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And the Winner of the Console Wars is…

"With so much controversy surrounding the PS4 and Xbox One I decided to invest my money in a console that has a real future, a Sony PlayStation One."
-Bobby Perez of Str N Gaming (Microsoft, PS4, Sony, Xbox One)

slavezero1  +   472d ago
First!!! and funny article tee hee
oof46  +   471d ago
...a console!
KingPin  +   471d ago
consumers :)
Perjoss  +   471d ago
you beat me to it :)
MysticStrummer  +   471d ago
The Laura Croft-esque doll reminds me of Grandma's Boy.

; )
myrddincrow  +   471d ago
I think the Lara Croft memory card is the coolest part of this find.
majdees  +   471d ago
I have the Lara Croft memory card. Mine is 127,581 out of 200,000. What's yours?
myrddincrow  +   471d ago
92,955 - Bobby

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