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Submitted by JumpToGamer 949d ago | opinion piece

Is Console Gaming Dying?

Over the past couple of years, predominantly this year, there has been speculation that console gaming is on its way down while PC gaming is on its way up. The argument about which is better (PC or console) has been going on longer than I care to remember. Moreover, it had looked like the critics were right. Without having to pay a monthly fee and the fact that most games were on both PC and console , it looked like the PC would one day gain enough firepower to overcome consoles and end them forever. Until E3 came along. (E3, Next-Gen)

allformats  +   949d ago
Simple answer is no. Thanks for asking.
JumpToGamer  +   949d ago
No worries :)
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No_Limit  +   949d ago
I don't see console gaming dying simply due to the fact that Television is still a large part of every household. It will be here for a long time because TVs will be here for a very long time to come. Dedicated Portable gaming, on the other hand, are on the way out, simply due to the fact that Smartphones are becoming the norm just like a TVs are in our home.
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Dunpeal  +   949d ago
Agree. and I don't get where "experts" keep getting this idea that mobile gaming will be the console's downfall. Yeah, maybe if all everyone wanted to play was angrybirds and bejewled lol
christian hour  +   949d ago
I remember the first time I heard this argument, It was in the OPSMUK around 1997 or so when the original Tomagotchis hit, and havent stopped hearing it every year since. Just more people fishing for hits with the same old story.
MariaHelFutura  +   949d ago
Playstation 4 is doing well everywhere on the internet. Polls, Forums, Facebook, Youtube, Amazon and wherever gaming and social activities combine. You should probably change that pic.
JumpToGamer  +   949d ago
I think the Pic of a PS4 actually works, it's relevant to the initial question about next-gen consoles not being as popular as PC gaming, but E3 kinda proved that wasn't the case when both were showed of, and especially the PS4 :)
Saints94  +   949d ago
Hmm, Try the sales at every huge store that shows the records of pre-order sales. That should give you a answer.
The_KELRaTH  +   949d ago
Pre-orders can be cancelled. If pre-orders required a purchase payment you can bet there wouldn't be any pre-orders.

I've pre-ordered the PS4 but I'm still keeping a close eye on all the info not released as yet - aka I read a day ago that COD will still use peer to peer networking which is a definite no sale - BUT are there going to be other games still opting for this and if so what's the point of paying for PSN online - I'd rather use a PC with dedicated servers.

I will have a PC gaming kit anyway as I've ordered the Star Citizen game which is PC only.

So it's PC and likely PS4 but not 100% as yet.
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slivery  +   949d ago
When people stop spending money on over priced Apple products and phones. Then you can be concerned. If people are apparently that broke and can still afford all those things..

I think consoles will do just fine. Everyone I mean every person I know already has their PS4's and Xbox One's paid off already.

I don't know about the Xbox One myself but I think the PS4 is going to be huge. I haven't seen people this excited for a console in a very long time.
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Foxgod  +   949d ago
In no way, the console business is wilder then ever.
Both PC gaming and console gaming are here to stay, there should be at least one more console generation after the X1 and the ps4.
Zichu  +   949d ago
PC is great, they produce amazing graphics at high resolutions and at a solid frame rate. The games are cheaper, combined with Steam, you will always be under a pile of games.

The only problem is, is the price for some people. If you want amazing graphics you have to pay the extra for that. They just cost more than consoles.

Consoles are literally, plug and play. The initial setup of both a PC and a console are different.

For PC, you usually have to build it, put all the correct wires in the correct sockets. Set up the monitor, peripherals, etc. Install the OS, update, restart, update, restart, etc. Install the right software, like Steam to play the games. Most likely update steam. Buy the game, download and install it and then you play.

The initial set up for a console is, plug the wires in the correct sockets. Turn on your TV. set up profile, put game in and play. There are more steps if you want to be connected to the internet, but you aren't required to connect to the internet to play a game.
JumpToGamer  +   949d ago
I think that both platforms offer different styles of gaming and games on offer. That's mainly why I alternate between both of them, by at least with consoles you don't need to worry about needing to upgrade to play the latest games. However I don't know too many people who have fully committed to PC gaming who have regretted it or still want to play consoles
slivery  +   949d ago
I think the most important factor for PC that barely anyone ever mentions is developers cannot maximize games too well on PC.

They have to constantly factor in that everyone has a different PC with different components.

The beauty of having these consoles with all this RAM is that they can utilize them to the fullest potential. Knowing that every PS4 and Xbox One will be the same it gives developers much more freedom to push boundaries they can't for compatibility reasons on PC.

I love PC, I am an enthusiast and spent a great deal of money on mine but I still know that what theese consoles have is amazing. Most PC games don't utilize more the 4GB of RAM, knowing that, it will be something truly special to see games that can and will utilize far more.

Even me being a hardcore PC lover, I will say I think people are really underestimating these consoles. A lot of my PC friends are the same but I remember when the PS3 first came out even the Xbox 360.. PC were still more advanced but could they game as well at that exact time? They couldn't.

The PS3 only has 512mb of RAM. So you can imagine what an improvement 7GB is going to be. Seeing how well most these games ran on PS3 and 360 being close to PC quality then should tell you great things are to come from these newer systems that have way more power.
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christian hour  +   949d ago
Slivery, just wanted to say plus bubs and what not, well deserved. It's nice to see someone in here who knows what they're talking about, and can deliver it without being condescending or resorting to "fanboy" tactics.
YNWA96  +   949d ago
I've always had all consoles, from Atari 2600, all the way to PS3, X360. Not Philips CDi or 3DO though... Enjoyed the last 8 years on PS3 & 360, even some wii, I just enjoy playing games. Seeing the stupid statements and outright immature comments made by both 'fanboys', but to be honest the ignorance on anyone PS4 lately, so what, been very good to be Sony lately, but this has consumed peoples lives it seems. I have PS4 and X1 preordered, but it seems if I say anything positive about about X1, or just tell PS4 'fanboys' to calm down or get of their high horse I get hammered. I notice people who say something intelligent or just straight forward they get blocked or banned by N4G, even now I am down to 3 bubbles too because people who do not like the obvious get upset and bubble down you, and N4G is letting this happen too easily?? Shame on this site, I enjoyed coming here for good stories, fuuny comments, but last few weeks it has become very toxic.....
babis1974  +   949d ago
yes it's dying and the world have been dead since 21/12/12!!!
Software_Lover  +   949d ago
Pretty soon, one of these guys, probably Microsoft, is gonna make a console where you can install PC games. We have the architecture this gen with the exception of the one pool of ram. It wouldn't take much money to get it working.
cleft5  +   949d ago
Thanks to Sony no. But Microsoft was getting ready to kill off console gaming for me. I think I am going to start moving towards PC gaming. The whole Microsoft nonsense left me seriously depressed and disillusioned with console gaming.

The worse part is that when we finally got Microsoft to reverse their policies you had all these idiots saying why that was a bad thing now that Microsoft can't do all the cool stuff they wanted to do. Cool stuff that was never fully described in any way. The reality is that I can log into my steam account from any decent enough computer and download any of my games onto that computer after I authorize it. Yet Microsoft seem to act like they can't do what they planned before because of the evil people demanding that you don't have an always online 24 hour check-in requirement. It's such bullshit and the people stupid enough to buy that is why console gaming is going to be dead sooner than later. At least it will die in anyway that made it easy to be a console gamer.
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JozefW  +   949d ago
Hi everyone.
I'm the author of this article and I'd just like to clear a few things up. The first thing is the title is misleading, (sorry!) it's supposed to be questioning the people who first thought that console gaming is dying because I for one know it's not. The second is that I play both and I was trying to get across the point that there's room for both platforms in the market without the need to squabble over it. I play both PC and console and enjoy both. (The title has now been changed by the way!)
sarcastoid  +   949d ago
Jack Tretton said himself... every year it's asked "Is console gaming dying?" ... and the answer is no.
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YNWA96  +   949d ago
Console gaming will die when Sony says so... hehehe,

@ Jozef,
Point well taken, I see Clefts response, that he was depressed by everything, which is sad as this is entertainment, why people let this get to them is beyond me. If he does not like what MS does, do not buy it! Thats the good thing about having more than one. Imagine if it was only Sony, and they did something really bad, then you would have nowhere to go. People screaming for the end of MS are clearly delusional, immature or plain ignorant stupid. I guarantee if it was only Sony, they would not be nice as they are right, they would see us as only cash cows, after all, what choice do we have.

For N4G, Sony are great!! Can I have an extra bubble?
PositiveEmotions  +   949d ago
Consoles has been around since i was 7 years old which was nintendo the regular one of course and i also used the atari .

Games has become more popular
cunnilumpkin  +   949d ago
not dying, but waning

the huge casual influx of last gen (mainly due to wii) is OVER

casuals have moved on to tablets and smart phones

the peak has been witnessed of console gaming

next gen no console will sell 70 million units in 7 years

they will be lucky to push out 50 million for the lead console, 40 million for second place and if the wii u gets 30 million units sold, I will be very, very surprised

I still think next gen will kick ass, and in some ways, it will kick more ass, the hardcore games will be better and more numerous

and games will become difficult to beat again, they way they should be, a challenge!
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givemeshelter  +   949d ago
It's not dying... Just changing

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