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Why CoD Ghosts Will Outsell and Outperform Battlefield 4 (..again)

The fact that both games are being released within a few days of each other as well as each franchise making a brave leap onto the next gen systems has caused the games to come under even more intense scrutiny and comparison.

Here’s five reasons why Call of Duty Ghosts will continue to outsell and outperform Battlefield 4. (Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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MariaHelFutura  +   827d ago
It's not looking like it, BF4 is the most preordered next gen game. Call of Duty isn't even top 5 on either system.
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RetardedIceCream  +   827d ago
i think its because most people will buy ghost on current gen consoles
SIRHC13  +   827d ago
Who the hell will buy Ghosts on Next Gen?

Ghosts > BF4 [Current Gen]
Ghosts < BF4 [Next]
superterabyte  +   827d ago | Intelligent
Ghosts < BF4 [Current Gen]
Ghosts < BF4 [Next]
THESONYPS3  +   826d ago
Killzone 4>>>>>Destiny&g t;>>>>>Battlefie ld>>>>>>>& gt;>TitanFall>>>> ;>> COD ghost
Muffins1223  +   827d ago
Um guys bf4 is 50,000 pre orders ahead ON CURRENT GEN
brodychet  +   827d ago
something tells me 90% of the usual cod-junkies don't preorder until the last few months up until release.

Those sales will most likely shift.

Although I hope cod dies and horrible death.
greenlantern2814  +   827d ago
well i personally want BF4 more and i have had enough of cod franchise. but the cod games are year in and year out the highest selling games so until that stops people should not talk about it being done or losing since it has not happened yet.
here is to hoping it does, but that fan base seems pretty stable
CoolBeansRus  +   826d ago
agree, i like battlef. better but COD is known for their numbers and this time it wont be any different. I havent played a cod game since blackops and dont plan on it any time soon. I dont like the way ghost is looking either so i wont be getting it.
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Goro  +   826d ago
@Superterabyte Other way around, just being realistic...i'm not saying it's better, i'm talking sales-wise
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CoolBeansRus  +   826d ago
Ghost will most likely outsell battlefield. This is cod we are talking about here. They have a track record. I like battlefield better but im not ignorant to COD selling history.
SnotyTheRocket  +   826d ago
Yeah, CoD needs to adapt or die. BF4 is 1080p, 60fps on next gen, so the only thing CoD had on the console versions of BF3 is gone. once next gen is about 2 years in, to allow for more people to own a console, we will see who wins. i'll be playing BF4.
SpideySpeakz  +   827d ago
Outsell, yes. It's a Cult's game. Or, 'play it safe' kind of game.
Outperform, no. You must be smoking something. It's engine is nearly as old as me.

Battlefield, at the level of it's graphical fidelity, can never be compared to MAG. What's the maximum players can CoD hold? 12v12.. 24 max? lol.
Garethvk  +   827d ago
Ghosts uses a Brand New engine and looks amazing. I saw both at E3 up close and while Battlefield 4 looks good, it does not pop. Looks like the same old stuff while COD looks amazing and does have many new features.
MariaHelFutura  +   827d ago

Not true, Call of Duty doesn't use a new engine.
friedricr  +   827d ago
Garethvk  +   827d ago
It does use a new engine they showed it off and the trades show it does as well.
MizTv  +   827d ago
sarcastoid  +   827d ago
If that's a new engine then I might suggest they failed.
TrevorPhillips  +   827d ago
@Garethvk - Stop embarrassing yourself, it's the exact same engine, just upgraded.

BF4 on the other hand has a brand new engine which brings a lot of things and to my honest opinion the engine is looking absolutely amazing!
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jukins  +   827d ago
Are you trolling or are you really being this ignorant garethvk. I can't tell lol. But just to add to the replies call of duty uses the same engine as it has for the past generation.
Garethvk  +   827d ago
I sat with the developers at E3 They said it was a new engine. They showed me a video showing off the new features like terrain, texture, etc and then showed the game on the old engine and what it would loook like in Ghosts.


They call it a New Engine, it looks much better than the old one. So if you want to call it a greatly tweaked engine fine. I will go with what the developers call it and wait until I see a final product before I bash something. At least I saw both games in person and talked to developers of each instead of spouting off opinions and statements of others. The facts are that it is a much better looking game then Battlefield and has new features.
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MariaHelFutura  +   827d ago
Here is IW saying it. Sorry, you set yourself up for this. They/I are trying to tell you. It's not a new engine.

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mafiahajeri  +   827d ago
Your trying to emphasize you saw it in person a whole lot and its insignificant, your acting like your opinion means more then ours just because you sat with the "devs" (who were probably actually PR guys spouting out crap)

The funny thing is they lied to you, dont you feel betrayed? They admitted it wasnt a new engine and some guy they intervieweds excuse was that it would take 300 engineers to make a new engine. LOL, what the heck are you doing with the cash then!!?

Sorry excuse from sorry devs, they really do have the best fans like they always like to stress, their judging people like you who are easily deceived off course...
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tucky  +   827d ago
Why all This hate on Garethvk comment?
I personally appreciate the opinion of somebody having seen the 2 games running. New engine or upgraded engine ... Does it really matter if the Game looks beautiful? ... And it's a good looking game
jjb1981  +   827d ago
What are you puffin' on?
JUDALATION  +   827d ago
Nice try Bobby Koteck... we all know its you!
Drumsmasher   827d ago | Immature | show
Reverent  +   827d ago
@Drum, we're all fat basement dwellers? That's a fair assumption. Have fun being destroyed by the internet.

Garethvk is getting all this flak because he's basing his opinion on "fact" that simply isn't true.
awi5951  +   826d ago
LOL you can put all of COD maps into 1 BF Map whats your point. Little small areas are very easy to render lol. Hell COD maps are so small they dont even have a draw distance lol.
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maniacmayhem  +   826d ago
Who cares what engine it uses. The game looks great!

Garethvk, don't waste your time these haters will use any excuse to talk smack about CoD. The buzz word for them is "same old engine". As if it mattered to any real gamer who enjoyed CoD.
Louie420  +   823d ago
Neither of them are new engines. Its close to impossible to create a brand new engine in one year. Cod comes out every year Battlefield every 2. But Frostbite 2 from BF3 was pretty much a brand new engine, no need to build a new one for BF4, but just perfect it. COD has not changed in 7 years. The only thing they added was lean from cover, some duck and shoot mechanic, and jumping obstacles (which bf has). 3 changes doesnt mean new engine. Its gonna feel the same. BF4 added going under water, pulling a pistol on water, counter knife, commando mode, levolution, more destruction, jet skies, and more i cant think off. They also overhauled the net code. Its cool to like whatever game u want, but just pointing this out
n4rc  +   827d ago
Cod is finished.. One more year maybe

They have nothing.. Rehash an engine that was left for them... OMFG you have fish that move!!

Pass... Lol
ape007  +   827d ago
that is your opinion man but understand that the time took u to write this comment cod will already move 10000 copies of ghosts at launch, so don't be very happy about hating it that much
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n4rc  +   827d ago
I'm not a hater... I have every one of them on my shelf...

But I've become more and more annoyed with the developers that ignore customers and put out lazy and poorly implemented games while raking in billions... Another rehash? Nope... I'm done.. Especially with so much offered elsewhere

They deserve to fail
hakesterman  +   827d ago
Call of Duty is far from Finished. If there is one thing for sure in gaming it's that people never get tired of shooting other people. And that is what COD is a shooting game. I say it's good for at least 6 more rounds.
Mini0510  +   824d ago
clearly hating judging by the way you phrased your sentences.
And you probably have multiple accounts.
Lol what a joke
Muffins1223  +   827d ago
bf4 is ahead in pre orders
King-Prodigy-X  +   827d ago
False Lies
Heisenburger  +   827d ago
As opposed to factual truths?

As redundant as trolling a game as past it's prime as Cod, I'm afraid.
coolmastermarktwo  +   827d ago
cod is dead inside for a long time already so it's only a matter of time when people will forget about it and buy battlefield.
FantasyStar  +   826d ago
I dunno. While MW3 was lame. I really liked Black Ops and the 2nd one. It was a pleasant sight.
MizTv  +   827d ago
I hope cod goes down in flames
Same old shit
venom06  +   827d ago
the sutpid article should be titled, "Why CoD will outsell Battlefield, but Battlefield will make the better game AGAIN"
Zichu  +   827d ago
CoD will definitely outsell Battlefield. I'm not saying it because CoD is better, I actually enjoy them both equally, but CoD has been getting amazing sales.

It's been above 12 million on the 360 since Modern Warfare 2.

Battlefield 3 got about 6.9 million. Bad Company 1 and 2 didn't do as good as BF3.

CoD Ghosts and BF4 are still being released on current gen consoles. Ghosts will sell millions because people keep buying it regardless of it's lack of improvements each year.

You can disagree with me all you want, it will pull amazing sales, just take a look at the sales it has been getting since MW2.
ape007  +   827d ago
bf got famous because of CoD
Krew_92  +   826d ago
Yeah even though Battlefield was created a year apart from the original Call of Duty, and Battlefield had "modern," not WW2, military games years before Call of Duty 4.

As sad as it may seem though, a lot of people who say they won't buy the game will end up getting it anyways. The pressure from society and friends will just make them buy into the latest Call of Duty game. I, personally, will not buy either. I'll instead buy Vita games.
elhebbo16  +   827d ago
Of course CoD is gonna outsell BF (as well as every other game in the market... but it doesnt say shit about the quality of the game.
TrevorPhillips  +   827d ago
"An Infinity Ward developer has revealed that Call of Duty: Ghosts isn't running on an all-new engine, as previously believed, but a 'significantly upgraded' version of the engine used in previous games in the series."

Should have seriously worked on a brand new engine instead of upgrading it.
Zichu  +   827d ago
It takes to much effort to create a new engine.

Why create something new when you can use the same thing each year and still make a profit??

That should be Activision's slogan.
InTheLab  +   827d ago
takes at least 2 years to build a new engine and in that 2 years, Acti wants 2 CoDs...so there will never be a new CoD engine.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   826d ago
billions in revenue, yet, they can not build a new engine, nor implement a dedicated servers... Both of which DICE, has done / with an eighth of the money.
jukins  +   827d ago
Well its due for cod to fall just like every other franchise Activision has killed.
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   827d ago
Cod has been milked year after year and it is essentially just new maps,guns and a few features but nothing else really changes.

Cod4 was the last cod I adored and I still go back and enjoy it more than any cod now a days.

Bf4 seems to be the shooter to get this year and there is no way cod will out "preform" bf4. Honestly cod ghosts don't even look next gen.

Honestly imo graphically and probably technically last of us> cod ghosts
SpecialK  +   827d ago
Does it matter? Both will sell millions and the servers will be full for years to come.

Both games are fun in their own way. Personally I prefer Battlefield but thats just me. COD4 and world at war were brilliant though. since then the kill streaks ruined it a bit for me. My issue is that gun battles are always quick and usually its one person shooting another in the back. Whereas in BF4 you often get into real gunfights.

However its a new generation. COD used that to its advantage last time by pushing the bar, and BF4 with its destruction and 64 players on consoles looks to be that game this time round.
allgamespc2012  +   827d ago
no chance in hell this time. bf4 on current gen, nex gen and pc which will sell more than bf3 because of commander mode and other things, means cod will not beat bf this year
GodGinrai  +   827d ago
I think BF4 will beat COD this time around. 64 players and 60FPS and 1080P on consoles will be the big draw.oh, and the destructable scenery and vehicle combat.

Cod may still prove more popular on current gen consoles but when you buy a new console you want games that impress. BF4 will deliver that. BF4 may even help the drive the sales of X1 and PS4 at their launches.
ape007  +   827d ago
nah cod gameplay/controls is the REASON it sells
DARK WITNESS  +   827d ago
whatever hope Cod had of being taken as a serious next gen game went out the window when they said the netcode would be hardly changed.

When I look at my friends that use to play cod and why they have all finally stopped it really boils down to lag and how crap the MP has gotten.

A lot of people were holding onto that last little thread of hope that next gen would mean New engine = new network code.. now that it's been more or less confirmed that it's the same we know we can expect the same lagfest cod has turned to.

Plus now that BF plays at 60fps, I think a lot of people will enjoy the feel of it a lot more. I don't think as many people are as sold on cod as people still think.

A lot of people seem to still give in to buying it at launch hoping for a better experience. We all know it sells millions, what we don't see is how many people hold onto their copies after a few months. How many people will trade it in at the first chance they get?
n4rc  +   827d ago
I agree.. 60fps is why so many liked cod even if they didn't know it..

And yup.. Same engine, same problems.. Another year of the most inconsistent gameplay on consoles lol
DARK WITNESS  +   827d ago
it is by far the most inconsistent online experience I have ever had...

it has got me to the point where I do sometimes wonder if the game really is fixed somehow .

I know that sounds crazy but here is the thing; Before blops2 launched the devs had an interview where they talked about trying to even the playing field out and matching people up so that you don't get people dominating games like they did in the past.

I remember them specifically saying that we would have games where we win a game and the next we would lose etc so it there is that level of challenge there.

the thing is when you look at players who are right at the top of their game, they don't win, lose, win, lose like that. most players at the top of their game win, win, win, win, lose, win , win etc. it's always been like that and even when the team as a whole loses, usually a player that is that good will still have a very positive KD.

Cod (especially blops2, is the only game I know that you can go 30/2 in one game and then 2/25 in the next game for no real explanation. Sometime you only need to look at the lobby leader board and you see the stats of the guy who was dominating the match and you just wonder how the hell anyone with stats that bad could come out with such big scores.

Then the connection will switch up an duddenly that same person is getting raped hard. I have never known any game like it.

anyway, that is why I have stopped playing it mostly, same goes for most of my friends.
csreynolds  +   827d ago
Outsell? Probably. Outperform? Who on Earth are you kidding? And "again"?? Please. Battlefield 3 servers are still peaking while the Black Ops II numbers are shrinking...

The author of this opinion piece is delusional or out for hits. Simple.
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ape007  +   827d ago
BF4 might be more impressive graphically but it's one dimensional compared to CoD, CoD more of an all around package, single player, multiplayer, story, characters, great soundtrack, spec ops, zombies etc..

bf is very awesome but only in the multiplayer department

can't wait for both

this track is awesome ...... http://www.youtube.com/watc...
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DlocDaBudSmoka  +   827d ago
because BF4 doesnt have a single player story, amirite? COD sucks just face it. same shit, different year. wash , rinse, repeat.
ape007  +   827d ago
bf4 same as bf3, same sounds, at least cod has different weapon sounds
eyeDEVOUR  +   826d ago
Weapon sounds dont change in real life dumbass...lol
But I have noticed a slight upgrade in gun sounds in bf4 over bf3

Btw... Almost every gun in cod sounds the same so...
PiperMCFierceson   827d ago | Spam
jjb1981  +   827d ago
I'm sick of client hosting!!!!!
PSN_ZeroOnyx  +   827d ago
I sold bf3 BC it was crap and I wasted money on it. More players = more crap. At least COD is fun each time you play it.

And for those who are ignorant enough to think COD doesn't take team work, try to win a game with horrible team mates. I can be the top player with half the kills needed to win and still lose. Bf sucks just as bad if not worse in the working as a team aspect.

It's about preference and I and many people I game with will not be wasting our money on more battlefail garbage.
RickHiggity  +   827d ago
If by teamwork, you mean pick a corner and hide, then yes
LiinoMajire  +   824d ago
Wow... I don't know weather to laugh at your lack of skill on battlefield or at how much you camp on COD and claim it as SKILL.

COD vs BF? i mean really?

I'm sorry but, BF has EVERY advantage over COD. Always has.

I honestly can't think of one thing COD does right, can somebody give me a legit reason to even spend $4 on a COD game?

COD:G could be free on PS+ and I still wouldn't touch it. In fact, I'd probably vomit and the sight of it being on there.
Godlovesgamers  +   827d ago
"Why CoD Ghosts Will Outsell and Outperform
Battlefield 4 (..again)"

Because 9 out of 10 mouth-breathers prefer CoD.
PSN_ZeroOnyx  +   827d ago
Yes, only gill breathers prefer bf
RickHiggity  +   827d ago
So battlefield fans can breath underwater? Is that a bad thing?
objdadon  +   827d ago
Battlefield is the more realistic game and is played at a different pace than cod, however cod is more fun in a different way. The funny thing is if respawn ent Titan fall Was multiplat, that's the first game I've seen from a fun factor that could actually dethrone cod.
#22 (Edited 827d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
PSN_ZeroOnyx  +   827d ago
Titanfall is multiplatform. And Respawn already said PS4 is still being considered as one of those platforms. However, it will be out first on 360, X1, and PC (all different platforms)
zyphee  +   827d ago
LOOOOOOOOOOL Battlefield 4 is still outselling Ghosts on current gen also.. http://www.vgchartz.com/pre...
assdan  +   827d ago
Battlefield 3 took a chunk from COD, when people realized they are all clones of eachother. The fans of battlefield are more mature, and I don't have to deal with half as many whinny 12 year olds. That beautiful screen shot from Battlefield wasn't representative of the game at all. I spend very little time running around with nothing to do. And that beautiful screen shot of COD is half a battle! We can see sales are dropping, and people are agreeing that each game is getting worse. Have you seen how much the new COD is getting made fun of? I'm guessing COD has 2 (including this one) good years left.
Johnsonparts23  +   827d ago
I think its funny how Battlefield 4 is considered more realistic yet it takes 3 sniper shots to get a kill.......ya, totally like real life dude.....
sevilha82  +   827d ago
play hardcore.fixed it
DlocDaBudSmoka  +   826d ago
doesnt take 3 shots if u dont suck. aim for the head. thats what snipers are for.
sevilha82  +   827d ago
Outperform,Are you insane...Quake engine from 95 to Frostbite3(I think it´s 3)
Dude from all the new games that are appering in the next gen cod was the worst looking title,even the last of looked better in the ps3 and we all know how the gameplay will be...full clip in the back of the oponent only to turn aroud and 1shotkill you.

No thank you, never again.
RickHiggity  +   827d ago
I'm calling it now. Most Cod Fanboys will just go out and buy the 360/ ps3 version. Because why upgrade to the new consoles if they can already play the new CoD?
Sideras  +   827d ago
"Why CoD Ghosts Will Outsell and Outperform Battlefield 4 (..again)"
Because... People are idiots? (again).
quenomamen  +   827d ago
Outsell, prob. Outperform ? On what the same tired engine ? Haha give me a break.
sevilha82  +   826d ago
How can people disagree with you,it´s the freaking truth,they had a lot of time(2008 to date) to make a good game and they didn´t they just kept screwing up.

Never again,Activision will have my money but for Destiny only,IW and Treyarch can burn for all i care.

And it´s a shame that Activision has the rigths to Destiny,let hope they dont f..ck it up in the future.
Bonerboy  +   827d ago
Out perform? Not a chance in hell. Out sell? perhaps; only for the reason you cant fix stupid (people).
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