Chris Avellone would love to work on more established franchises, especially Doctor Who

Having already worked on some huge franchises out there such as Star Wars and South Park, you wonder if there's any names out there that appeal to Obsidian's Chris Avellone. Talking to us at Rezzed, there's apparently quite a few he'd like to make as RPGs, including his own take on Deus Ex and System Shock.

However, things get really interesting when he started talking about TV shows, such as crime programs like The Wire, and Sherlock, the latter of which “was really really good at creating really interesting dialogue gameplay mechanics without realising it, for how Sherlock analyses a crime scene, and I think that could lend itself to a game really well and I'd be really excited to work on, especially if Benedict was a part of that. He's awesome. “

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extermin8or1987d ago

If he can make a good, entertaining Dr Who RPG then... I'd buy it. Thing is as the Doctor doesn't really fight the enemies in a direct sense how todo that would be interesting seeing as most games rely on combat etc to keep them interesting.

Mr_Nuts1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

As long as it's not Matt Smith's Doctor then I'm fine...completely turned me off Doctor Who because of him. I really hope we get someone older, the younger they are the more cheesy the overall show feels. Matt could never do those serious moments like David Tennant. God I hope Stephen Mangan gets the role

...but knowing the BBC like they did with Matt Smith they'll get a no name since they will be cheaper. Heres a little bit of knowledge for you DW fans, the BBC stated that once they saw Matt Smith they give him the role straight away and he was the very first guy to audition for the role.....WRONG. Actually he was the 4th/5th guy they had. The very first guy they had to audition was Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch but he rejected it because as his first TV role he didn't want to be just known as "The Doctor" and put up with having his face plastered on lunchboxes and cups while having figurines made of him. Plus Matt Smith was cheaper as they got him for one million for five series while David Tennant wanting one million per series, thats the REAL reason why Matt Smith got the role, he was cheap and at the time the BBC were having money troubles.

I think if they did Doctor Who they need to do a separate story from the TV show, like do a Doctor but make him be starting off at his first generation and make his character design up themselves.

Then if it does become popular and it goes on for years at least when the voice actor doesn't want to do it no more they can make him regenerate. Even if people don't like the new Doctor they can easily kill him off and start a new with a new voice actor.

However they will need to do motion capturing for this like what ND do for the Last of Us and Uncharted

Xof1987d ago

I couldn't possibly disagree more. Matt Smith is an excellent actor, and he handles the serious, emotional scenes extremely well. The problem with the 11th Doctor isn't Matt Smith's acting, it's Moffat's direction and the increasingly poor writing he's forced to endure. It's not his fault he's being written as a hyperactive manchild.

Mr_Nuts1987d ago

See you can't blame the director over the actors acting. The story fair enough since I feel Moffat was only good at writing the odd, one off DW episode when Russel T Davies was still around and they aren't as good as Moffat's Sherlock writing.

Matt Smith can only be silly thats why they write it like that. All his series acting is horrible, you can tell it's put on, the rage/hatred isn't really there, thats why they probably didn't want those types of moments, they made the show seem more childish then it is when the old ones were for kids and adults alike.

The problem with Matt Smith is that most people and I said most people (so not you) only really like him because they feel like they have to because they want to keep watching Doctor Who. I mean that's why the viewing records have went down by millions, even Matt Smith said himself people have turned off because they preferred David Tennant.

Some people and I mean proper DW fans feel like if they don't put up with Matt or don't like him then people will think they aren't DW fans...and trust me I've seen die hard DW fans at those fan event things, they can be really b***** when it comes to you criticizing something

Xof1987d ago

I've never really considered "serious, emotional scenes" to mean rage or anger. I agree that Matt Smith doesn't really pull off the "fierce deity" persona well, but he DOES do the quiet, somber, "lonely old man" thing very, very well.

So, yes, I think I'm perfectly justified blaming the director. When Matt Smith is allowed to act in a more subdued manner, he's quite good. It's the over-the-top ranting/raving/raging and the "act-like-a-hyperactive-m an-child-because-it's-so-si lly" crap that he can't pull off--and I don't really think ANYONE could.

Xof1987d ago

Avellone brought up a Who RPG during the Eurogamer GDC presentation on Project Eternity, IIRC. He pointed out two big problems with the idea of a Who RPG:

1. Lack of customization. The Doctor's a fairly iconic, after all. He did warm up to the idea of customizing the player character via a new regeneration, which could be cool.

2. "The Doctor knows everything." A character as knowledgeable as the Doctor simply isn't a good protagonist for a game.


You could always bypass that second issue via the amnesiac trope, of course, but that would be... weird. Personally, I'd love to see Avellone do a Who RPG, but he'd need a lot of freedom--I.E. the freedom to create a new Doctor/branch of "canon". In terms of setting, a Who RPG would work fantastically. The TARDIS would be able to serve as a player home AND a hub world AND a fast travel mechanic, and if it incorporated time and space travel well, it could be very cool.

Sadly, I don't see the BBC ever being willing to toss Who over any developer up to the task of making a truly great Who game.