The Daily Five: Most Overlooked Games of 2013 (So Far)

"We only have so much time and money, though, so we have to make hard choices sometimes. As a result, some great games didn’t quite get their due. We’ve only just entered July, but here are five games that are worth another look while we enter the summer lull." - Joe Garcia

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mcstorm1963d ago

LEGO City Undercover was a really fun game. Im not a fan of games like GTA but I really enjoyed Lego City. I hope Nintendo can do a re-launch of this game and bundle it with the WiiU as for me this is a must own game.

Resident Evil: Revelations for me is the best Res game sine 4 it went back to its roots imo and I really enjoyed it on my 3DS. Again for me any res fan should own this game to on the 3DS or the new HD version.

Neonridr1963d ago

loving Lego City Undercover. So many great pop culture references that kids would not understand.

mcstorm1963d ago

I agree but the Kids still love the one liners in the game and the actions. I hope people who get a WiiU pick this game up it is a lot of fun.

Lykon1963d ago

I hope they bring lego city undercover out for other consoles. It sounds lovely.

Neonridr1963d ago

probably wouldn't be for a while. Nintendo published the game, so I would imagine there has to be at least a timed exclusivity to it.