Survey: Average UK gamer is married, 35, earns £23k

That's according to a survey, conducted by gaming social network Pixwoo, of 2000 Brits who have identified themselves as gamers.

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Maddens Raiders1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Sounds about right. /gamers/ are all old now. :)

TheSaint1961d ago

Who you calling old!

Even if I am.

Gamer19821961d ago

I'm 31 Married, from UK and earn about 13k a year lol.

CRAIG6671961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Wages in the UK have become a complete joke, there is hardly any difference between skilled and unskilled salary, may as well work at McDonalds...

I am 32 and have been lucky with what I earn but for years I struggled...

-Married with 3 kids.

nukeitall1961d ago


That is the problem with non-capitalistic society. In the US, McDonalds workers get close to minimum wage. Skilled labor gets more and labor that requires usage of your brain gets handsomely rewarded.

That is why I love the US capitalistic system. It rewards hard work, instead of distributing wealth to people that don't want to achieve.

Unfortunately, I know live in Europe where this is ever present almost everywhere. Germany is the only country I have had personal contact with that seems to be highly capitalistic.

That said, it doesn't surprise me gamers get low wages. There was a study that found gamers to in general have lower wages, poorer careers and family stability than non-gamers.

I'm a gamer, but I recognize the issue. After all, when I do play, I can't stop!!!

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JackOfAllBlades1961d ago

There is a massive new generation of gamers coming who are about 17-25 now

SniperControl1961d ago

And all they play is cod games.
I have at some point in my life owned an Atari 2600, Spectrum 128k, Nintendo Snes, Sega Megadrive, Commodore Amiga, Nin 64, GBA, Sega Saturn, PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, PS Vita, X360. I also have a high end gaming PC. I pre-ordered the PS4 back in Feb.

I am what you would call a TRUE gamer.

LoveSpuds1961d ago

With the exception of the Sega Saturn you have the same track record as me chief :)

I reached 38 a few days ago and weirdly, I earn £23,300PA. Always thought I was special, turns out I am an average Joe :D

torchic1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

so because you were born earlier that makes you a "truer" gamer?

I'm 20 now, and I've basically grown up with a controller in my hand, and I think I can speak for a vast majority of kids around my age. I first started with knock off Sonic and assorted classic Nintendo games at about age 5, switched to PlayStation at age 7 and have owned every available Sony console ever since, barring Vita and PS4. there was a giant boom of young video gamers born in the 90s obviously due to the popularity of PSone and have therefore lived through undoubtedly gaming's best two generations so I think younger gamers are true gamers as well.

and on the issue of CoD, majority of the time it's older gamers who rip on CoD because I guess at that age the reflexes aren't as sharp

sourav931961d ago

So just because you've been gaming longer than most people, mostly because you were born earlier, makes you a "TRUE" gamer? And all of us who were born in the 90s and only had the pleasure of starting out gaming with a PlayStation, we're just phonies? Gamer logic right there....*correction* TRUE gamers are smarted than that. They don't care when they or anyone else started gaming.

Picnic1961d ago

True gamers knew that Atari consoles were an expensive waste of time.

SniperControl1961d ago

^^^To the peeps above
I have just read what i have wrote and it came out all wrong.
What i meant to say was that i have been gaming a long time and played thousands of games, i just feel that a lot of young gamers today just play COD/Halo MP all the time and don't experience anything else gaming has to offer. I know a couple of lads from work, who just own a 360 and a copy of COD or Halo for MP & nothing else.

I agree, to be a gamer you have to start somewhere, be it an Atari 2600 or a PS4, but to be a true gamer you have to look beyond COD & Halo and truly experience the highs & lows of other games, i'am not saying MP is bad, just try something else.
Jesus, i remember COD when it was a WW2 SP shooter, that was a truly epic game.


I used to play COD MP on my X360 years ago, but got f~#ked off with the constant abuse from 12 year old little shits, ruined the whole MP experience for me.

SniperControl1961d ago

Wow, i am 38 as well lol, fortunately i work in the IT industry & my wages are quite higher than the average, but i worked bloody hard to get there, just so my little 4 year old lad can experience gaming the way i did when i was growing up.
Although he did proclaim to me the other day that "Xbox was rubbish" & that the PS4 was going into his bedroom. lol

SniperControl1961d ago

True gamers know, with out the Atari 2600 success, there would be no consoles today. LOL

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Tultras1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Like me! I'm 17.

And yes, I play COD all day long, problem?

I find that COD the best replay value, it's multiplayer is simply really good. That said I Have played a plethora of different games None of them keep have kept me hooked longer than COD sadly.

csreynolds1961d ago

I find it hard to believe that you play "a plethora of different games" if you think CoD has the best replay value. Many of the greatest games in terms of longevity and replayability are not products of Activision, Infinity Ward or Treyarch...

hay1961d ago

COD is good for starters, but it's like sitting on a shallow end of the pool wearing a life vest. You can dip your arse there and enjoy it, sure, it's water, it's wet, it covers some of your body.
But to have a full blast, one just needs to learn to swim and go to the deep end and dive a bit.

Tultras1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Haven't tried borderlands 2, right now, apart from COD with friends, i am playing NFS:MW and after that TLOU.

I never said COD has the 'best' replay value, just that its multiplayer is really good and keeps me hooked to the game 'longer' than most. Even though i can't really see the appeal to the game, its just addicting, in some ways.

Also, i only got my PS3 in late 2011, so i was a little late to the game, but i have played ( apart from COD ):

Killzone 3, uncharted 2/3, resistance 2/3, deadspace 2, Fifa series ( currently playing 13. ) Skyrim, dark souls, GT5 ( sadly, haven't played the full game, just the prologue version ), NFS:MW, Kingdoms of amalur, Spiderman:web of shadows, Batman: AC, Battlefield 3, Crysis 2, Twisted metal, Mass effect 3, CS:GO, littlebigplanet, and many others.

Most of them are better than COD, leagues better, but what i mean to say is; they don't keep me playing longer than COD, for the duration i play them, they appeal to me much better than COD.

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nick3091961d ago

This gamer must marry a girl gamer to finish the month and afford all good games.

MikeyDucati11961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

I wonder what NA stats are like. Cause it seems like the average gamer over here is 13-15 and of course, has no job. I could be ignorant but I'm a gamer from the Atari days and some of my buddies look at me weird that I still play videogames with pretty much the same passion as my youth.

PositiveEmotions1961d ago

I been playing video games since i was 7 years old and now ima grown man and i still play video games. I too have the same passion for video games

insomnium21961d ago

Yeah some of the people from our age group (30 somethings) still has that mentality that gaming is only for children. They are stuck in the nes-era when all the games LOOKED childish. smh.

CRAIG6671961d ago

I too have been playing since the C64 days, but alot of my friends are gamers too, perhaps not to the same extent as me but gamers non the less.
I do still meet people who say "games are for kids" and to them I just point out the fact that I would rather be using my brain than sat in front of a mindless TV show having my brain numbed, that not to say I dont enjoy the odd mind numbing TV show! FAMILY GUY RULES!

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