your first link. It's hard to "make nothing in the entertainment division" if they actually post a net profit annually for 5 years in a row.

If you are feeling frisky, check out Sony's financial statements for the last 5 years. They have lost money in their gaming division and company wide for years. This means they haven't been able to write off losses, they are borrowing money to keep the lights on.

It's comical that you are critical of Microsofts bussiness and completely oblivious to Sony's which is in really bad shape.

Godmars2901961d ago

Still expecting that the one-time internet connection requirement is going to wind up kicking the console in the teeth. That hardware reliability is still a question for both the PS4 and XB1 but especially the latter given the 360's launch.

Death1961d ago

No doubt the launch 360's had some serious issues that affected alot of gamers, but Microsoft stepped up and warrantied these machines for 3 years. They also released a slimmed down version and now an even newer revision without problems.

As a multi-console gamer and PC gamer, I'm more concerned with the console that is reportedly more powerful and in a much smaller package with the brick inside. The XboxOne looks to have much more breathing room in the box which is typically needed for PC architecture. Sony's track record for console reliability isn't nearly as good as many choose to believe either. I worked at EB in the 90's and the original Playstation was the console that prompted EB to offer EPP's. I know I went through 4 EPP's on the original alone. I also had multiple PS2's before getting a slim and none were warrantied by Sony.

I don't fault either company since I understand they are cramming alot of tech in a small box for relatively little money for what you get. At the same time I won't say either makes a more reliable console, but one company atleast stood behind their product.

Godmars2901961d ago

While I pointed out possible issues that both the PS4 and XB1 could have, its the XB1 that's getting rumors about overheating. To the point that its CPU might have to be underclocked.

Also, where the PS2 only had DVD diode, the launch 360s were made with cheap and untested parts. Had DVD drivers which lacked padding which lead to damaged discs. Likely also suffered from fundamental design flaws which necessitated a new slimmer model.

Again, by the example of the online requirement, MS is showing that their focus is on software rather than hardware.

Death1961d ago

The rumor was the eSRAM was having production issues on the die. Speculation was the system would be slowed down to compenate for the heat of the faulty die. Nothing was confirmed by a reputable source. It was speculation based on early pre-production rumors.

Belking1961d ago

Hasn't even started yet.

MadMen1961d ago

Now that Xbox has corrected its policy, if they bring a sku out at 399, or 349 before launch.

They will be in competitive shape. Dont count MS out, SONY did this once, and got bitten for it.

However I think PS4 has the momentum right now.

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