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Tim Schafer argues with a Backer on Twitter over Broken Age development troubles

Double Fine founder, Tim Schafer, has found himself in a bit of a pickle coming out from development troubles plaguing his first Kickstarter project, Broken Age (Double Fine Adventure Game). (Broken Age, Dev, Industry, Tim Schafer)

zeal0us  +   789d ago
This was bound to happen. I'm surprise this didn't happen sooner like the day Schafer made the announcement about Broken Age. But LMAO the guy only donated $1 and wants a refund, dafuq?
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sinncross  +   789d ago
I think ppl have a right to complain but honestly... for $1 that guy is taking this whole thing a little too seriously.
GodGinrai  +   789d ago
That was one of the most entertaining submissions I read in a while. wow...
NewMonday  +   789d ago
doing a second Kickstarter project with the first game behind schedule is arrogant.

the reputation of kickstarter is on the line.
Lucreto  +   788d ago

The people who are going Massive Chalice are a second team finished their part on Broken Age.

For example concept artists who were sitting around now have a new project.
nukeitall  +   789d ago
Actually, just reading part of the conversation, it is clear Tim Schafer is a d*ck, and Bobby Kotick was right!

At least that is the impression I get so far.
dedicatedtogamers  +   789d ago
There is a reason why Tim Schafer's previous games always end up being half-finished products.

It's fine if you're a fan of his games, but now gamers have a taste of how Schafer has acted with publishers' money for the last decade and a half.
wynams  +   788d ago
I think this is pretty commonplace in development (over budget, under completed code), but yes ... Tim definitely has a track record of releasing buggy af video games.
Monkey521  +   788d ago
TL;DR - Double Fine has been transparent always... Development always runs over-budget and over-time... Kickstarter is for funding projects, not buying a product... if you want to follow the development, go to the backer's forum

_____________________________ _______________________________ __________________

I've generally refrained from commenting but I have been kind of getting annoyed by a small percentage of the backers (even that's questionable). While it may seem ridiculous that budgets and timelines get raised/pushed back, this is something that is quite regular in the gaming industry. The makers of the Banner Saga said it quite well,

"If Broken Age wasn't a Kickstarter game the first time you would have heard about it would be a couple months from ship, and that it was a two-part adventure game. And you would have been fine with that." - ( http://www.kickstarter.com/...

The true problem that comes out is that people think they are purchasing a product when they back a kickstarter... sorry but that is not at all what you are doing. You, as a backer, are providing funds for something to be created. Now, the legitimate criticism that has been brought out is that Double Fine should have budgeted better, but creative endeavors are probably some of the toughest things to really put a price on. As a designer myself, sometimes things come together perfectly, other times things go over-budget and miss deadlines. That's the way creative work goes. Sorry.

If ANY of you have been following this kickstarter on their forums/watching their documentary, you would know that they have been completely transparent the entire development process. Also, in the pitch for the game itself, they CLEARLY stated that this game could either succeed or completely go to hell. It was the choice of every backer to take a risk to fund it, and they should accept the consequences (if you can call a delay a true consequence). They are still delivering on the game and not requiring you to do anything at all. Anyways, if people really care about the game itself, go to the backer's forum and talk about it there... you will probably be shocked to see overwhelming support overall.
UNGR  +   789d ago
That dude is a disgrace to gamers. I could have backed more with the change I find on the ground walking around the block, his "symbolic" refund was about the most greedy consumer BS I've ever seen.

An extreme analogy, but bare with me. If I say I'll make you a house for $1, and I say I can no longer finish, but leave you with some work done, and all of the materials, would you B!^(# about that single dollar? Hell no. He should be banned from every gaming website and platform with that attitude, she craps on our already filthy title as a gamer.
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Picnic  +   789d ago
All I read was a bit about Tim Schafer deciding to spend someone's contribution on sparklers rather than on the game. So where would my £5 have gone? Schafer's blueberry muffins? They've raised an absolute fortune.

It sounds akin to the scene in Mary Poppins where the bank won't give someone their money back. Well they will but they're sitting so pretty on everyone else's that they don't give a damn.

What's more trollish than standing on the bridge chancing your luck by saying 'give us your money so I can make this game / get the bus home etc' anyway? Schafer/ Double Fine should respect every last bit of money that they've been given. Insult one backer and you might as well have insulted all.
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schrnkuk  +   789d ago
to be honest , the guy paid 1$ and he wont receive the game anyway (the backers option, needs 15$ minimum). what i am pissed about is that even if its 100$ or 1 cent, people still try to support them with whatever the can, and instead of saying "we appreciate that" he says like an idiot that " he will buy sparkle cans". Moreover, the guy is totally right 2 campaigns (kickstart + humble bundle) and still not enough money, he needs to get his shit together.
ginsunuva  +   789d ago
He got 3 million from people and in the meanwhile, put out games like The Cave and such during that time.
He said he couldn't do it without the kickstarter money.

His Central American tour and hotels that he booked with your money cost more than he thought they would.
Perjoss  +   789d ago
I think starting up another kickstarter project while you're in the middle of quite a big one is a big mistake, and I'm confused how they came to the conclusion that it would be a good idea and actually go ahead with it.

When a developer makes a promise that he and his team are working hard on making the best possible product for us how is that true if he then decides to split his attention with another new project before the first one is even finished.

The excuse that there is a whole new team working on the 2nd project is weak, I can't believe even for a second that Schafer's time on his main project on not diluted now. I didn't back any of his projects, but if I had I'd feel a little cheated right now.

Focus on what you have started and finish it!
RedHawkX  +   789d ago
how is it not enough money to make a game. they should already have the equipment to make the game, they already have the capability to make the game. if the money is just going to man hours then tim needs to get to work and make the game until its done. theres no chill time. you better do crunch time on the game and stop trying to take it easy now that you got money coming in. thats what i hate some of these people making these games need to stop trying to relax. i can see if it was physical work but its not its a freaking video game you should be able to grind to make it. it should be as addicting as math professors who just do crazy math problems all day and night in there free time. thats how you should be we you kickstart a game. you will have free time and vacations when you are done.
jimmywolf  +   788d ago
think the main issue is they got paid before the job was finished, so they lost some incentive keep going, right or wrong it how it is.

they also blew their budget, because when you see a big number you don't think twice how your spending it, not really planing long term.

or maybe they just got so high off all the support, they thought hey everyone supported us once with lot extra cash, why wont they do it again...
InTheLab  +   789d ago
It's no wonder no one wants to work with these people. Dude makes a valid point and gets called a troll for it.

I've always wondered if Kickstarter was a scam.... It's almost like ordering a season pass and not knowing when you'll get a ROI or how long it will take to come out.
cleft5  +   789d ago
It doesn't matter if this guy back the kickstarter with $1 or $100, he did back it and he is entitled to his feelings. However, once a kickstarter has succeeded and the money has been paid out there is no such thing as a refund. This guy is entitled to feel burn since he put in some money, but there are certainly better ways of dealing with an unsatisfied backer than calling him a "troll" even if he is one.

Simply put Tim Schafer was unprofessional. It's nice that he even bothered to response to this guy, but if he doesn't know how to handle dissatisfied, irrational people than he shouldn't get into what could be considered an argument with a backer. People can talk about how this guy only donated $1 all they want, but I didn't donate anything at all. The same way a lot of other folks didn't donate anything at all. He gave $1 and maybe that's all he could afford to give or wanted to give. Either way that makes him a backer and he does deserve some respect even if he behaves like an idiot.
Baka-akaB  +   788d ago
Doesnt matter if it's a dollar and doing it to raise hell , but he's raising quite some good points . Asking for more money when you have another project due is iffy .

But hey it's the backers' problem ... their own little headache they wished for .
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ShadowKingpin  +   788d ago
Schafer is such a tool. I understand it's only $1, but isn't the whole basis of Kickstarter to persuade even the smallest donation and say it's a big help? He made fun of a guy for $1, yet, I'm sure when the actual KS campaign was happening, Schafer was thankful for that dollar, but now he mocks it?

Tim Schafer is the prime example of why so many interesting and unique projects can't be funded--he kills trust.
palaeomerus  +   788d ago
The guy tweeting does seem hostile and rude but he has unfortunately got a valid point that the optics on this are pretty terrible.

Tim doesn't look good with the lame/witty put downs and 'look at the bright side or you're a jerk' diversion bit. He seems smarmy, condescending, not funny, he can't let it go, and the whole thing comes off as rather petty, evasive, testy, and unprofessional. And he never really takes responsibility for things getting out of hand. He just expects it to be okay because now the game is bigger(if it is as on schedule as he claims).
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Trenta27  +   788d ago
He should have stopped responding to the guy. Wow.

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