The Last of Us 2?

The Last of Us is a flawless and amazing PS3 exclusive that is a must buy. If there was a thing that people didn’t quite like, it would be the ending. Not because it’s bad or rushed but because it was very abrupt. I felt like I was cut off and stranded. I wanted to see how Joel and Ellie’s relationship grew after they returned to Tom’s dam. Many players were so upset they argued that it did not deserve a 10. I was one of them, at least for a second, until I thought about the future of this franchise.

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duli141991d ago

It doesn't have to be a sequel about Joel and Ellie. Naughty Dog have created this massive universe and I think there's still many stories left to tell.

brodychet1991d ago

They said they've told the story they needed to tell, and don't plan on making another game until they have another story to tell.

But what they're sure about is that Joel and Ellie are done.

And that hurts so badly. I'm so attached to them..

But ND can do it again with other characters.

Ezz20131991d ago

lol TLOU split it fans
team want a sequel because they can't get enough of this masterpiece

the other team don't want a sequel because they think it's gonna be hard to top this masterpiece with a sequel

lol look what have you done ND hehe

gaffyh1991d ago

please yes. Yes more !

ifritAlkhemyst1991d ago

Can we stop the fellating of this games dick already? Every other article on this website for the past month and a half has been related to this damn game. I'm sure there's more interesting things to talk about.

GribbleGrunger1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Why don't you pop off and talk about how you shot some one in the head on COD, or the breast size of Lara Croft, and leave conversation such as what it means to be human or whether morality can live in a vacuum, without divine intervention, to those of us who just happened to have played the most important game ever created.

ifritAlkhemyst1991d ago

Self delusions much.

Once upon a time I was annoyed by people like you. Now I just sit back and laugh at you and your tenuous assumptions which qualify in your mind as an insult.

badappe1991d ago

most important game ever created? what? don't get me wrong, the game is nice but how is it the most important game ever created?

JumpToGamer1991d ago

I'm thinking of submitting our TLOU review actually ;)

theFLeXy1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )


Lol at the level of ignorance

fenome1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Not much real news at the moment, and people want to talk about this game 'cause it has a way of invading your head.
Just wait till Gamescon, there's gonna be PLENTY of news around that time. This place will blow up.
I guarantee you're gonna be hearing more about this game around awards time though so you might wanna take a break from the site around then. lol

brodychet1991d ago

Obviously there's a reason for it.

When a game of this caliber comes out, the reception better be immaculate.

If not, then those reviewers and bloggers aren't doing their jobs.

This game should be known by everybody.

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TopDudeMan1991d ago

Too soon to even start talking about it. If they do it they should wait and announce it in a couple of years.

Hazmat131991d ago

if it does i hope it focus on the future obviously no matter how much i love Joel make Ellie a strong female character, thats deals with strange overgrown infected or the human element if need be have her discover the truth about her past or (SPOILER ALERT!) let her find out that Joel lied to her to keep her for herself. hell have the US government trying to take back america.

Jaqen_Hghar1991d ago

A man doesn't want a sequel. LoU is his favorite game of the year so far, but the story is complete. A story needs to conclude before it starts to unnaturally stretch itself. Just let it end strong and no ridiculous character returns or revivals or conflicts that need to be re-resolved.

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