Fez On Xbox Live Arcade To Be Patched

Back in July 2012, Fex was patched on Xbox Live however that only seemed to cause new problems and the patch was quickly removed, sadly the developers of Fez then went on to say that they would not be patching the game anymore due to the fact that the price of re-certifying Xbox Live Arcade games and releasing a new patch for Fez was too costly.

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Tidybrutes1989d ago

Better late then never but how MS treats indies is still a pisstake, was'nt this game even published by MS?... what a joke.

Animal Mutha 761989d ago

One could also argue that If the developer had got it right first time by not releasing a broken/poorly tested patch then there wouldn't have been a problem or any need to incur extra costs. I submit that it is the developers QA that is a 'joke'

coolbeans1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

I still don't get why your reaction seems to be such a popular one on here. MS' rationality behind those charges after the 1st patch is free is rather simple: do everything you can to make sure your patch(es) aren't broken. Although it's good to see a greater leniency regarding this on their end--especially with more 'State of Decay' size arcade titles are surely on the way, I don't see why more complaints aren't aimed at Fish and Polygon know..making a patch that felt rushed to begin with.