Gran Turismo 6 vs. Gran Turismo 5 Video Comparison

Check out a video comparison between Gran Turismo 6 (demo) and Gran Turismo 5.

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hay1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

I think they managed to improve it quite a lot.
Shadows are improved, lighting is improved, trees are more detailed, suspension system seems to be more reactive to physics, UI is slicker, loadings are well designed. But the most important thing in this game I wasn't able to check.
Driving with a good driving wheel. But soon, soooooooon...

Shapes up to be amazing sequel.

snipab8t1993d ago

GT5 was disappointing to say the least. GT6 will have to be amazing to beat Forza 4 and Forza 5 when it comes out.

mcstorm1993d ago

I have to agree I felt GT6 was a massive let down. It felt like it was not finished and I think the patches show this.

I do think GT6 looks like it is a complete game and the new menu system look good but I will not be getting GT6 as I will have Forza 5 to play when I get my One in November.

Im sure this will be the GT game GT fans have been expecting though.

sarcastoid1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

It's not done yet?

mcstorm1993d ago

Sorry should or said "I have to agree I felt GT5 was a massive let down. It felt like it was not finished and I think the patches show this."

My fault did not mean GT6.

Nexgensensation1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

GT5 wasnt all that good of a racing game especially compare to gt4! my main dissappointment was from the events in GT5 and also the dealerships in gt5.

and to compare GT5 to forza5 I think that PD is underestimating turn 10

AngryEnglish1992d ago

the biggest issue for me with GT5 was the load times, it seemed to take forever to get in a race

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Software_Lover1993d ago

............. Is it just me or, other than the correct lighting and shadows, does GT5 look better?

LonDonE1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

they are comparing a just over 1gb demo with compressed textures, to a full retail release, which has at bare minimum 10gb installed on the ps3 hard drive at all times, seriously come off it, but i will admit i actually prefer GT5'S look, but i reserve judgement till the full game releases, the buggy shadows got on my nerves on gt5, and spoiled the beauty of the game, but still it was sexy, gt6 should be too, will have to wait and see!

AngryEnglish1992d ago

im with you on that, gt6 looks washed out and dull, i would have said they had it the wrong way around if it wasnt labelled

Drakul1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

just hit the mute and watch. looks pretty same

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The story is too old to be commented.