9 Things You Didn’t Know About PS4

OPM finds out the pad weighs the same as a rotisserie chicken, among other useful tidbits.

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LeonhartX1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Am i the only bothered by the '9' reasons they are always 10!!! /jk

Anyway as our friends from Square Enix said "please be excited" :p

abzdine1988d ago

2,8kg power brick included!!
Sony magic

irepbtown1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

I always had a problem with not being able to charge the controller while the PS3 being off.
Finally that's sorted with the 'sleep mode' (unless I'm mistaken).

Transporter471988d ago

I charge mine while im watching netflix or plug in my usb cable while i play which is around 6ft long... never was a problem at least to me.

Ozmoses1988d ago

it takes me forever to figure out what I want to play..

So I just plug in my controller and let it sit idle, while I go outside and smoke weed.

then about 30 minutes later I usually come back inside and look at my stack of games and then turnaround and go smoke again, until I feel I'm high enough to get my game on..

*Spoiler* - I gotta be high to do anything.

Blachek1988d ago


That'll take you far

Ozmoses1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

I'm living life super fine as a matter of fact.

I am a disabled veteran from the war in Iraq..

I get paid to sit around and I get paid even more money when I go to college.

hmmm??? Yeah!!!! my life really is in shambles

P.S. - You'd get high too if you've seen the things I've seen

Ozmoses1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

everyone still assumes weed is a lazy drug...

you think people smoke weed and just lounge around...

yeah, ok tell that to the doctor that is doing surgery while hopped up on pain medications...

or tell that to the lawyer that his saving your ass from jail while their snorting up some blow in the bathroom...

if you really think weed is gonna cause my life to abruptly stop and make it hard for me than you seriously haven't experienced life yet.

shoddy1988d ago

I'm a buda lovaz.
I salute you brave soldier

arkard1988d ago

@ozmoses I think its not the fact that you smoke weed, its the fact that use "Im a disabled war vet" as if that makes it ok. Im willing to bet there is a type of job that you would be able to do regardless of your disability...but no its ok just go ahead and collect disability thats so much easier....but its ok you served your country so you could go commit murder and it would be forgiven.

Ozmoses1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

no see the first post I only mentioned smoking weed...

and the dude replied "that'll take you far"

so I felt implied to defend my lifestyle... because I have seen things that many many many of you will never see in your lifetime...

I was 20 in Iraq.. I turned 21 in Iraq... I couldn't even drink, but I could carry 240 rounds of 5.56 and point my M16 at whoever I thought looked at me funny..

His comment said I wouldn't make it in life far because I smoke weed..

When frankly I experienced more in my life from the ages of 18-22 than he probably ever will.. 2002-2006 total time in U.S Army

U.S Army Specialist... OIF III 2005-2006.. 3/13th FA out of FT. Sill, Oklahoma.

Total time was 4 years with 1 in South Korea and 1 in Iraq..

So when I say that I smoke weed.. I mean I smoke weed because I don't give a fuck really anymore... I've done my time and I've served my country...

And all in the time of what?? to come home and be treated with false patriotism??? or let's see I dunno singled out by the government because changing gun laws make veterans more likely to become "terrorists"

didn't you know the FBI has a list.. and that list states that combat veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan are the newest threats to the people of America...

It's all about readjusting to society as they like to put it..

So I'll tell you this... Once you've been in WAR and come back.. There isn't anything like it..

Life doesn't have meaning for me back in America, because no one is trying to kill me.

So Yeah... I smoke weed to deal with it.

and I'm enrolled in college... my 5th semester starts in August...

do you even want me to start describing what my back accounts and credit scores look like???? because I GUARANTEE they are higher (not a pun) than yours.

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MWong1988d ago

They could've cut the article down to just #9. I love that it will keep downloading even when the system is powered down or playing a game.

assdan1988d ago

I new 6 of those things. There were a few details about the DS4 I didn't know. Like there are buttons on the touch pad.

Heartnet1988d ago

not buttons.. button i think was what he was getting at.. as in u can press the touichpad down?

Braid1988d ago


Yeah, that's how I understood it as well. Seems like the touchpad itself functions as a seperate button, just like how R3/L3 works on PS3 when you press the analog sticks.

Heartnet1988d ago

Tbh this article couldve been shortened to about 5... "Headset" its actually an ear-set :L and weights are on 2 seperate pages... theres a reason they couldnt get 2 ten as they put some random useless knowledge on there :L

oh and website was garbage... 9 different pages? gathering hits much... terrible..

RedHawkX1988d ago

its only 9 things because we already know the 10th one and the 10th reason is its better then the xbox one.

Zhipp1988d ago

Read the title of the article, then come back and read your own post.

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Wizziokid1989d ago

I knew most of those but still a good read, can't wait to get mine!

mxrider21991988d ago

Didnt know about the sleep mode thats awesome ive always hated having a controller plugged in to charge and turning off my console forgetting it cant charge while its off :/

xReDeMpTiOnx1988d ago

Ahhhhh need ps4 naoooooooo

JackOfAllBlades1988d ago

Awesome, cannot wait till October

1988d ago
305LoneWolf1988d ago

fingers crossed, eyes crossed, legs crossed.. :)