Bethesda’s Battlecry Studios: AAA New Game, CryEngine, Shooter/Action/RPG, Online/MMO, F2P

"In October 2012, ZeniMax opened Battlecry Studios as part of their Bethesda Softworks subsidiary. But since then, we’ve pretty much heard nothing. So here’s what we were able to dig up." - PSLS

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doctorstrange1963d ago

CryEngine? This could be interesting.

DoomeDx1963d ago

I call bullshit on this one.

Cryengine is great and all but has one big limitation. Map size. It is not possible to create openworld games using CryEngine, unless you want long ass loading screens here and there.

Ive worked long enough with CryEngine to know that.
Dont get me wrong, its an amazing engine that provides great graphics (especially PC). But openworld? No way.

DeadlyFire1963d ago

I disagree. :P

Aion is MMO built on Cryengine. Released a few years ago.

wallis1963d ago

It doesn't need huge maps. Open world games can easily consist of smaller maps put together a la Stalker or borderlands or even the first Crysis (kind of). Clever map design can create a large play space that is confined through natural geographic borders that make sense, while also creating and taking advantage of vertical space. This can be seen to good effect in games that don't have map size issues such as Skyrim, or in games that have clearly limited space options such as Stalker. Point is engine limitations can often be overcome with clever game and map design.

zeal0us1963d ago

If done right I wouldn't mind a fallout mmo. Though I wouldn't mind a new IP MMO either. I do have mix feeling about being F2P. I don't mind it being F2P but this type of model usually gets ruin by gold spammers, bots or hackers.

TrendyGamers1963d ago

I completely forgot about Battlecry! A Fallout MMO could be interesting.

knifefight1963d ago

This is confirmed F2P? Huh, hadn't heard that before. Neat.

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