Battlefield 3 played on a 4K TV from Sony

Check out a video showing Battlefield 3 on a 4K TV from Sony:

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BiggCMan1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Skip to 5 minutes for the game to start.

PS. it's not even a minute long segment, then it goes to FIFA -_- Waste of time.

starchild1991d ago

You won't be playing at native 4k resolutions on consoles. Except maybe on simple indie titles.

mushroomwig1991d ago

I doubt many people will be playing native 4k even on their gaming rigs, not many people own a 4k monitor.

sarcastoid1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

There just isn't a point to 4K gaming... or 4K at all for that matter. Unlike phones or even computer monitors, you dont sit 2 feet from a 40 or 50" tv and therefore the naked eye just doesn't sense the added resolution. I have a macbook pro retina and playing diablo III at 2880x1800 honestly isn't noticeable unless you really put your face to your screen. The added resolution from 4K just isn't the same necessary leap that HD was and in the end will only drain performance compared to 1080p.

thehitman1991d ago

Ya I dont see the need for 4k resolution either unless you have like a 100" TV and your sitting yards away. The performance drain will probably be incredible as well lowering even the best gfx cards to a 20-30 fps cap off in max settings.

ginsunuva1991d ago

That's what I thought too, but 1080 and 4k is like the difference between iphone original screen and Retina screen.

Everyone said we don't care about iphone screen resolution but now they can't look back.

TheHybrid1991d ago

Don't sit 2 feet away from your 42" TV? Speak for yourself!

mamotte1991d ago

Those 4K looks awesome in my 1380x768 monitor.

steven83r1991d ago

These videos are useless unless you are running a 4k monitor/TV. This 4k game looks great coming off his non 4k camera? To my 1080p Tv.

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