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9 Things You Didn’t Know About PS4

OPM finds out the pad weighs the same as a rotisserie chicken, among other useful tidbits. (PS4)

LeonhartX  +   692d ago
Am i the only bothered by the '9' reasons they are always 10!!! /jk

Anyway as our friends from Square Enix said "please be excited" :p
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abzdine  +   692d ago
2,8kg power brick included!!
Sony magic
irepbtown  +   691d ago
I always had a problem with not being able to charge the controller while the PS3 being off.
Finally that's sorted with the 'sleep mode' (unless I'm mistaken).
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Transporter47  +   691d ago
I charge mine while im watching netflix or plug in my usb cable while i play which is around 6ft long... never was a problem at least to me.
Ozmoses  +   691d ago
it takes me forever to figure out what I want to play..

So I just plug in my controller and let it sit idle, while I go outside and smoke weed.

then about 30 minutes later I usually come back inside and look at my stack of games and then turnaround and go smoke again, until I feel I'm high enough to get my game on..

*Spoiler* - I gotta be high to do anything.
Blachek  +   691d ago

That'll take you far
Ozmoses  +   691d ago
I'm living life super fine as a matter of fact.

I am a disabled veteran from the war in Iraq..

I get paid to sit around and I get paid even more money when I go to college.

hmmm??? Yeah!!!! my life really is in shambles

P.S. - You'd get high too if you've seen the things I've seen
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Ozmoses  +   691d ago
everyone still assumes weed is a lazy drug...

you think people smoke weed and just lounge around...

yeah, ok tell that to the doctor that is doing surgery while hopped up on pain medications...

or tell that to the lawyer that his saving your ass from jail while their snorting up some blow in the bathroom...

if you really think weed is gonna cause my life to abruptly stop and make it hard for me than you seriously haven't experienced life yet.
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shoddy  +   691d ago
I'm a buda lovaz.
I salute you brave soldier
arkard  +   691d ago
@ozmoses I think its not the fact that you smoke weed, its the fact that use "Im a disabled war vet" as if that makes it ok. Im willing to bet there is a type of job that you would be able to do regardless of your disability...but no its ok just go ahead and collect disability thats so much easier....but its ok you served your country so you could go commit murder and it would be forgiven.
Ozmoses  +   691d ago
no see the first post I only mentioned smoking weed...

and the dude replied "that'll take you far"

so I felt implied to defend my lifestyle... because I have seen things that many many many of you will never see in your lifetime...

I was 20 in Iraq.. I turned 21 in Iraq... I couldn't even drink, but I could carry 240 rounds of 5.56 and point my M16 at whoever I thought looked at me funny..

His comment said I wouldn't make it in life far because I smoke weed..

When frankly I experienced more in my life from the ages of 18-22 than he probably ever will.. 2002-2006 total time in U.S Army

U.S Army Specialist... OIF III 2005-2006.. 3/13th FA out of FT. Sill, Oklahoma.

Total time was 4 years with 1 in South Korea and 1 in Iraq..

So when I say that I smoke weed.. I mean I smoke weed because I don't give a fuck really anymore... I've done my time and I've served my country...

And all in the time of what?? to come home and be treated with false patriotism??? or let's see I dunno singled out by the government because changing gun laws make veterans more likely to become "terrorists"

didn't you know the FBI has a list.. and that list states that combat veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan are the newest threats to the people of America...

It's all about readjusting to society as they like to put it..

So I'll tell you this... Once you've been in WAR and come back.. There isn't anything like it..

Life doesn't have meaning for me back in America, because no one is trying to kill me.

So Yeah... I smoke weed to deal with it.

and I'm enrolled in college... my 5th semester starts in August...

do you even want me to start describing what my back accounts and credit scores look like???? because I GUARANTEE they are higher (not a pun) than yours.
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MWong  +   692d ago
They could've cut the article down to just #9. I love that it will keep downloading even when the system is powered down or playing a game.
assdan  +   691d ago
I new 6 of those things. There were a few details about the DS4 I didn't know. Like there are buttons on the touch pad.
Heartnet  +   691d ago
not buttons.. button i think was what he was getting at.. as in u can press the touichpad down?
Braid  +   691d ago

Yeah, that's how I understood it as well. Seems like the touchpad itself functions as a seperate button, just like how R3/L3 works on PS3 when you press the analog sticks.
Heartnet  +   691d ago
Tbh this article couldve been shortened to about 5... "Headset" its actually an ear-set :L and weights are on 2 seperate pages... theres a reason they couldnt get 2 ten as they put some random useless knowledge on there :L

oh and website was garbage... 9 different pages? gathering hits much... terrible..
RedHawkX  +   691d ago
its only 9 things because we already know the 10th one and the 10th reason is its better then the xbox one.
Zhipp  +   691d ago
Read the title of the article, then come back and read your own post.
Wizziokid  +   692d ago
I knew most of those but still a good read, can't wait to get mine!
mxrider2199  +   692d ago
Didnt know about the sleep mode thats awesome ive always hated having a controller plugged in to charge and turning off my console forgetting it cant charge while its off :/
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   692d ago
Ahhhhh need ps4 naoooooooo
Rowdius_Maximus  +   692d ago
Awesome, cannot wait till October
PiperMCFierceson  +   691d ago
;) fingers crossed!
305LoneWolf  +   691d ago
fingers crossed, eyes crossed, legs crossed.. :)
Slysi  +   692d ago
Awesome,can I now just buy one plzzzzzzzzzzzz
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WeskerChildReborned  +   692d ago
Just found out about the touchpad button, seems pretty cool also didn't know about the weight. The rest though i've already heard about.
TheGrimReaper0011  +   692d ago
how unsurprising
i knew most of these facts already
thechowderp  +   692d ago
i knew all of it except 7
IGW_Fobia  +   692d ago
#10 - Infamous: Second Son
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   691d ago
You didn't know about one of their flagship titles...?
IGW_Fobia  +   691d ago
The funny thing is...the article mentions that the information it has are features that are un-known of the PlayStation 4 - yet all of those features/aspects of the system have been know.

So really the article is just about various exciting things about the system. So I decided to add in another thing to be excited about the system.
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   691d ago
Ahhh ok. So you changed up the meaning. xD Fair enough!
Heartnet  +   691d ago
wont be their at launch so how can it make the list xD u might aswell list all Last of Us 2 while ur at it :)
IGW_Fobia  +   691d ago
Well...if you insist;

#10 - Infamous: Second Son
#11 - The Last of Us 2
#12 - #103 - Resistance 4

Sorry, I couldn't stop..
IGW_Fobia  +   691d ago
DragonKnight  +   692d ago
The only thing I didn't know was the touchpad clicks.

The things I didn't care about were how much the PS4 and the Dualshock weighs.

This was a simple hit seeking list from OPM. Don't waste your time clicking it. The list is lame.
Freedomland  +   691d ago

Weigh and size specially matter for the people who usually travel by air and even if you go to your friend's house carrying bigness and heaviness in your bag on foot, you will stop going to gym.
Electronics are getting smaller and less in weigh in the future, not getting bigger and heavier but it's vice versa for some companies when they use rocket science.
DragonKnight  +   691d ago
How many people do you know will take their PS4 on a plane with them?

And what's the point of having the exact weight? You can't just say "PS4 is pretty light?"

And why does anyone need to know the weight of the dualshock controller?

Again, it's a bad list.
ShwankyShpanky  +   691d ago
I'll probably be taking my PS4 on a plane at some point. But I also took my PS3 fat on business trips as well, and I managed all right with that beast. So yeah, I think the weights are just trivia used to pad out the list. Hey, those specific weights were the only two points I actually didn't already know.

On that note: "It’s equivalent to an average rotisserie chicken (give or take a couple of kg if you’re adding barbecue sauce)"

How much effing BBQ sauce does this guy use? A couple kg for one chicken? Jiminey christmas dude...
MikeMyers  +   691d ago
"And why does anyone need to know the weight of the dualshock controller?"

Probably due to feedback of the original PS3 controller which felt light because of the lack of rumble feedback.

Why does Apple talk about the weight of the IPad? Gee, some people. If the list is bad then why keep commenting on it?
KillrateOmega  +   691d ago
Wow. Way to be a party pooper, bro.
RedHawkX  +   691d ago
The only thing thats lame is the xbox one and people who buy it. this ps4 list rocks!
listenkids  +   691d ago
I feel like I'm the only person that get's annoyed by titles which claim you "don't know". Why not "may not know", because I usually know some things.
Sitdown  +   691d ago
Agreed...... it's like because they got this revelation, that they feel it will be a revelation to everybody else, when in reality we all are pretty much connected to the same sources.
_FantasmA_  +   691d ago
You many not know this, but Santa Claus....isn't real. Unicorns on the other hand...
Sitdown  +   691d ago
This should be 9 things the casual gamer does not know.... Next generation fanatics have pretty much consumed all the information that is available.
craizzuk  +   691d ago
How much bbq sauce??
o-Sunny-o  +   691d ago
I'm tired of waiting for PS4. I'm going to buy another PS3 and pretend it's an PS4.
azshorty2003  +   691d ago
Tape them together and you've got a PS6, then you're in the Future!
IGW_Fobia  +   691d ago
Or chop off 2/3 of the second PS3.

But do whatever you feel is right.
phantomexe  +   691d ago
So the ps4 can use the ps3 turtle beach headsets? Did i read that right.
ShwankyShpanky  +   691d ago
PS4 should be able to use any headset that worked with the PS3.
CrimsonSquall  +   691d ago
3.5mm headphone jack. For reference, that's the one found on an ipod/iphone or basically any phone or mp3 player nowadays
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dboyman  +   690d ago
@CrimsonSquall Is that headphone jack on PS4 controller stereo or mono?
greenlantern2814  +   691d ago
Correction 6 things I did know. I wasn't sure about the system, controller weights, or the sleep mode charging the controller.
Also in the part about the headset they said your current turtle beach headsets will work with ps4. This is great news since I very recently bought a set at 160 $.
List also didn't have the 1 thing I really want to know and that's when will it be in my home.
Godlovesgamers  +   691d ago
Im sure everyone knew everything on this list except 7 & 8.

Title should've read: "I've really nothing important to write about but my site still really needs views!"
305LoneWolf  +   691d ago
i knew all this info except the weight of the ps4 system and dualshock4.. it was a pain in the ass when we all carried the fat ps3.. what they should of list 10 reasons because we future ps4 owners need a official release date!
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Davuskus  +   691d ago
I did know about 4 of them
Xx-ADITYA-xX  +   691d ago
Lol, I already know about all this.
Relientk77  +   691d ago
That Dual Shock 4 is a thing of beauty
Thomper  +   691d ago
Well that article was scraping the bottom of the barrel..

This is gonna be a long 4 months.....
Larkman13  +   691d ago
Scrapping the bottom of your pants for ideas not to get a ps4
Btw dont forget brush your teeth
Thomper  +   691d ago
This, everybody, is my stalker...

He has been following me around for a bit now.... I think he has a bit of a thing for me. It's kinda sweet really (he's not the sharpest knife in the drawer though)

As for not getting a ps4... I pre-ordered mine on the 2nd June....

Has your mum ordered yours out of the littlewoods catalogue yet?
IceKoldKilla  +   691d ago
Only the 7, 8 & 9 were things I didn't know. The touchpad button was talked about like with Killzone and inFAMOUS. One of the devs gave exclusive news to HipHopGamer that no one has even talked about yet. This dude is the shit and other sites push him down instead of helping him. He was told that in inFAMOUS you could strangle someone with the touchpad then finish him off pressing the button or something around those lines. Either Killzone or inFAMOUS. Still gives you an idea of what can be done
Blachek  +   691d ago
After reading this article, I can tell you 1 thing I do know. I'm still not going to buy one.

I haven't seen any exclusives that I need to play.
theChickGamer  +   691d ago
You must be a player that doesn't like variety ;)
Blachek  +   691d ago
I love variety, just dont have the time that I used to. Probably wont buy either console for a year or so after they launch. I think that is probably the best bet in the long run anyway. Reduced costs, ironed out issues, patches, and library will be more full.
theChickGamer  +   691d ago
Warframe makes use of the touchpad for your badass, rechargeable move, it's integrate quite well and works better that I could imagine :)
RockmanII7  +   691d ago
"With DualShock 4 the pressure-sensitive analogue buttons have been exchanged for digital versions."

Does that mean that triangle/circle/ect. buttons were replaced with a touch screen? I'm iffy on that one but I might just not get it.
mkotechno  +   691d ago
Square, triangle, etc... was analogic (value from 0 to 127) in DS3, now they are digital (value 0 or 1) in the DS4.

The reason is no developer used it in the last generation.
CrimsonSquall  +   691d ago
Just about the only game I can think of that used it was Gran Turismo 5
AxeCain  +   691d ago
I absolutely hate the PS4 UI!
I seriously hope it can be customized...

XB1 UI looks really slick and organized. Should the UI matter this much to me?

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