COD: Ghosts will have a co-op mode “of sort”

DW247 writes:

We know that Call of Duty: Ghosts will have both a single player and multiplayer mode, but what hasn’t been announced is whether there will be a cooperative mode.

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Pascalini1748d ago

Like mw3 it will have coop missions

Hardly big news this is it

brodychet1748d ago

Cod needs to just go away for about 5 years.

We've had enough.

1748d ago
ala_7671748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

love the co op modes!!! Esp the missions!

CODallday1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

This may be the Multiplayer wise GOTY.

brodychet1748d ago

Are you kidding me?..

Over TLOU, Bioshock, GTA 5, Ni No Kuni, etc.

Seriously is this sarcasm?

CODallday1748d ago

Last of us and GTA5 are the only games that will have a chance to win.

brodychet1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

But over COD?

How am I getting disagrees?

He said Cod could get GOTY.


Edit: He edited what he had said earlier.

Skate-AK1747d ago

I don't agree what he said but he said multiplayer GOTY. Bioshock and Ni No Kini don't have multiplayer.

brodychet1747d ago

@SkateAK he only put that in after I had replied the first time.

At first he just flat out said "This will probably be GOTY".

He completely changed it to make my response invalid.

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Kryptix1748d ago

Every Call of Duty since MW2 had a coop mode of some "sort." I'm guessing it will just be parts of the single player levels reversed but this time you can change your loadout, nothing interesting. Maybe even add survival mode with 4 players now and stealth into the mix to make it look new and cool for a bit. Eh...

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