Wii U’s GamePad is an Essential Piece of Nintendo’s Console Future

GenGAME writes: "Just like the Wii Remote and Nunchuk were able to play most of the best games on Wii – both motion and otherwise – the GamePad’s designed to play just about everything developers can dream up for the system, and that includes all the kinds of dual-analog AAA games third-party developers are dedicated to going forward. The Wii Remote was limited by its lack of direct parity with the industry standard dual-analog controller, but that barrier is gone now. That means it’s less of a risk to create any of these kinds of games for the system than it would be otherwise: every Wii U owner will have the ability to play virtually anything developers can dream up."

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PopRocks3591986d ago

Personally I'd rather have it there than not. It adds a lot of convenience to be able to play games without the need of a TV. Just wish Nintendo's newer games made better use of it.

I would hope they use this tech with their next console when it's cheaper to make them and just focus on making a powerful, competitive console. Hopefully this generation and their performance within it will serve as a lesson for the company as to not ride something like the Wii brand for so damn long.

Xof1986d ago


Two weeks ago I thought it was silly, superfluous, and a waste of resources.

One week ago I bought a Wii U.

Today, it's my favorite aspect of the system. The main problem, I think, is that it just doesn't have enough opportunities to shine due to the WiiU's lackluster library. Once there are more good WiiU games and a solid virtual console library, I don't think anyone will be able to deny the appeal. It effectively turns the WiiU into not simply an HD home console, but also an HD, super-comfortable, super-huge HD handheld console. And when you can play games like Pikmin, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire, etc. on those, well... hot damn, let's just say I'm excited.

PopRocks3591986d ago

I agree. The Wii U can still get some fun content. Mine has access to a variety of physical and digital games from both its own library and the Wii's.

In the same vain that Vita is good for Sony fans and provides access to a variety of content, the Wii U needs more NEW stuff to get people excited and interested in the actual console.

1986d ago
Triforce0791986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

Why are u talking crap in graphics not raw power the wiiu is on equal footing end of,the ps3 and 360 were dx9 yet they still managed games like crysis ect,wiiu is dx11 but has edram lots of it and if you exploit that then the wiiu gpgpu has the edge,ps4 and xbox1 gpu's are just mid range and will rely on cpu a little more than wiiu,games like X or Bayonetta2 or MK8 look Nextgen and are running in FULL HD 60fps so real nextgen in graphics/resolution and framerate.

ps4 1.6ghz wow thats alot more than 1.3ghz the wiiu has ?? yes i know only tri-core but wiiu has edram cache on them cores so clock for clock it destroys the jaguar cores in ps4 and if Moonlith say cpu is good then that will do me.

Concertoine1986d ago

I dont think nintendo would invest millions into a piece of hardware like the gamepad without a lot of ideas on how to use it, and that's what i look forward to seeing.

Xof1986d ago

It's kind of silly how some gamers keep on expecting Nintendo to abandon the central technological elements of their platforms. I can't begin to count the number of times I've seen people declaring their desire for Nintendo to drop the second screen off the DS, or the 3D screen from the 3DS--or the stylus/touch screen from both--or the motion controls from the Wii.

It's unrealistic and silly.

Firan1986d ago

I'm guessing anyone who says that has never tried those platforms.

diepdiep1986d ago

The Wii U's got plenty of years ahead along with the other new consoles. I'm positive that we will be seeing tons of new gameplay uses with the gamepad.

Triforce0791986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

Can i say sometime positive i know on this site that's very rare,but here goes look Iwata has said he is very clear that the misconception that some devs and publishers are calling the wiiu not powerful and this is not the case,wiiu will keep up with ps4 ect his words and we will make use of modern engines to keep up,he also said graphics on wiiu will rival ps4/xbox1 ect,yes RIVAL ps4/xbox1 that means surpass in some cases look Nintendo have shown nextgen games running in FULL HD,where are xbox1 and ps4's FULL HD games ???? oh Nintendo also demoed most of the games as well ???? so these games are real and the graphics and scope are achieved on devkits not ultra powerful pc's ??? plus graphics will improve on all the games shown.

What everyone forgets is just having offtvplay and dual rumble,sound that rivals the tv,voice chat without a stupid headset,video chat without an addon camera,the most comfortable controller to hold due to it being bigger,NFC,Bluetooth,infared,2 .5 times the accuracy of motion controls over wiimote plus and playstation move,panarama viewpoint for in game camera's possibe,and when 2 gamepad support is here then online/offline MP will be amazing,i'm sure games like MK8 and X ect will use 2 gamepads for the best MP experience seen yet.

LOL_WUT1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

I often find myself watching the gamepad a lot more when i'm playing ;)

Ninte1986d ago

Just as long we have the cboice to play the game pad and pro controller i'm fine with that.

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