No Xbox Live Rewards survey this month.

For the first time since it's inception at the end of 2010, Xbox Live Rewards won't have a survey this month for 20 free MS points for it's members.

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kingxtreme811903d ago

Yeah, I noticed that on July 1st. I was so surprised to see that no survey was available.

I rely on that for an easy 20 points a month!

Oh well. Hopefully it's back next month.

Robochobo1903d ago

Yeah, it's to bad. Between Bing rewards, and Xbox rewards, MS points come freely. It's too bad that they didn't have a survey this month.

Software_Lover1903d ago

It's too bad they dont blab about this stuff in the press. Even if they did, someone on this website will find something negative about it.

AusRogo1903d ago

@software because 20 points isn't much to boast about?

Software_Lover1903d ago


Coupled with the bing rewards it adds up.

I'm not arguing that 20 points is nothing, it isn't, but it can does add up coupled with other aspects.

Free is FREE

AusRogo1903d ago

Free is good!, was just replying to why 'they don't blab to the press' about it.. dont see why they would when its not much really. Not that free is bad, it's not :)

Tultras1903d ago

Yeah.. free...

All you've got to do is pay 50$ a year to get 2.5$ through the survey, Awesome Microsoft! Giving away free stuff to people.

MajorLazer1903d ago


Actually, silver members can get these free points too

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brich2331903d ago

use bing to get free points.

dazzrazz1903d ago

Thats $2.50 a year 0_o People really bother with those ? wow

AsianInferno1903d ago

People like free stuff, as much as I hate surveys it does eventually accumulate. Even a miniscule amount of point may help in purchasing a skin or weapons.

No_Limit1903d ago

you'll be surprise by how much people are willing to go to get every points they can get when you go to CAG.

Rivitur1903d ago

I'm with ya right been doing it for a while and CAG is my second home basically.

kreate1903d ago

Cag is more effective than going through a survey for 50 points.

But 50 points for a survey is a good thing, they should continue it.

UNGR1903d ago

Bing rewards is much better. When you first start with a few accounts you can get a few $20 DLC's a month, then it slows down to about one DLC a month. Either way it's a much better deal. As crappy as Bing is it's worth it, the $2.50 a year from the survey is pointless unless you want an unlock per year in some crappy F2P game.

Zichu1903d ago

It's pretty good. If your already a gold member, you should just do it. It doesnt take long and even some of the punchcards are something you might do anyway.

It's not great enough to become a gold member just for it.

abcde123451903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

I was wondering what happened to the survey. That's lame....

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