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Team Neko Are Backing The Wii U

With the release of Kung Fu Rabbit, we decided to sit down with Benjamic Cestac from Neko Entertainment to discuss all things Kung Fu Rabbit, the Wii U landscape and all things next gen. (Wii U)

thomasmiller  +   824d ago
it's good to see another indie game developer back the wii u, to hell with the main stream 3rd parties, nintendo has got tons of great 1st party and the indies are thriving on the wii u as well, and in 5 years, most of the main stream 3rd parties like EA, will probably end up like THQ, down the toilet!!
Kevlar009  +   824d ago
There's been 1-2 Indie releases on the WiiU since it's launch every week. I'm gonna need to go into the eshop with $60 and get 4 to 8 games
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