Gameplay Demo - Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z

At a Stage Event in Paris, Namco Bandai shows off the latest Dragon Ball Z game in action.

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tayz1091d ago

PURE EPIC!!! I'm sold, day 1 buy easy!

vishmarx1091d ago

the only amuzing fact is tht in a video game dbz characters are running on land for the first time

brodychet1082d ago

Wtf I don't want 4 player fighting missions, or super boss battles. Those things are very appreciated; yes. But I want a large character roster, nice graphics, and gameplay that resembles Raging blast 2, with complicated moves and satisfying ultimates.

No coinflip bullshit like the last game that came out. Ultimate Tenkaichi. What a joke.

UNGR1091d ago

Take it easy guys, he's a Naruto fan. It's common knowledge that Naruto fans lack good taste.

I'm all for Dragon Ball but this game hardly looks fun.

GdaTyler1090d ago

Why do you have to be like that man. :(

I agree with Tayz, the game looks sweet.

UNGR1090d ago

People actually like that blatantly plagiarized crap? I have to be like that because the writer should be in jail for stealing others works, and getting paid much more for them.

PositiveEmotions1091d ago

I think you guys should wait for more info but the game play does look nice

FullmetalAlchemist1091d ago

I wish the video was easier to see.

Dinoegg_961091d ago

I hope this game contains all the Z sagas.

Karpetburnz1091d ago

i hope it has all the characters from each saga, the ultimate tenkaichi games were missing a lot of characters. I still wish they would spend 2-3 years on one epic DBZ game with an open world story and fully destructible environments.

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The story is too old to be commented.