GameSpy: Haze Exclusive Preview

GameSpy writes: "Haze finally settled into the GameSpy/IGN offices, giving us an exclusive first look at the game's single-player and co-op gameplay. Haze switches you from the perspective of an elite sci-fi trooper to an earthy rebel, and we got to spend some times on both sides of their war for this preview. In addition, we played through a few missions of Haze's campaign using the four-player co-op feature. There's no doubt that Free Radical, the creators of the underrated Second Sight and consistently excellent TimeSplitters games have a solid shooter in Haze, but our play time did leave us with some concerns."

-Multiple play types
-Excellent FPS control
-Cool Mantel designs
-Nectar features

-Frustrating rebel gameplay
-Unpleasant vehicle sequences

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decapitator3884d ago

Damn, the explosion looks ridiculously awesome. Wow. The game has more "Spiffy's" that "iffy's" so I guess thats a good thing.

fenderputty3884d ago

One of the good part about not being hyped for a game is that if it does remotely well, you're pleasantly surprised.

Cyrus3653884d ago

Yeah the explosions do look pretty good.

thor3884d ago

Still, "frustrating rebel gameplay" and "unpleasant vehicle sequences" seem like things that can't be easily remedied, and quite serious gameplay flaws at that. I'll still keep one eye on this one, but I'm not expecting too much from it.

Cyrus3653884d ago

I agree, vehicle sequences can be a minor thing, however Rebel gameplay considering that a major side and story of the game, can be a huge issue.

Bluejet3884d ago

Haze is really looking good.

Bathyj3884d ago

Excellent FPS control

Thats the most important bit right there.

Funky Town_TX3884d ago

Is v-sync being on a thing of the past. I thought the 360 would only have those issues. That gameplay sequence has very lame. I guess I will wait for some Killzone2 footage.

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The story is too old to be commented.