Killzone Shadow Fall - Weapon Customization Confirmed

The biggest functional change, and one that is not limited to the StA-55, is the reintroduction of attachments. We can switch out various sights and optics, secondary weapon attachments, grips, flashlights, silencers – you name it.

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mafiahajeri1993d ago

Took them a while to give in

xReDeMpTiOnx1993d ago

Can't say it will be a bad thing, if its like kz2 then I have confidence in GG because in kz2 weapons were almost perfectly balanced when compared to all other fps.

So I have some confidence that they will balance attachments well.

Adexus1993d ago

If it's like KZ3 we're all screwed.


Killzone has always had its flaws repetive multiplayer, single note, empty characters in the Singleplayer, lack of customization etc...

But one thing that Killzone has always had was great hit detection and weapon balance. The Overpowered part was the special abilities (especially infiltrator)

I never got shot around a corner or put 80 bullets in an enemy to get a kill. The customization makes the game less stale and adds variety. Now I know that Killzone Shadowfall will be the next great FPS I always felt it could be were it not for the limitations of the PS3!

HammadTheBeast1993d ago

KZ3 was BS because of the OP abilities and overreliance on turrets and drones.

Salooh1992d ago

KZ3 wasn't that bad , it was really fun but not as good as what people expected. It's COD fault..

Grandmaster-B1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Maybe they were only balanced because they hadnt any attachments?!!

Not a good sign!!! Whats next, no spawn grenades?

5eriously1987d ago

Yes I hope so thus again less spawn camping. (wink)

MizTv1989d ago

Wish I could of said the same about kz3

5eriously1985d ago

If anyone tells me that KZ3 have more spawn camping issues than KZ2 and even BF then they are conning themselves. The removal of the spawn grenade was the best solution although still not perfect.

BigBoss19641993d ago

I'm really digging the new Helghast assault rifle

truthteller1993d ago


jjb19811993d ago

I can't wait for this!

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