New 'Pokemon X and Y' character is a possessed sword

XMNR: Game Freak director Junichi Masuda revealed the latest new character for Pokémon X and Pokémon Y from the Japan Expo in Paris on Friday. Those that pick up the Nintendo 3DS game will find a ghost-type Pokémon named Honedge that is a possessed sword.

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RmanX10001985d ago

Before anyone starts proclaiming how uncreative this is, remember your precious Gen 1 and how creative a purple rat is, a rock with a face, a pile of sludge, and a magnet ball. Very creative.

Mr_Nuts1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

The point is though at the end of the day those were still more creative then something like this.

Wasn't there like a silly ice cream cone looking Pokemon last gen. It just gets worse and worse. Hell even the legendary Pokemon never look as good these days

RmanX10001985d ago

yes im sure the purple rat took days for the creative team to come up with. A possessed sword sounds a lot more creative than a rat. Im not saying the sword is perfect. No its still kinda stupid but people are really just hating way too much on the new designs. Yeah the ice cream and garbage bags were stupid. but an ancient sword being possessed is pretty cool compared to those.

Mr_Nuts1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Right first of all the "purple rat" has a's Rattata.

Second of all things as simple as Rattata, a pokemon version of a typical rat, is better then an ice cream cone or a sword because they were taking off animals in reality and applying them as pokemon....they made sense.

Rattata - A Rat
Rhyhorn - A Rhino
Ekans - A Snake
Squirtle - A turtle

Even things like magnemite or Polygon had cool designed and they weren't based on anything.

It just seems like they are getting desperate doing things like a sword. Hell even the ones where they do proper looking creatures they look something you would see in Digimon, not Pokemon

*** but an ancient sword being possessed is pretty cool compared to those. *** would make more sense to have a ghost pokemon to use swords/weapons as it's form of attack. Are you telling me they can't come up with some good ghost designs....ghosts could be designed in anyway.

Dj7FairyTail1985d ago

So you wouldn't want to use an Excalibur Ghost Steel Pokemon. That will mostly likely have Sword Type Move. Sword Dance already confirmed for it.

krontaar1985d ago

How does this look bad? The actually design itself is very cool. The sword underneath the holes in the sheath make a face. Magnemite is just a magnet with an eyeball, this is a sword with an eyeball with a ghost hand. It could even evolve into a suit of armor.

Blacklash931985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

The legendaries in XY look pretty cool to me. Better than the last two gens whose legendaries were fixated on dragons of, all which kind of looked too similar.

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jensen861985d ago

1st gen was the best by far they were still actuly monsters not shitty little cute fings they need to bring proper monsters bk like charizard or syther

TripC501985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

A possessed sword... What would have been better is a ghost pokemon that could possess any object or possibly other pokemon and trainers...but a sword? meh throw that one in to the icecream and garbagebag pokemon pile.

krontaar1985d ago

Is this a joke? We already have that pokemon.

TripC501985d ago

I'm not gonna bite because I have never played a pokemon game where my ghost pokemon could possess another trainer, pokemon, or object. If you're talking about the anime then I have no ground on that. I have just played the original yellow, red, blue and just recently black version 2.

Benji-Ninja1985d ago

The sword looks awesome! And it's a cool type combo they've never done before!

mcstorm1985d ago

I agree and looking forward to getting Y as ive not played a Pokémon game for quite a few years.

ApolloTheBoss1985d ago

I stopped caring about Pokemon after the third generation.

jensen861985d ago

s did i but i still always keep an eye out to see if they can revive it to wot it used to b wiv proper monsters

ApolloTheBoss1985d ago

Agreed same with me. Still waiting for it, though.

Hydralysk1985d ago

I was excited because I thought they were talking about the protagonist. I mean, it's not like pokemon are characters, they're just collectible resources.

krontaar1985d ago

Yeah im not sure who wrote the title for this, but it's misleading.

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