The Best Shooters of All Time

PCGamer: Before we knew what to name them, we called them “Doom clones.” id Software’s seminal work sparked a phenomenon when it began to circulate as shareware 20 years ago, and since then shooters have propagated through mods, experimentation, LAN parties, co-op, eSports, and big-budget masterpieces. Guns and enemies are their bread and butter, but we don’t think of our favorite shooters as outlets for simulated violence. We celebrate the way they test our minds and mouse reflexes, the personal stories they generate, the captivating worlds they’ve founded, and the social spaces they provide for lighthearted bonding or hardcore competition.

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za3redrum1690d ago

Half-Life (+ Counter-Strike), Quake III, Battlefield 1942 for me. Great LAN-games.

Walker1690d ago

Half Life 2 is not only best FPS ever, this is best game ever made !

WhiskyWhiskers1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

Only new age kids disagree. Don't feel bad, they don't know what it is like to play FPS that require real technique and skill.

Like Quake, Unreal Tournament and old Tribes. These kids now a days wouldn't last a mintue in Half Life 2 Deathmatch either which is the funny thing.

They wouldn't even know the art of bunny hopin or most would be like where is my auto aim? Those are the same people that probably think a controller is better for FPS..

G-Ham1690d ago

Dissapoint that Halo is not on this list.

The Meerkat1690d ago

Trex Warrior (look it up)

Sie1690d ago

Quake III Arena & Unreal Tournament.

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The story is too old to be commented.