Xbox Live Ultimate Game Sale continues with six new games added

Microsoft has revealed the next set of games that are currently on sale during their "Ultimate Game Sale" on Xbox Live.

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Fasttrack761959d ago

No thx,most are cheaper else where,worst day so far, ps plus you can get xcom for free also

vikingland11959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

I have to say I love having PS+ the instant game collection is great. But the Xbox game sale is good too. I got the witcher2 for 10 bucks. Not a bad deal by any means.

Fasttrack761959d ago

Yeah I missed that one, was playing the last of us.

s8anicslayer1959d ago

Free rental though, not to mention discounted games and content all year when your a plus member. But remember that as long as you stay a plus member you can have that game in your library so that is one long rental!

Fasttrack761959d ago

Yes maybe,but I'm in it for the long run ps plus.

trouble_bubble1959d ago

Xbox live = rent. Online, apps, browser, games like crash course, sales. Need I go on?

objdadon1959d ago

The "rent" comment is idiotic. If you buy a digital copy straight out its still just gonna go to waste when you finish the game. Can't trade it or sell it so with plus it works just fine. This live sale ended real sucky but at least I was able to get borderlands 2, crysis 3, and assassins creed 3 all for 45 bucks total! Really wanted bioshock but not at that price. May get tomb raider though since it's still 40-45 at gamestop.

kreate1959d ago

Most of the sale is priced similar to gamestop prices.

Tomb raider is 27-30 bucks at best buy.

Borderlands 2 was the best deal from this ultimate sale.

Fasttrack761959d ago

Yeah I think borderlands 2 was a great deal but I'm waiting for goty edition with all dlc